Without You (Book 1)

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Chapter 7: Jackson

Jackson's pov

As I buckle my pants back up, I turn to look at the girl in my bed, "You can leave now." I state, grabbing my shirt.

"Don't want to go another round?" She asks.
"No. I'll text you sometime."
She sighs, rolling out of my bed and getting dressed. "Whatever."
After she gets dressed she leaves, not saying another word.
She knows better then to expect anything from me, I'm not the relationship type, I just have needs that need to be fullfilled every now and then.
I wonder if dawn is still awake. Eh, whatever it doesn't matter.
Hearing a knock on my bedroom door, I turn and call out. "What?"
My mom steps into my room, clearly agitated. "What did I tell you about bringing those poor girls here?"
"Don't, but I don't care." I roll my eyes.
"Of course you don't you ungrateful asshole, Keep it up and you can find your own place." She yells.
"This pretty much Is my own place, you're never home all you ever do is work" I yell back
"I work to pay our damn bills. Seriously if your father saw you today he'd be so disappointed in you. What would he think about that little gang of yours and all that dirty money? You think he'd be proud of the monster you have become? No, he wouldn't, he'd barely be able to look at you." a single tear rolls down her cheek, she quickly wipes it away.
"Well at least I don't believe in a system that's fucked up, you wanna be all high and mighty go ahead but leave dad out of it. he would be disappointed in you too." Yelling, I grab my phone and throw it across the room, turning back to her, fuming, i calmly say " get out of my room."
As more tears fall she turns around, pauses. " I'm disappointed in you too." and walks away, her footsteps echoing against the walls in this hollow house we call home.
Forgetting about my phone I put on my pair of old, clearly used sneakers and grab my favorite black hoodie, throwing it on and leaving.
She had no right bringing him into the conversation, she doesn't know how he would feel. She doesn't even have the right to tell me how to act and what to do, she's never around and her two jobs barely pay the bills my 'little gang' puts food on our table and gives us the ability to buy new clothes but why would she fucking care? she never cares.
I look up just as I reach Ashton's house. After knocking on the door I stand there and wait.
a few minutes later a girl walks out and then Ashton appears behind her. "What's up? He says
"Got any weed?" I ask
his face lights up as he leads me into his living room. "Is that even a question?" he laughs as he pulls out his stash.
He holds up 2 bags of weed and a bag of pills. "Pick your poison."
I've never been one to do anything besides weed but after that fight with my mom I need something stronger. "The pills"

Dawn's pov

It's been a week and Jackson pulled a complete disappearance act, he doesn't show up at school anymore either. not surprising though.
"So do you like anyone?" Tia asks
"Well I think I do but I'm not sure."
"Who? Is he hot? Do I know him? She asks excitedly.
"Jackson, Very and yeah." A slight blush creeps its way onto my cheeks.
Her eyes go wide. "Wait, like..Jackson, Jackson? School's no good for nothing asshole?"
"Yeah. He's actually really sweet when he doesn't disappear on me"
"Please tell me you joking Dawn." She sighs.
"Why can't you just be happy for me?" I raise my voice a little.
"I want to, I want to be happy for you but he isn't good news and I don't want to see you hurt Dawn. I know I'm a bitch to you a lot of the time but I really do care about you. Please just be careful?" her voice is sweet and gentle, genuine for once.
"I promise I'll be careful." I smile at her, trying to reassure her.
"Oh you remember that new girl? oh, what's her name again?" She sighs.
"Lillian?" I ask
"Yeah her, I invited her to hang out with us."
"Nice." Great another new person.
"Lighten up, she's actually a lot like you." She smiles sweetly.
"You're lucky I love you." I laugh.
"I love you too dork." She giggles, pushing my shoulder playfully.
Over the next half hour we talk about things like her and Zac's relationship, how she really likes him, She asks me about Jackson so of course I told her everything and then we talked about our families, how they're doing and stuff like that.
"Hey Tia" A short, tan skinned girl with amber eyes and long curly black hair says as she walks up to us, Looking at me, she smiles sweetly. "You must be Dawn. It's really nice to meet you."
I smile at how kind she is. "You must be Lillian, You're super pretty by the way."
She lets out a sweet, hearty laugh. "Thank you, so are you. How do you get your hair so straight?"
"It's actually natural" I chuckle.
"Seriously? you're so lucky." She sits down beside me.
"No I'm not trust me. If I curl it, it's straight the next hour, Sometimes in the next 20 minutes."
"Trade hair with me?" She jokes.
"Yes please" I joke back.
"Anyways" Tia chimes in. "Now that you two are acquainted, let's gossip"
"About?" Lillian asks
"See any hotties so far?" Tia asks
"No not yet but that's fine, I'm not looking to start anything." Lillian answers calmly.
"That's perfectly fine too, But good luck, Tia likes to play match maker, she does it with me all the time, my advice, ignore her" I shoot Tia a playful look.
"So mean, I see how it is" She jokes back.
We all continue gossiping and getting to know Lillian over the next couple of hours, Laughing like there's no tomorrow.
"Ah, it's getting late. I should get going" Lillian says.
"But we're having so much fun" I make a pouty face.
"Wow Dawn, Since when have you been a bad influence" Tia jokes and we all burst out laughing again.
I pull out my phone and notice that it's 2am. "Shit I'm in so much trouble" I quickly get up, wave goodbye and run home.
My mum is gonna be pissed.
How did I not notice how late it was? Crap I'm so so dead.

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