The last fox

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When ally the last fox spirit meets kia a werewolf at random what will happen when the mate bond becomes to strong for either of them to resist

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Ally POV:

I woke up to the sound of my mum in the kitchen cooking bacon and eggy bread / French toast. Omg it smelled delicious I love french toast I went to my walk in wardrobe and picked out some clothes to wear for school then remebered it was my last day before graduation and picked out my favourite black skinny jeans and my black 'normal people scare me' along with my favourite black rhinestone studded leather jacket went into my room showered got dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast.

I walked into the kitchen and was greeted by my mum smiling and holding a plate of bacon sandwiches and eggy bread "happy birthday allysa" she said

Me- "mum you know that I prefer ally"

Mum-"I know dear but it's your 18th birthday and you can now have the possibility of finding your mate"

Me- "oh yeah I forgot that on top of shiffting (which I gained on my 16th birthday) I now might find my mate"

At school

I was walking to my locker to get my books for English which was next when I Felt someone come up behind me I reacted instinctively and kicked their inner knee cap but to my suprise I didn't feel them fall down but instead felt sparks and shivers of excitement run through me as my fox nattie was screaming "mate mate mate" my mind was blury and fuzzed out I could smell their amazing scent it smelled like strawberries and lavender it made me immediately want to turn around and kiss my mate but I didn't want to seem like a creep so I just turned and saw a girl the same age as me behind me i noticed her eyes where a turquoise colour smilling she whispered in my ear "mine" sending shivers throughout my entire body. Then she whispered "see you later" in my ear and walked away.

I finished at my locker and headed to English my teacher Mr. Green let me off but that wasn't what caught my attention what did was the fact that my mate was sat in the seat next to mine (and it was an assigned seat class room so I couldn't sit anywhere else) I wonder if she knew that was my seat or if she had always sat there either way I went to my seat and sat down takeing notes in my jotter the teacher had given us at the beginning of the school year while I could feel my mate starting at me but her eyes where a midnight blue colour and I immediately knew she was a shifter and could tell we where mates "as if that wasn't already obvious she whispered 'mine' in your ear in the hallway" nattie said to me

Kia POV:

I was with my beta and gamma (third) heading to English when I suddenly caught hold of an amazing scent it smelled like vanilla and roses "mate" my wolf Lia cried she was as excited as me about finding our mate I looked around and saw a girl in all black even black combat boots she didn't seem to vary from black because there was no other shades of colour on her outfit even her rucksack was mostly black with small patches of red probably the same colour as my cheeks right now because her ass looked hot in those Jeans.

I walked behind her and could hear her breath get stuck in her throat as she could feel or smell my presence behind her but I did not expect her to kick me in the inner knee cap it hurt but I didn't go away and felt the sparks on my knee as her foot collided with it. The mixture of her Amazing scent and the sparks made me want to turn her around and kiss her but I could tell she wasn't a wolf or human though which only left one thing she was a fox the last fox to be precise which made me only want to protect her more. My wolf Lia took over without me realizing because I was too deep in thought "mine" she whispered in her ear and I could tell that it sent shivers down our beautiful mates spine "see you later" Lia whispered to her an then we walked off leaveing her in the hallway.

Hey guys sorry for a short chapter but I wanted to get this out for you all to read hopefully you like it
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