Colour of Love

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'Why can't we be together?' asked Lucius in a raspy voice. 'You know why' I replied, 'This love or bond that we share, you know it's illegal' 'I don't give a f*ck about the rules!' Lucius angrily shouted. His grey eyes blazing in anger. He didn't care about this sh*tty town with its sh*tty rules. He wants her, he needs her, he loves her and no one was going to stop him from getting what's his. I just stared at him with my big brown eyes. I love him no doubt, but the rules stopped me from pursuing him. In a town where racism lives. There are three rules: Both Races can't mix Marriage is illegal between the two races Love is banned between the two races New girl Shanae Sterling quickly learns that on her first day of school. Things turn around as the bad boy sets his eyes on her Can she disobey the rules for the man she loves or will she stay quiet and let him break her heart? Join Shanae on her adventure as she leans the true value of life, friends, and love.

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Chapter 1



Wide eyes


Being a new student is tough but fitting in is tougher. People talking in their groups, some taking their books from their lockers. You would say that this school is normal but it's not. The minute you enter you see the segregation of races. The white people with their preppy clothes and black people with our hood talk.

I walk into the administration office and see the Secretary flirting with the principal who I'm sure is married (awkward face)

I quickly get my schedule and leave. I turn around and bump into something or someone hard. Before my clumsy a*s could reach the floor, strong muscular arms catch me from falling. I look up and see gray eyes looking back at me. His pink full lips that look so soft and kissable, his high cheekbones and his square jaw that look so sharp.

It's like the Lord took extra time to carve him. I look up at him only to see him smirking at me. I blush and push him away from me and run to the bathroom. I catch my breath and wash my face with cold water. Two girls walked in and stood beside me.

'Wus good gurl my name's Yara, Yara Martin and this is my twin sister Alana.' said Yara in a loud voice.

'The name is Shanae Sterling' I replied in a cool voice.

'Where'd you move from?' asked Alana

'Downtown New York, My dad wanted my fam to move out of the hood, so we ended up here.' I replied.

'Well your dad made the wrong decision' said Yara.

'Mhhmmmm' Alana added on.

'Girl you better sit down for what we're about to say' Yara said.

So we sat on the bathroom floor and made ourselves comfortable.

'This town is full of racist ass motherf*ckers. The town is divided into two, the blacks and the whites. The whites overrule the blacks and treat us like dirt. They always disapprove of what we do, what we wear, how we talk and who we are. There are three main rules that we all follow:

Races can't mix

Marriage between the two races is illegal

Love is prohibited between the two races

And they are three families who rule the town and they are 'the Grays,' 'the Romanovs' and 'the Johnson's'. Basically, their sons attend this school and I heard they're involved in some bad sh*t. You must stay away from Robert Johnson, Luka Romanov and Lucius Gray they're dangerous.' Yara explained

After our talk, we become friends and instantly hit it off.

'Nice outfit by the way yellow suits you' Alana said.

'Thanks' I replied.

The bell rings so we get up and pack our stuff and head for class.

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