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The Day Out With Mason

"You are not as alone as you feel."

The next few days were quite and simple.

Ace and I skipped our math class with my father the next day. He stayed with me that day, as we cuddled on the couch and watched tv. I skipped out on a couple more of my classes during the week, so Ace tried to stay with me as long as he could without missing any of his other classes.

I haven't talked to Miya in a few days, I'm avoiding her. I love her to death, but what extent would she go to put up with me? I mean, finding out our math teacher is my father is fucking huge. Not only that, but he's my biological father that I never found out about. But the mental stability I have to have to hear that I actually talked to my father before I even knew him and how my mother is dead. She didn't even care. All she wanted was to get high after she had me. It wasn't the fact that she knew she couldn't handle it, it was just that she didn't care. Didn't care about me or about anyone around her but herself.

I know I need to talk to Mr. Fial. I need to know more. For God sakes, I don't even fucking know what his name is! I mean every student knows their teachers first name, but not me apparently! I never thought it'd matter if I knew his name or not.

Debbie's story made me look at things different though. It's not that I'm worried that my father is going to have me marry his rival so he can have the business, but it makes me hope for better things. Better things that can make everyone happy. Maybe I can get close with my siblings or my father's wife.

I can hope, but that doesn't mean that everything will turn out alright.

It's now Thursday and since I don't have any classes till later, I'm out and about. Walking down the streets of South Carolina calm me in a way. I've never been comfortable walking around the streets of my old town. It was so small that everyone knew who you were, where you were from, what color underwear you had on, everything. You could just feel the stares from everyone. But here? No one cares, no one cares who you are or what you're doing. Unless you disturb the peace, but I don't plan on doing that anytime soon.

It's a little chilly today for being September in South Carolina. It's about 65 degrees, and I'm wearing a burgundy zip up hoodie with a blank tank underneath and blue skinny jeans and some sandles. The wind ruffles my hair around my face, and I tuck it behind my ears. Sighing, I put my hands in my pockets and walk past the pedestrians on the sidewalk.

I have no clue where I'm going. Well, I never have. I never had my life planned out because I never saw myself going to college and walking down the goddamn streets of South Carolina. If I never got my scholarship to Rueford University, I would be homeless. I'd be living on streets of my tiny little town, doing nothing.

"Aphrodite!" I hear behind me.

"Oh hey Mason." I say to the boy that's running up to me. His purple hair has no gel in it, so it's flopping everywhere as he runs. His black jeans are ripped in the knees and he has a Nirvana tshirt on, the one with the melting smiley face. His converse high tops squeak on the concrete as he stops in front of me. I notice his rings on his fingers gleam in the sun.

He gives me a blinding smile. "Hey girl." Before I can utter a word back, he practicality vomits out his words. "So you know how Ace knows Alexander and Miya from when they were younger? Well anyway, Alex and Miya's parents are having Ace's parents over on Saturday and they invited their kids and then they said they can invite some people with them. And Alex hasn't told his mom that he's bisexual, he's only told his dad and Alex doesn't know if his dad told his mom, and he sure as hell hasn't told them that he has a boyfriend and you're Ace's girlfriend and I know he'll ask you to come...it's just..." He stops and takes a deep breathe. His face is agony, with his eyes watering and his eyebrows furrowed. "I can't have the parents of the man I'm in love with hate me."

I quickly step in front of his and grip his hands in mine. "Mason I promise that they'll love you. Everyone loves you. You are the sweetest person I've ever known. I know I don't know you that well, but I know you well enough to know that you would never intentionally hurt anyone."

He calms down a little bit, but you can see the fear still on his face. "It's just...I've never done this before. I never had a girlfriend and I'm still a fucking virgin!"

People walking past gave Mason glares and me dirty looks. I gave everyone looking an innocent smile and dragged Mason to the nearest store, which was coincidentally a pastry store called Sweet Like Candy.

"Well let's not yell and tell everyone you're a 'fucking virgin'." I told him and gave him a smirk. He blushed a deep red and looked around the shop.

The shop was a small little thing. Once you walked in, the counter was about 6 feet in front of you where it stretched all the way across the room. There was a place where you could lift a sideways door to get from one side of the counter to the other, where a door was which I would assume lead to the kitchen. The store was about 10 feet by 10 feet.

On the right side of the door, there was two circle tables with two chairs on each. Flowers and little pastry pictures were hung everywhere.

"Can I help you?" A cool voice says from the counter. I hadn't realized someone walk to the counter while we were standing there. I looked back to the counter, and I thought my eyes popped out of my sockets.

The girl behind the counter had long dark blue hair down to her waist, with some black coming through her roots. She had icy blue eyes with an eyebrow piercing on her left eyebrow. Her outfit consisted of blue skinny jeans and a simple black tshirt.

I would turn gay for this beautiful human being.

Her icy blue eyes sparkled as she smirked. "Are you two okay?" She drawled out. I think I saw a tongue piercing...

Still in a daze, I nodded. She gave a quick laugh and looked to Mason. "Coleman, who is the gorgeous woman that I've traumatized with my beautiful self?"

Mason chuckled and put an arm around my shoulders. "This is Aphrodite Hemmings. Aphrodite, this is Winter May. My bestfriend from high school."

My mouth dropped open once again. What the fuck? Do all beautiful people just hang out together?

"Holy shit." I said breathlessly.

She shook her head with a small smile. The door behind us opened and Mason and I turned to see who it was. I was surprised to see Miya standing there, looking down at her phone.

"Winter, babe, this weekend I-" She stopped in her tracks when she looked up and saw us. She opened her mouth a few times to say something, but nothing came out.

"Babe?" I questioned. "I thought you were dating Harriet?"

"She is." Winter said, now in front of the counter.

"What the fuck do you mean? She's either dating Harriet or she's dating you." Mason said in a strained voice. It seemed he was trying to figure it out.

But what I could figure out was she was always out. Never home, and neither was Harriet according to Ace. Maybe they were all together...

It's possible.

It's very possible.

And I like it.

"Mason." Winter warned. "Stop it. You know nothing about anything."

"Then tell me! Harriet is my best friend and I don't want Miya to ruin it!"

"I'm not ruining anything Mason!" Miya yelled back. "God you wouldn't understand."

"Then make me understand!"

"We're all together! Harriet, Winter, and I!" Miya screamed. She was breathing heavily and she had a red face.

Winter rushed over to Miya and put a hand on her cheek so she would look at her. Miya's face lost some of her redness and her shoulders slumped.

"Does your brother know?" Mason asked quietly. His face was forlorn.

"No, " Miya replied in the same quiet voice, still looking at Winter, "no one knows. As much as I want to tell people, no one would understand. No one would get how I'm in love with two different people and we're all in a relationship. No one would get how we're all in love."

"Miya...as long as you're happy, I couldn't care less who you're with or how many people you're with." Mason said with a sad smile. "But you do have to tell your brother, soon. I can't keep secrets from him for shit."

Winter dropped her hand from Miya's cheek to run it down her side to her hand, where she laced their hands together. She laughed and gave Mason a funny look. "Coleman, I have known you since we were in kindergarten and instead of lying to the teacher and saying that she was pretty, you called her ugly because of the big fat wart on her lip."

Everyone but Mason bursted out laughing. He glared at Winter, but I could tell her was holding back a smile. "I tried, but the freaking bitch kept spitting on me!" We all laughed once more, even Mason this time.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on hanging around the pastry shop, which I found out was Winter's grandmothers that passed it down to her when she died. We ate some of the delicious pastries and sat at the tables and talked about life. Nothing serious, just fun little things that made everyone laugh.

I forgot about my dad.

I forgot about my mom.

I forgot about everything wrong in my life and just had fun.

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