Without You (Book 1)

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Chapter 5: Doubt it out

As I walk away I keep my eyes fixated in front of me, not giving him the satisfaction of glancing back.

Feeling his eyes still on me, I sigh. I'm not some random girl he can kiss whenever he wants, I don't know if I'm weird but a kiss should having meaning behind it, I'm not going to kiss someone just because, I'll kiss someone who I know and like and will be patient with me.

I've heard stories around school about his reputation, How he is with girls, how he treats them, how he has a new one every week.

I wanted to develop my own opinion of him but if he acts like that over being rejected maybe I shouldn't get to know him, Maybe I should have listened to the logical part of my brain and kept my distance.

Why was I stupid?

As I make my way out of the forest I look around, spotting a street sign I walk over to it.

Hey, I recognize this street. Slowly but surely I make my way home, heading straight for my room.

As soon as I get to my destination, I plop onto my bed, letting out a groan of disappointment, before kicking off my shoes and climbing under the covers. Nice dress? who cares I'm exhausted. I close my eyes, letting darkness overcome me, travelling to an entirely new world, my dream world.

It's been 2 weeks and I haven't heard from Jackson, I see him at school but he barely glances my way. All this over rejection of a stupid kiss.

I've been hanging out with Tia a lot, even at school, I've just been ignoring the comments of her friends. I think Tia secretly appreciates how hard I've been trying because she's been asking me to hangout a lot more.

Sadly though, It's Monday. Today I plan on sitting by myself, I need a break from being social.

I walk over to my dresser and pull out my favorite pair of skinny jeans which are a deep blue and match them with a bright pink halter top that hugs my body perfectly.

Probably just gonna wear black flats too.

Skipping my makeup, I head straight for school with an apple in hand.

Taking my time eating the apple I reach the park that's just down the street from school, i quickly check the time on my phone realizing I'm half an hour early so I take a seat on a bench, enjoying the mix of flavors coming from the apple.

Apple in one hand and phone in the other, I sit there happily eating and reading one of my favorite stories on my phone.

Once i finish my apple I reluctently put my phone away and walk to the nearest trashcan and throwing my use-to-be apple out. It was so good. So so good.

As I get to the school entrance Tia comes running up to me, all excited. "Zac finally asked me out" She lets out a squeal.

"That's great" I exclaim.

I wish Jackson would talk to me, I sigh.

"Gotta get to class, see you later" I fake a smile and walk away.

Why do I have to mess everything up. I really liked talking to him, why couldn't I have let him kiss me?

Shaking my head, I reach my classroom. yay me.

Jackson's pov

After Dawn rejected me I just stopped talking to her. I have to admit, I'm not use to rejection but then again she also isn't like the other girls I usually go for.

I wanted a challenge this time and she gave me one and then I gave up. Why though? I could have her if I really wanted to.

"Dude, What are you staring at?" Ashton asks me.

"Nothing, what were you saying?" I answer, agitated.

"Have you made any progress with that loser?" He chuckles.

"No." i admit.

"Well good you can do so much better." Kacie chimes in, twirlling a strand of her hair between her fingers flirtatiously.

her crush on me is infuriating at times, she's like a little sister to me but like every other girl she just throws herself at me, with no respect for herself, it's sad honestly.

the lunch break bell goes off so we head for the cafeteria, i go straight for the table we usually sit at while they grab food.

Maybe I should hook them up together so they leave me alone.

I look around, my eyes instantly finding Dawn sitting at a table alone, staring at her damn phone..smiling?

Without a second though I make my way to her and sit in front of her. "Long time no see"

"Oh it's you." She says nonchalantly.

"Yep. Why are you smiling at your phone?" I ask.

"Cause it interests me more then you do."

damn with that sass, I deserve it though and it makes her all the more attractive.

"I'm sorry." I lie. I'm not sorry I just want her to give me another chance, she wont be-able to resist me for long.

"For?" She asks with sarcasm.


"Really." she smiles.

"For being an asshole"

"Much better, Now bye" she gets up and walks away.

Nope, not having it. I get up and quickly follow her.

"Stalker much" she says as she slows down for me.

"Only for you" I smirk, loving her attitude.

"That's not something to be proud of you know." she lets out a quiet cheerful laugh.

"But you like it." i joke.

She looks at me adoringly before quickly replacing it with a neutral look. "I do."

"Now we're getting somewhere"

"Oh are we?" She lifts an eyebrow in defiance and I can't help but laugh at how cute she looks.

"Yes we are and I'm taking you out after school so be ready, I'll meet you by the bleachers." I state and walk away, cutting off her chance to deny me.

Progress. Finally. I smile to myself as I walk away, Leaving her standing there staring after me with a light blush on her cheeks.

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