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The Party

"Whenever you catch yourself missing someone who left your life, you should remind yourself that them not being part of your present is a consistent choice they make everyday. They wake up and decide to maintain the silence. They're indifferent as to whether the space between you gets larger. And that in itself is pretty powerful closure."


"No Ace stop!" I squealed while giggling. He chuckled from my squealing and continued his torture of tickling me.

This particularly started when Ace came over this morning and brought breakfast. I don't know why he brought breakfast when it was past afternoon, but hey, I wasn't going to say no. I never did the dishes last night, since Miya had stayed over at Harriet's the night before, so I decided to do them while he was here...well that didn't necessarily go as planned. He stood right behind me the whole time, with his chest to my back. He kept his hands on my hips and would slide his thumbs across the midriff, making shivers run down my spine. He would kiss lightly on my shoulders and hum a song that I couldn't put my finger on. He randomly decided he wanted to tickle me, that's exactly what he did.

"Say mercy!" He sang while still chuckling. My giggling grew louder until I was full on laughing. I tried wiggling out of his arms but he held on tighter, and tickled harder. "No!" I tried to yell through my giggles.

I put my hands on the edge of the sink and pushed. He made a noise of suprise and fell against the counter. I figured he would let go because he would be so suprised but Ace Jenson is prepared for anything. He pulled me with him and we collided against the counter.

"Ow Angel. You trying to kill me?" He groaned.

I giggled. "Of course."

I turned around and wound my arms around his neck. I gave him a chaise kiss and smiled. "Do you have any classes today?"

He wrapped his arms around my waist and hummed. "I do in an hour but I'm pretty much free after that. How about you?"

I shook my head. "No, not till tomorrow. I was supposed to study math with Miya last night since she and I both have Mr. Fial, but she slept over at Harriet's."

He frowned at me and tightened his grip on my waist. "You were here along last night?"

He oddly sounded angry. "Yes, why are you angry?"

"I don't like you here alone." His carefree attitude was gone, and a more stern Ace took his place. I don't like it.

I unwound my hands from his neck and put them to the corners of his lips and pushed them up. I giggled and his whole face brightened. He swept down and kissed my nose, making me smile. "I'm fine. I've learned to adapt on my own and take care of myself."

He sighed and leaned his forehead on mine. "I get that, I really do, but I want to take care of you baby."

My hands slid to his chest as I leaned up a few inches and pecked his lips. "You don't know how happy that makes me Ace." I whispered. "But I've been so used to taking care of myself that it's just natural. I've never had parents before or people that actually care about me."

He lifted his head and tilted it back to let out an over exaggerated groan. He looked back down at me. "You have Fancy, Mason, Miya, Harriet, and most importantly, me to care about you."

I rolled my eyes and snorted. "No shit Ace but I'm just saying that's how it's always been with me."

He sighed. "I don't like that."

"I know, but I'm used to it."

We were silent for a fee moments. He looked deep in thought as he tucked some of my hair behind my ear. "What if you...met my parents?"

He looked so nervous and hesitant that it made me want to giggle in awe. "I'd love to! But why do you look so nervous? I'm sure you've asked at least one girl before."

I tried pushing the jealousy of him with other girls and give him a small smile. He gave me a confused look and shook his head. "Like my grandma told you, I've never brought a girl to any of my family members before. God, I haven't even mentioned one because no girl has ever mattered to me before."

My heart soared. But soon sank as I thought of how his parents might think of me. I've never met parents before! I haven't even had a boyfriend before! How am I supposed to do this?

Ace must have saw the distress on my face as he immediately cupped my face with my hands. "What's wrong?"

"What if they don't like me?" I whined.

He chuckled. "They will like you baby. Who wouldn't like a beautiful, sweet, successful woman who I absolutely adore?" I blushed and wrapped each of my hands around his wrists.

"What are your parents like?"

He chuckled and stroked my cheek. "My mom is a pretty much stay at home mom. She had been since my sister and I were born-"

I cut him off. "Wait, you have a sister?" I say, incredulously.

He barks a laugh. "Yes I do. Shes nine years younger than me, so that makes her ten since I'm nineteen."

My eyes brows raise in astonishment. I really don't know anything about him, do I? How can I possibly fall in love with a person that I barely know? And how do I know he actually loves me like he hints all the time? I mean for Christ sake, we just went on our first date yesterday and I've already kissed him multiple times.

"I know nothing about you." I say slowly. My stomach ties in knots as I realize that maybe he doesn't want me to know anything...

He pinches my cheek, making me glare at him. He smiles at me, knowing that I'll instantly smile back. "Aphrodite, I don't know how to do this...how to actually be in a relationship. I've never been in one before and honestly? I'm glad I waited. You are everything to me. I know you well enough to know that there are so many negative thoughts running through your brain right now and I need to stop that. I'll tell you everything you want to know."

I step out of his hold and jump on the island to sit on it beside him. He turns and speads my legs so he's in between them, making my heart flutter. He gives me a cheeky smile and sets each of his hands on my thighs. "What do you want to know?"

My reply is instant and truthful. "Everything."

He gives a deep chuckles and nods. "We'll first, to start off with my parents. My mom is the most wonderful person you'll ever meet. She's brought me up to respect and woman and she taught me everything I know and she made me who I am today. Now, I can't give her all the credit since my dad is the man that I've looked up to since before I could remember. My mom is outgoing but not to the point that you want to smack her upside the head. My dad is the exact replica of me, just older...not that I'd ever tell him that since he'd kick my ass. He treats my mother like a goddess and kisses the floor she walks on. He taught me football and make me the 'football star' I am today."

The whole time he was talking, he had this distant smile, but quickly shook it off after he paused. "I'm not going to lie, I know I'm quite good looking but I never used that to my advantage. Now Fancy is a different story. He uses his looks for everything and always got the girls, even boys, not that'd he would have told anyone that yet, but always treated them with the utmost respect. I always had girls parading around me since I was not only friends with Fancy, but was the star football player. I'll admit, I was a cocky son of a bitch but I grew out of that once college hit because I knew I had to get my act together.

"My dad actually owns a restaurant in my home town that's extremely well known for their pizza. I used to go thete after every football game with my team and go eat like, 20 pizza." I laughed at the image, making him laugh along with me. "I've had a pretty good life, honestly. I'm glad I have the family I do."

I pang of jealousy hit my heart but I tried not to let it show. So many people bad families they could rely on, but I'm content with what I have. Ace, Fancy, Mason, Miya, and Harriet are all I need.

"Is Debbie your moms mom or your dads mom?"

He nodded at me and squeezed me thighs. "She's my dads mom. My grandma is from a bad adoptive family and never really likes to talk about, but she might talk about it with you. I've never seen her so happy to see someone with me before." I smile at the memory of Debbie, wishing to see her. I make a mental note to see her soon. "My grandpa died a few years back, hence why she lives her. My moms parents died from a car accident around the time I was born so I didn't really get to meet them, but I'm glad I have my grandma Debbie."

I lean up to kiss his cheek, but at the same time he turns his head. Our lips meet halfway and we slowly kiss. But of course, before it could get any farther, people just have to interrupt.

"Awe! Look how cute they are!"

Ace and I both turned to glare at Miya in the doorway. She stood there with a grin on her face with her hand in Harriet's, with the other in a shopping bag. Fancy was leaned against the kitchen doorway with his arm around Mason.

Miya lets go of Harriet's hand and determinedly marches forward to take me out of Ace's grip and drag me out of the kitchen. "Hey wha-"

"There's a party that we're going to and you need to get dressed for it."

"That's bullsh-"


"You can't keep interrupti-"

She cuts me off again. "Yes I can."

Ace's hand grabs my other hand and Miya stops her advances. She glares at him behind me. "Let her go."

I hear him chuckle and he tugs on my one hand. "I just want to say goodbye to her. I've got class I have to get ready for and apparently I have to get ready for this party were going to."

Miya huffs and let's go of my hand to cross her arms over her chest. Ace spins me around and yanks me to his chest. I look up at his as his hand cups my cheek. I automatically lean into his hand with a sigh. He leans forward and brushes his lips against mine. "I'll miss you Angel."

I smile while looking at his lips. "I'll miss you too." I whisper. He gives me a sweet sensual kiss that has my breath hitching.

A hand yanks my body out of his hold and pushes me out of the kitchen. "No sex in the kitchen. It's time for you to get ready."


Miya spends extra time on me to get ready for the party. She paraded around my room, looking for everything she needed and set up her own little station with tables to set things on and chairs to sit on. Honestly, I think it's a little overzealous, but that's just Miya.

She first made sure my hair was parted down the middle, flowing down into perfect waves. She then put makeup on me, which consisted of the smokey look and some deep red lip stick. The black eye shadow and eye liner she put on me made my green eyes pop. She huffed and puffed that my nails couldn't be done, but oh well. My conscience chucked in satisfaction that she couldn't put me to perfection.

My favorite part would have to be my outfit thought. She bought me a black tight fit dress, much to my displeasure, that hugged all my curves. It was a mid thigh, long sleeved dress with an open back. It was accompanied with black high heeled boots that went up to just above my knees. They made me look incredibly taller and definitely sexy. I've never felt this beautiful in, well...ever.

Miya decided not to go all out as she did me and wore short blue jean shorts, short enough to see the front pockets, with a thick grey crop top tank top and converse. She wore her hair halfway up, with the top in a bun. Her makeup was done with a burgundy smokey look and matte lip stick.

"Damn Aphrodite, we look freaking hot." Miya said while taking a hundred more pictures in the body mirror we were in front of.

We've been in here for about four hours, making it a little after seven o'clock. The party starts at eight, and the boys have been asking us to hurry up for about a half hour by now. The party was at a friend of Fancy's and Mason's, so everyone decided to go and have fun for a night. I was honestly scared since it was my first party but Miya calmed my worries.

"Just calm the freak down Aphrodite. There's nothing to worry about. Just stick to one of us and take no drinks from anyone besides any of us." She had said.

Once Miya took about three hundred more pictures, I rolled my eyes at her antics and dragged her out of the room. We we're laughing by the time we got out into the living room, to see the boys sitting on the couches.

They all stood up, making me look at what they wore. Harriet was first, with his normal black ripped jeans and his black shirt and motorcycle books. Mason wore tight black jeans with rips in the knees and a black long sleeved Van's shirt. It finished the look with checkered Vans and a black beanie that made his purple hair stick out of the sides. Next to him was Fancy in a shockingly non fancy outfit. He wore a thick black sweater and dark grey skinny jeans. Guess the theme was dark colors for the the boys.

But last?

He was the same, but different.

Ace wore dark grey jeans and a white long sleeved button up shirt. The shirt was a little but above halfway button and had holes around the whole thing. They certainly didn't look made, so I'm assuming it was bought that way. His hair had no product in it and was swooped back at the moment.

My eyes then looked straight into his blue ones that were clouded with awe and lust.


Ace's POV

She is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my entire life.

Her dress was just long enough and hugged each and every curve. Her makeup was flawlessly done, not that she needed any. She was perfect with none and in a tank top and shorts like this morning. She had deep red lip stick on, making me imagine her blood red lips around my-

Whoa Ace, calm down. We can have a boner before we go to the party.

I try to think of anything other than Aphrodite's legs around me while she's withering beneath me, moaning my name. My shoulder gets shoved and I glare at Fancy. He gives me a smirk and a 'come on' look. I take a deep breath and pray the blood stops rushing down to my throbbing area.

Aphrodite struts up to me and wraps her hands around my waist. Loving the feel of her against me, I pull her to me and kiss her forehead. She sighs and snuggles deeper into me. "I missed you." She says into my chest.

I can see a little bit of her blushing cheek. I love to see her blush, it makes my heart throb in satisfaction. I know that I'm the only one that can make her blush. I lean down and brush my lips against her ear. I smirk when she shivers. "I missed you too, my Angel."

"Jesus christ, you guys are always making each other horny and always kissing." Miya exclaims in exasperation. I chuckle and Angel snorts. Angel lifts her head and turns it to Miya. "You're the one to talk. I caught you and Harriet aggressively making outside our door the other day. You guys looked like you were going to have sex then and there."

Miya sputters, trying to find something to say. Her face turns a tomato red and Harriet seems completely satisfied with the situation. He quickly turns his expression to apologetic once Fancy turns to him with a murderous expression.

Mason quickly stands in front of Fancy and gives him a quick peck on the lips. "Calm down, my love. You can kill him after the party, hm?"

Fancy looks down at him and smiles. His murderous expression quickly turned to a warm look when he looks down at his boyfriend. He nods and kisses Mason's forehead, and puts his arm around him. "Come on."

They walk out of the apartment while whispering sweet nothings in each others ears. I smile at them and grab Aphrodite hand and lace my fingers through hers. Miya and Harriet follow close behind us, but not that close since Miya is probably a little hesitant to be around her brother right now.

None of us rode together, besides with each of our significant other. The ride didn't take long, only about 20 minutes to the nearest fraternity house. We park down the road from the house, since there are groups of cars parked outside and all around the place

I'm worried about bringing Miya and Aphrodite to this party since they get a bit...crazy. I've been to a few if these and only had a few drinks each time. I'm not one to sleep around and I've never been one to get hammered at one of these. Truth be told, I've only slept with two girls and that was over nine months ago. I've never been extremely attractive to anyone...but Aphrodite is something else. She attracts to me like no other and I just want to worship her body.

You could feel the bass from where we were walking up from the sidewalk. I knew we all wouldn't stick together. Mason and Fancy would go say hi to their friends and Miya and Harriet would probably go drink and make out somewhere. That just left Aphrodite and I to have fun together.

I immediately recognized the song that was playing, and apparently so did Aphrodite because she started shaking her hips to beat. I by Lil Skies playing and I knew what people inside would be doing this song, and I was right.

As soon as we walked in, there was the big living room on the left where people were grinding and on the right was the humungous kitchen where people were drinking already. Diagonal from the doorway was a stair case that led a ledge and to the bedrooms upstairs. I've been here a few times, but never actually explored the house.

"Do you want a drink?" I ask Aphrodite while running my other hand that was holding onto hers, through her hair.

She nods and I pull her toward the kitchen. A few guys say hi or wave at me while we walk toward the bottles of alcohol on the island. I let go of her hand and pick up some fruit punch and pour it halfway up in two cup. I pick up the vodka and pour a little in mine and Aphrodite's.

I pick up the cup and hand it to her. "Here you go."

She beams at me. "Thank you."

The next few hours go bye like a blur. Everyone split up, either talking or making out. Aphrodite and I sit around in the kitchen talking the whole time. But how I didn't know she was drinking more alcohol without me knowing, was insane but that's how we got to where we are now.

She dragged me, literally, to the dance floor and started moving her hips to the beat. Easier by 5 Seconds of Summer started playing and she shot me a wink. I was stunned by her boldness and put my hands on her hips to pull her to me.

"What are you doing, you little minx?" I shouted in her ear. I tried to keep my voice low but the music was so loud.

She moved her hip hard against me, making me groan. "Lord above." I murmured to myself.

She put her hands up around my neck and into my hair, with me still behind her. She tilted her head back so it laid on my shoulder, and turned it to the side so she was facing my neck. I could feel her breath on the side of the neck and it's driving me crazy.

She slowly grinded her hips against my hard on to the beat. My hands on her hips squeezed and my finger tips dug into her sides, no doubt leaving bruises. She moaned loud enough, just enough for me to hear. She rubbed up against me harder, and harder...

I ripped her hands out of my hair and gripped her arm, not hard but hard enough so she got the point. She stumbled in her heels and followed me. I could feel the stares from all the nosey teens at the party.

We both hurried to a dark hallway that was just off of the living room. There were doors all the way down the right side but one on the left. I knocked on that door and heard nothing. I swung open the door and saw that it was a laundry room.

Pulling Aphrodite into the room, I slam the door shut and slammed her against the door. I planted open mouth kisses down her neck and ground my hips against hers. Her hands wound into my hair and moaned my name loudly. I smirked against her neck and focused on one spot just below her ear, making several hickeys. More blood rushed down to my dick at that angelic sound.

"Jump." I said in her ear, and she jumped. My heart beat faster when she listened to me. She wrapped her legs around my my waist as my hands went under her thighs and traveled to her ass. Her tight dress was around her hips, making me just see her black lace thong. We kept grinding like crazy, with her moaning my name constantly and me biting and sucking her neck.

"Please." She whimpered. "I just need something."

I grunted and pushed her harder against the door. I raised my right hand from her ass and glided it across the top her thigh to right between her legs. I sliced her undwear to the side and hovered over her heat.

I lifted my head from her neck and looked in her eyes. "Can I touch you?"

"Yes." She panted. "Please." Just one touch, set her off. I pinched her clit hard, and she exploded.

"Ace!" She moaned.

More high moans erupted from her until she calmed down. My length still throbbed in my jeans but it didn't matter. All that mattered was that she was satisfied.

Sweat bedded from her hair and in her cleavage as she panted. She bit her lip and giggled. "Can we do that again?"

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