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The Date

because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know."

I woke up with a smile on my face.

After his lips connected with mine, it was...magical. Sparks had erupted from my body where he had his hands on me. The kiss started out rough and fast, but ended up slow and loving. I've never felt so...cared for. I never would have thought that someone like him could like someone like me. He makes me fell like I'm flying, like nothing can hurt me.

I-I think I might be falling for him.

It doesn't seem logical or even right to fall in love with someone this fast but I can't help it. I constantly think about him and I can't help but look for him everywhere I go. I see him and I become instantly ecstatic and overwhelming happy.

I'm definitely not the type of person to make out against a car in the middle of a parking lot but he brings out this different part of me. This part thats...wild. I wanted to do more in public. This part of me wants to submit to him, not in the way where he has control over my entire life but in a way where he dominates me.

Just thinking about it makes my body engulf in flames. I put my hand to my chest and feel my erratic heartbeat. I can feel the blood rush to my cheeks. I put my hands over my face and groan. I need to stop this. I'm going to into cardiac arrest.

Flinging the covers off me, the cool air fights off the heat on my skin. I sit up with a sigh when the door immediately slams open. I almost just a foot in the air and my head snaps up to the door. "What the fuck?"

Miya stands there, her hands clasped behind her back while she rocks on her heels, with an innocent face. She's wearing a black wrap around her torso that boosts her cleavage, with black and white camo joggers and white Adidas. Her hair flows down her back. "I have no clue what you're fretting about. We have to get you ready for your date. Ace is going to be here at four o'clock, and it's already noon. "

I stare at her, dumbfounded with exasperated expression on my face. "Why are you always here, barging into rooms I'm in and trying to get me ready for God knows whatever we are doing?"

She scoffs, trying to seem like she doesn't care but fails tremendously when she grins. "Because you obviously don't know what fashion is." She makes it sound like it's so obvious.

I pick up my pillow and throw it across the room. It hits her square in the face and she gasps in horror. She yanks up the pillow and jumps on the bed like a warrior. "Shit!" I yell, and try to get up off the bed but she body slams me and gets on top of me. She continues to hit me with the fucking pillow.

"As amusing as this is," A voice draws from my doorway, "I think that Aphrodite has more important things to do than get hit in the face repeatedly with a pillow."

We both glare at the figure sprawled out in the doorway. Fancy leans against the side of the door frame with a small smirk on his face. His hands are shoved into in pockets of grey slacks, while his black dress shoes are crossed over each other. His white button up shirt is unbuttoned at the top and the sleeves are rolled up to his elbows. The Rolex on his left wrist glistens from the sun coming from my window. His midnight black hair is slicked back with very little gel.

Miya jumps off of me and stands next to my bed with her arms crossed. "And what's that dear brother?"

"Well we have to get her ready of course!" He answers with a wide smile and fake enthusiasm.

"Leave Fancy." Miya says with a glare.

"Nihil." Fancy replies, as he glares back.

Miya huffs and throws her hands in the air. "Then at least tell me why you're here."

He rolls his eyes and jerks his chin to me. "Because Ace wants to know how she is doing and if she still wants to go."

"Wait why wouldn't I want to go?" I'm internally panicking inside. Does he not want to go anymore? Does he want to go with someone else?

Fancy snickers. "Because he's afraid he isn't enough, which is insane. You both are perfect for each other. Honestly, he's freaking the fuck out as we speak."

My face falls and my shoulders slump. I didn't realize I was so tense that he didn't want to go out anymore. I think we've all been there when we thought we weren't enough. I know for sure that that's how I feel on a daily basis. I feel like I'm not skinny enough, or pretty enough to be by Ace's side. Sometimes I'll wake up in the morning and feel as though I look fucking great today, then I go out in public and see all these beautiful girls walking around and immediately feel self conscious.

A frown pulls at my face and I feel two fingers lifting the sides of my mouth. I lift my eyes and see Fancy standing there with a sad smile. My eyebrows scrunch together and I give him a confused look. He pulls his hands away and sits diagonally from me on the bed.

"I know how you feel. Like you aren't good enough for someone you love." He says softly. I immediately open my mouth to deny that I love him, when I realize that I can't. "You see? You do love him. You love Ace like I love Mason. Mason is so amazing and he doesn't deserve to be with someone that's fucked almost all of campus. Me and Miya never had a good life. Our parents never paid any attention to us and it took a toll. Miya rebelled while I started going between anyone's thighs that would open." He gives a bitter laugh and runs his hand through his hair. His nostrils flare while his jaw clenches. "I fucked up a lot and I regret everything. I wished I would have waited for Mason. I fucking wish I did. Miya has her own stories while I have mine. What I just told you is pretty much everything. I dress the way I dress because I wanted my parents attention, to see if they would care that I was trying, but nothing. Mason is helping me accept myself and I'm so goddamn glad I have him. He's everything to me, and I'm so glad that he's in my life."

Once he's done, he has a cute little smile on his face. When he talked about Mason, his whole face brightened and his body deflated from how tense he was just talking about his family.

"To be honest, I never truly knew that you were bisexual. I always thought you were just straight." Miya says.

Fancy laughs, looking more happy than he has been in a long time. "I never truly admitted it to myself. Let's just say that once I saw Mason for the first time that I was a rude awakening."

Miya nods her head with a smile. "I'm glad we're all happy."

Fancy's expression immediately turns from happy to pissed off in not even one second. "Yeah well, remind me to kill Harriet for touching my baby sister. And to tickle you till you pee."

Miya's eyes widen and starts sputtering. She starts backing away with her hands up. "W-Well, you s-see..."

He gives her a dark smile and chuckles. "Run."

Oh, and she runs for her life.


After the whole fiasco with Fancy tickling Miya, she quiet literally did pee her pants but just a smidge. I may or may have not laughed my ass off. It took about 2 hours for Fancy to catch her because she ran into the bathroom and stayed there for about an hour and a half. Fancy stayed outside the door till she came out for food, because let's face it, who can not survive without eating a snack here and then?

She eventually came out, where her and Fancy ran around the living room in circles. She had to stop because she absolutely cannot run for shit. So once Fancy catches her, he tackles her to the ground, which is the weirdest thing to witness when a man in practically suit tackled a girl, and he proceeds to tell her that Harriet better have not touched her.

And she said too late.

How dumb does a girl have to be to tell her big brother that it's too late that his best friend already touched her?

But way after everything, Fancy whispered a few things in Miya's ear and winked at me and left. She went through my closet and told me I had horrible taste, then threw my clothes at me. But nonetheless, she found clothes in my closet that was, and I quote, 'acceptable enough'.

She put me in a tight black shoulder shirt, with blue skinny jeans with rips in the knees. The look was completed with tan high heeled ankle boots and some rings and a moon necklace Miya gave to me. I put my hair in a messy pony tail and and put a little mascara on.

"Oh baby you look fine!" I give Miya a twirl once I walk into the living room after she yells, which makes her hoot and holler for me to drop it like it's hot.

A knock at the door made her grin wickedly at me and run to the door. Sadly, I couldn't run in heels so I kind of just wobbled to the door. My foot got caught on the throw rug we had, and I tumbled to the floor. I fell on my knees, making a spasm of pain run through my legs and up my body.

"Oh my God! Baby girl, are you okay?"

I body drops in front of me, making me look up and see Ace. His eye brows are scrunched together and he has a frown on his face. He's looks all down my body, as if checking for any injuries. He grabs my hands and squeezes them gently.

"Baby, what hurts?" His voice is like a siren to me. I can't answer properly. I'm still not used to people caring, not like this. I don't know how to feel this way, how to be happy.

"Angel." He tries again.

I shake myself out of my funk. "Uh y-yeah, I'm fine. Just tripped."

He gives me an unsure look. "You sure?"

"Yeah. Let's go."

He still looks unsure but pulls me up nonetheless. Miya still had the door open and stood there, assessing everything. She stares at me for a moment then goes to Ace. She hums under her breath and takes a few steps to where we're standing, keeping the door open.

"Take care of her now." Miya says as she pokes him in the chest.

He cocks his head at her and gives her a questioning look. "Now why would I not take care of the person that I'm falling for?"

Miya blinks a few times, obviously can't think of any words to say. I'm about as shocked as she is. He winks at her and pulls me out or the doorway. I look behind me and see Miya still standing there, staring at the spot he was at.

Ace chuckles and continues to drag me outside. Sitting on the curb is a shiny black Sedan. We walk up to it, where Ace opens the door the door for me. I send him a smile and say thank you. He walks around the car and gets in and starts driving.

"I love your car babe." The endearment slips out and instantly makes me blush. I tuck my head down and take a quick peek at him. He has a big smile on his face, but tries to conceal it by biting his lip. He gives me a glance and reaches over with his hand and grabs mine. He laces our fingers together and kisses the back of my hand.

"I love it too sweetheart. I worked my ass off for it. Ever since I was a kid I wanted a car of my own. My parents are very wealthy and I never wanted them to buy me anything I didn't work for..." He gives a quick laugh and gives me a cheeky smile, "Well, I was a little shit when I was younger and got everything I wanted. I was grateful but sometimes you just want to actually get buy things yourself."

"I wish I knew you when I was growing up." I said softly, smiling at the thought of knowing little Ace.

He snorts and shakes his head, but still smiles. "I was a cocky little shit. I immediately became friends with Fancy when we first got into middle school. He wore those stupid classy outfits, getting all those girls."

I laugh under my breath. "Why can I believe that?"

He pulls into a parking lot close to the boardwalk and parks. He kisses my hand once more and smirks at me. "Because love, that's just how Fancy is."

He let's go of my hand, making me feel cold. He leaves the car and walks around to open mine. He sticks his hand out and smiles down at me. I slide my hand into his and hop out. He shuts my door and locks it. He keeps my hand in his and pulls me to the boardwalk.

"What are we doing here?"

"Well," Ace starts, "today is the last day for the carnaval on the boardwalk and I've been told that you have never been to the boardwalk."

I giggle and shove him with my side. "Miya needs to keep her mouth shut."

He kisses the top of my head and let's go of my hand to put it around my shoulders. "Truthfully, I'd love to hear more about you from you than from Miya."

I hum and snuggle into his side. "I'll tell you everything about me."

The next few hours had to be the most amazing few hours of my entire life. We first bought unlimited riding tickets and then some food. I ate so much food, that I think that I gained about 20 pounds. I told Ace about my entire life, the good and the bad. Even the part that I told Miya. I trust him completely.

We played a few games here and there. Ace probably wasted about two hundred dollars on playing game, but he didn't seem to mind. Everytime I'd try to stop him, he would just give me this 'don't play with me' look and I'd huff and puff and let him go.

Ace had held my hand the entire time and would sometimes kiss my hand, or my cheek, or my head. He was always touching me. It was like he wasn't aware he was doing it, but didn't mind nonetheless.

"No no no. I will only ride the ferris wheel Ace!" I whined.

Ace was trying to pull me to other rides but I just couldn't. Me and heights weren't that compatible with each other and I'm only okay with the ferris wheel since it doesn't go that fast.

He stared at me for a moment then nodded. My shoulder slumped in relief and hugged him real quick, then grabbed him hand and ran to the line. We waited for about 15 minutes and finally got a seat. We sat down and Ace put his arm around me and pulled me to his side. I threw my legs over his and snuggled deeper into his side. He trailed his fingertips over my shoulder and up my neck to my hairline, then down again.

The ride slowly started moving and Ace tightened his grip on me. We stopped at the top and looked at the ocean and all the people walking around. I giggled when a dog started chasing its owner. I felt Ace laughing with me and a warm feeling made its way to my heart.

Once the ride was over, we stepped out and started walking to the beach. It was about eight o'clock and people wete starting to pack up and leave. Ace swung our hands between us while we walked and hummed softly. We walked along the beach for a while before we sat against the wall beside the stairs to the beach. I continued to sit like I had while on the ferris wheel, liking the feeling of being completely on him.

I felt eyes on me and tilted my head up to see Ace looking down at me. He lifted his other hand to my face and lightly cupped my cheek, making my lips part. He glanced down at my lips and sighed through his nose.

Still looking at my lips, he said, "You have no idea what you do to me, hm?"

My breathing picked up as my heart started pumping faster. "No, but you have no idea what you do to me either." I whispered.

He leaned into me, till he was lightly touching my lips with his. "Do you want me to kiss you baby?" He hoarsely whispered.

"Yes." I whimpered.

Ace was not one to deny me, and gently kissed me. The tip of his tongue licked my bottom lip quickly, making me gasp. His used this to slide his tongue in my mouth, gliding it over the roof of my mouth. The kiss quickly turned passionate and rough. His hand that was cupping my cheek, slid down my body to behind my knee and tugged. His hands slid to my ass and pulled me closer to him. My hand wound themselves into his hair and tugged in the hair at the nape of his neck. I moaned into his mouth as I felt his hard length rub against me.

"Fuck." He grunted against my lips as I started to rock against him. I whined when he pulled away and held my hips in place. He placed his forehead on mine as his hooded eyes looked into mine. Our laboured breathing mixed as we tried to catch our breath.

"Angel...we have to stop there because if we started, I don't like I would be able to stop. And also, we're on a public beach." Mirth filled his voice at the end of the sentence, making me blush and hide my face in his neck.

He squeezed my hips and stood up. I squealed and instantly wrapped my legs around his waist. He gave me a cheeky smile and started walking to his car.

"Put me down!" I tried to say between laughing, but couldn't quite get it out. He laughed at me, but looked uncomfortable. "Are you okay?" I asked him.

He nodded, but he seemed like he was lying to me. I squeezed my legs tighter around him and he stumbled and groaned. He swallowed hard and clenched his jaw. I gasped and it came to me.

He was still hard.

"Oh my god!" I yelled. "You're still hard!"

We were almost to his car and he glared playfully at me. "You know, this is your fault."

I gasped in mock horror. "My fault? You're the one who kissed me!"

He sat me down beside me door and opened it for me. "You're the one who started grinding on me."

I rolled my eyes and sat down inside the car. We both closed our doors and he started the car. It was silent for a while until I broke it.

"So, are you okay?" I asked hesitantly.

He turned his head to me and gave me a sexy smirk and winked. "Trust me baby, I'll take care of it after I drop you off." I dropped my head into my hands to hide my blush while he laughed.

Best first date ever.

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