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The Shocking Revelation

"You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear."

I wake up with a pounding headache and a heavy arm around my waist.

Groaning, my eyes flutter open and I hiss from the light coming from my windows. I don't bother freaking out about the arm on my waist, since I know it's Ace. His weight is familiar. Still on my side, I turn my head back to see his sleepy face and a smile makes its way to my face. His whole face is relaxed, with his plump lips parted in the cutest way. His lips make me think of last night, the way he grinded against me, the way his hands lit up my whole body...the hickeys he made...

I groan internally and cup my neck. My fingers press against the tender areas, making a sharp pain in my neck, and I jerk my hand away. Oh God there's probably so many...

A deep chuckle rumbles from Ace and my eyes shoot to his now open ones. He has a satisfied smirk on his face. "What?" I ask.

He chuckles again and pulls me closer. Still laying side by side, my leg automatically wraps around his hip. He rolls onto his back, making me go with and straddle him. He looks up at me with half lidded eyes and bites his lip. His left hand lightly trailed from my hip, up my side, and to my neck, creating goosebumps on my body. His big hand cupped the side of my neck with the hickeys, and rubbed his thumb lightly against them.

"This..." He trails off for a second and leaves me breathless from the smile he gives me. It's so wide and bright that it nearly blinds me. "This is my mark and I'm so proud of myself for making so many last night."

I roll my eyes at him. Men are so egotistical. "Of course you're proud of that. It hurts like a fucking bitch."

He frowns, seeming displeased at this. He brushes his thumbs against my neck again and sighs. "I'm sorry Angel. I was a little...preoccupied."

I blush and grip his t-shirt at his chest between my hands. "So was I..."

He snorts, still having a smile on his face. "You were drunk, honey. You were oblivious to everything."

"Not everything..." I whisper, looking at my hands that have his shirt.

He tilts my face up to try and look at him with his other hand on my cheek, and his left hand still on my neck. "Baby...do you regret what we did?" He whispers, his voice sounds...very regretful.

My eyes shoot to his in panic. I cup his face between my hands. "You have no idea, how much last night meant to me. Now, I wish I didn't pursue you when I was drunk, but I still remember it. And it was the best night of my life, besides our date. Everything with you means everything to me, and what we did last night? I don't regret a fucking minute of it."

His smile is blinding to me once again. His white teeth gleam from the sun and his blonde hair shines, making him look like an angel. He leans up and starts to give little sweet kisses all over my face.

"Stop!" I say through my giggles. He laughs with me.

A bang goes through the room, making Ace and I jump. Still straddling him, I turn my head to the now open door. Miya stands there in sweatpants and a tshirt that belongs to Harriet, since I've seen him in it a million times, and some flip flops with her hair in a bun. Her eyes are widened in urgency and she looks completely frazzled. "Do you have any idea what time it is?" She screeches. I wince and look at her, confused. "No."

She huffs and puts her hands on her hips. "It's 1:15 and we now have less than ten minutes to get to our math class, Mr. Fial, the one who gives out detention like it's fucking mints."

I hop off of Ace, but not before slapping his chest in frustration. He grunts, making me feel guilty, but I'll apologize later. I rush to my closet and start frantically going through my clothes on the hangers. I hear my door close through my panic, and grab some black shorts. I immediately drop my pants, not caring Ace is in the room, and pull my shorts up my legs. I turn and see Ace's shirt beside the bed and take mine off to put his on. I tuck it in my shorts and pull it out a little so I don't look completely homeless. I turn to my side table and find a hair tie in the drawer and put my hair up in a messy bun at the top of my head. I find black sandles beside the table and put them on. Then, I see my phone and put it in my pocket.

The whole time, Ace laid on my bed watching me run around with wide eyes. I quickly give him a quick kiss. "I'll see you later baby." I mumble against his lips. I pick up my backpack by the door and turn the door handle. As I open it, Ace says, "I'll be waiting for you at Mr. Fial's when the class is over." I turn to see him send me a quick wink and I rolls my eyes at him, but with a smile on my face.

I'm in two math classes, both with Mr. Fial. Today is Monday, and this is the one I have without Ace and Fancy. I'm in a regular college Freshman class on Mondays, and then a class with college Sophomores. I took several math classes in highschool and it gave me an advantage. Since I'm going to school to be a nurse, I'm taking a required math class for being a Freshman and one to be better at measuring medicine correctly, which is the Sophomore class. I'm pretty much just taking it to count better.

"You ready?" Miya asks from our front door. I nod and we leave to go to class.


Once we walked in, five minutes later, I knew we were fucked.

People were assholes and wouldn't move, so we were late. Miya couldn't stop freaking out over her probably getting a detention, since it'll be her first one if she does get one. I've gotten a detention a few times in highschool for being late, but only three at the most.

"Miss Hemmings and Miss Brock, you're five minutes late." We hear as soon as we open the door. Miya and I both grimace at his stern voice. I look over to see him standing in front of his desk facing us. His arms are crossed, making the muscles in his arms bulk. He's wearing black jeans and a black and white flannel today. His jaw is clenched and he seems...distant and angry.

He avoids eye contact with me and looks at Miya. He sighs heavily through his nose, as his lips are in a thin line. "Go sit down ladies. Miss. Hemmings, I'd like you to stay after class."

My eyes furrow and I give him a confused look, but he doesn't look over at me. He turns around and walks to the chalkboard and starts teaching. I shake my head and sit next to Miya where she sits in the back of the class.

The whole time, Mr. Fial wouldn't as much as look anywhere near my direction the whole time. I don't know what I did to him, but he seems very angry, or just maybe hesitant, at me. Even when I raise my hand to answer a question, he won't pick me even if I'm the only one raising my hand. He walks around the classroom very tense and keeps mumbling to himself.

Class seemed to drag on forever. Once it was over, I stayed in my seat until everyone left. Miya gave me a reassuring smile and squeezed my shoulder. Before Mr. Fial said anything, I whipped out my phone from my pocket and sent Ace a text that told him that he didn't have to wait since Mr. Fial wanted me to stay after. He replied as soon as I sent it, saying for me to text him as soon as I'm done and he'll meet me.

A throat cleared in front of me, and I looked up. Mr. Fial still wouldn't look at me, but around me. He currently stared down the desk beside me. I slowly clicked my phone off and set it on the desk I was sitting in. Putting both hands on the table, I leaned back and slouched down.

"What did you need to talk to me about Mr. Fial?" I asked politely.

He sighed and tilted his head back so he was looking at the ceiling. "I found something out Miss Hemmings, and I don't know what to do about it." His voice cracked toward the end of his sentence, making me worried. He swallowed hard and finally, looked at me. His eyes were filled with sadness and longing. Longing for what, I don't know.

"What did you find out?" I asked.

His eyes furrowed. He looked all around my face, like he was trying to place something. He shook his head as it trying to clear it, and pulled the desk in front of me around till it faced me. He sat and folded his hands together. "I found something out about my past last night. A letter was mailed to from an old...girlfriend I guess you could say."

Confused at where this was going and why he was telling me this, I asked a question that would give me more information. "When did you get this letter?"

His hands that were linked together, clenched around each other. "I received it on May 18th last year, but didn't open till last night. I was afraid to."

I took in a breath in suprise and kayed my hands flat on the desk. "That's my birthday..."

He nodded, like he knew this, and looked at his clenched hands. "When I was younger, I was a horrible man. I did horrible things with horrible people, but I found love. I was known for drinking and drugs, and even selling drugs. Once night, in my drunken and high haze, I found this woman named Shana Hemmings." I gasped at my last name, but he didn't saying anything and kept going. "I should've known from the start that it was just the drugs that kept us together. We both took pills and I supplied her. She said she love me, and I believed her. We stayed together for about a year and a half, and it was just filled with drinking and drugs."

He paused, his face in frustration. "One day, I woke up to her gone. Just gone. Completely fanished. All her stuff was out of my apartment, all but a note. A note stating that she was done. That she never loved me and she only wanted me for pills and sex. After that, I knew I had to get clean. I eventually did and enrolled in college where I met a wonderful woman named Elise Manner. A few months later, I had twin children. I married Elise not too long after that. My twins are now eighteen and going to the college across town. But all great things always have to have curveballs. I found a letter I kept for few months, knowing it was from Shana. But when I finally read it, I wasn't prepared for it."

"What did it say?" I whispered. I knew, I just knew, what he was getting at. But I needed to hear it, hear everything.

"It started out that if I got this letter, she was dead. She said how sorry she was for everything, how she shouldn't have done what she did to me. She truly did care for me, but the drugs clouded her judgment. But she never loved me. I eventually came to realize I never loved her either." He looked at me, filled with regret and apologizes. "She told me that she left because she was pregnant and scared. Scared of her pregnancy. Scared of what was growing inside of her. But mostly scared for her baby. She knew that she wouldn't be able to stop taking drugs after everything was done. She did it to keep our unborn child safe. She told me after the birth, she put our baby girl up for adoption where she would be happy and loved. Shana sent the letter when our baby turned 18 years old. She left a note stating to keep the babies name and her last name. The one she knew that we both loved more than anything." He smiled a small smile. "Aphrodite Hemmings is her name, your name." He paused, whispering the last part to me that will change my life as I know it.

"And I'm your father."

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