Without You (Book 1)

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Chapter 25: The Road To Bliss

“Do you really need another drink?” Jackson asks as he stands outside, waiting for me.

“What, are you my father?” I laugh, shaking my head. “ I’ll drink as much as I want too”

He sighs. “We shouldn’t have this conversation while you’re drunk”

I roll my eyes, still smiling. “Whatever, can we still go for a walk?”

“Sounds good.” He says, taking my hand in his and interlacing our fingers as we start to walk away from the loud house.

“I still love you, you know?” I sigh.

“Dawn” His green eyes meet mine.

“I tried not to, I tried pretending I didn’t meet you but I can’t help it, It won’t go away.” I shake my head at how vulnerable I’m being right now.

“I’m sorry” He squeezes my hand.

“I don’t know how I fell so fast but I did and I want to hate it, to hate you but I can’t. We were really good, weren’t we? Am I missing something?” I ask, stumbling slightly.

“We were good, you aren’t missing anything.” He pulls me closer causing me to lean into him as we walk.

“What did I do wrong?” I ask, a single tear escaping and falling down my cheek.

“You’re drunk right now Dawn. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.” He sighs, holding me a little tighter.

“Please tell me what I did so I can fix it! I don’t wanna live a life without you in it.” The tears start falling faster down my cheeks as I look away from him.

He gently grabs my chin, lifting it up so he’s looking into my eyes as he wipes the tears away. “You did nothing wrong Dawn, you’re perfect. I just made a really stupid mistake.”

“Why with her?” I ask, sniffling.

“I don’t know. She was there I guess.” he shakes his head again before grabbing my waist and pulling me close and planting a slow, sweet kiss on my lips causing me to wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him close and deepening the kiss.

I shouldn’t do this, I’m drunk...but it feels so good having him so close to me, having the sweet taste of his lips on mine, like he’s putting a thousand promises into it.

He pulls away, leaving me breathless and my head spinning in a foggy mess.

“I can’t ever apologize enough for what I did but I’ll try, starting tomorrow when you’re sober. Let me walk you home.” He smiles down at me, eyes shining brightly in the darkness of my life.

“Okay” I say breathlessly, mind still swimming with all kinds of thoughts.

He interlocks his fingers with mine once more before walking down the dimly-lit street in silence, perfect, sweet comfortable silence.

“Dawn! Wake up. You have a visitor!” My mum calls out as she knocks on my bedroom door.

I groan and roll over, placing a pillow on top of my head, not wanting to wake up yet. “Go away”

“Dawn, get up! Jackson’s here” She sighs.

“Jackson?” I grumble, the night before flying through my mind. “Shit. I’ll be out soon!”

“Watch your language young lady!” She sighs again before retreating downstairs.

Crap crap crap. My brain screams at me. I quickly get out of bed and run to the mirror, brushing my hair and applying a light layer of makeup, leaving my pajamas on and running downstairs to the living room where he sits on a sofa, waiting for me.

“Hi” I say breathlessly.

He smiles brightly at my antics. “Excited to see me?” He flirts.

“No-I just...Tired?” I say uncertainty filling my voice as heat rushes to my cheeks.

“Whatever you say. How about we go for a walk and have that talk?” He says as his bright smile lingers on his face.

“Okay.” I return his bright smile with my own.

We walk out the front door, making our way on our little journey together.

He smiles as he takes my hand in his “Guess where we’re going”

I smile back at him, giving his hand a little squeeze. “I don’t know”

His smile brightens “Our spot.”

His words make my face light up, I look at him beaming. “Really?”

“Yeah, really.” He laughs.

We walk hand in hand, in comfortable silence until we reach the path to our spot at the beginning of the forest.

“I missed it here, It wasn’t the same going by myself.” I sigh, slightly shaking my head.

“Well it is where everything started with us.” He pulls me a little closer to him, just enough for his intoxicating smell to overwhelm my senses.

“Yeah, it was.” A small smile forms on my lips.

“Keep smiling like that and I’ll have to kiss you” He winks at me, a smile of his own forming on his beautiful face.

“Maybe I want you to kiss me” I wink back.

He stops walking before turning me around to face him, pulling me to his hard chest before capturing my lips in his, lightly nibbling my bottom lip before breaking the kiss. “There you go” He chuckles before walking again.

I quickly follow after him, excited to be near that magical, breathtaking pond again.

“And we’re here” He says as he walks up to the pond and sits by the edge, me joining him shortly after.

“So..” I sigh.

“Yeah..” He runs a hand through his messy hair.

“I’m sorry that I slapped you.” I look away, ashamed of my actions.

“Let’s be honest, I deserved it.” He shakes his head.

I sigh, laying back on the hard ground. “I’m not one for violence.”

“I know.” He lies down beside me, pulling me closer to him so my head rests on his chest, his heart beating calmly behind his ribcage.

“I miss you, I really, really miss you.” I say, snuggling as close as I can to him.

“I missed you too and Dawn, I’m so so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you.” He closes his eyes, taking a deep breath.

“I don’t want to get hurt again, so if we want to get back together, you need to be sure about this. Be with me because you want to be not because you regret hurting me or because of anything else.” I close my eyes tightly waiting for him to turn me down.

“I want you and only you, I’m sure about this, Dawn.” He smiles down at me.

My eyes fly open, looking up at his face, looking for the truth. “Really? You want me?”

“Why is that so hard to believe?” He asks, confusion written all over his face.

“Because I’m me...No one ever wants me” I admit.

“I want you.” He places a soft kiss on my forehead.

“But I thought you didn’t love me.” I search his face for an answer again.

He knits his brows together, thinking of his next words. “I don’t know if what I’m feeling is love but I know that I want to be with you and being without you hurts.”

I look up to him, smiling brightly. “ I love you and I can wait, however long it takes for you to love me back. I’ve never been as happy as I am when I’m with you.”

He kisses my forehead again as a comfortable silence washes over us again as we lay there, taking in the view of the sparkling pond and swaying trees. What we share is magical. I love Jackson and I always will, there’s no doubt about it, He’s mine and I am his, This is how it’s supposed to be.

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