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The Life Of Miya Brock

"I either have no emotions, or too many."

Miya's POV

I guess you could say I've always been different.

My brother was the one that adapted to the fancy life, where his nickname comes to play, whereas I was the one that struggled my entire life trying to make my parents proud of me.

But that never happened.

I grew up with this pish posh life style that didn't fit me. I was forced to go to dinner parties filled with rich people that didn't give a crap about me or anyone else, they only cared about their money and what everyone else thinks of them.

And this is where it gets interesting.

You see, I don't give a flying heck what other people think of me. When my brother and my father would wear pristine suits and my mother would wear an appropriate dress that covered everything, I would wear the most revealing dresses. Ones with slits on the way up to my thighs and showing the most cleavage. Always in black though, like my soul.


My brother would always tell me, 'Miya you need to dress appropriately so you can go to these things with me and releave my boredom'. Well you see dear brother, I have better things to do than sit down and talk about how I wipe my ass with gold thank you very much. That was actually a conversation I had with this older lady. She didn't want to be there, and neither did I, so we bonded over that.

The parties lasted till about I was fifteen and Alex was 17, and that's where it really got bad. I could see it in my parents eyes that I was a complete and utter disappointment to them. I was never like Alex; I didn't have good grades, I didn't do every single thing for them, I never behaved, and I sure as hell didn't mind saying whatever I wanted to say. Eventually, they stopped paying attention to Alex too and he hated that, oh how he hated it. So, he turned to sex with anyone and everyone he could get to. At the time, I didn't think that meant guys too.

While Alex turned to sex, I turned to...exploring. Growing up, I was taught how things in our lifestyle were supposed to be. I was supposed to be proper and quiet, not loud and slouching 24/7. I explored in sex with both genders, and explored in drugs mostly. I eventually found my love for marijuana and threesomes. Don't ask, it just kind of happened when I was high.

I was having the time of my life, but I knew eventually I had to stop. People started to notice my change when I turned sixteen. Ace and Alex were leaving for college and were deathly afraid I would get a disease from sleeping around, and begged me to stop. I eventually did after I woke up in a bed, not remembering how I'd got there, with weed and coke all around me with two girls and two guys in a bed.

Again, don't ask.

Fast forward to a couple of years where the boys are in their sophomore year of college and I'm at orientation for the freshman. I had heard around that there would be a party afterward for everyone, and the freshman would get their annual humiliation because the upperclassmen needed to show their dominance. I particularly didn't want to get humiliated, but I wanted to go and see Alex and Ace so I decided to to go.

Probably one of my stupidest decisions in my entire life at the time.

I wore a dress that didn't show too much, as it was a skin tight black dresses that hugged my curves perfectly and went mid thigh, and had a sweetheart neckline. I put on natural makeup, and I was ready to go. The party was a cliche one with people grinding and and practicality having sex on the dance floor. People were drinking and smoking everywhere, which surprisingly didn't include my brother.

I found him and Ace surrounded by about 15 football players in the kitchen. They all held beers in their hands, I knew they were a little tipsy. The players were stereotypical; backwards hats with khakis, or long sagging jeans, and tight fitting shirts. No one noticed me, which was fantastic on my part, but I would feel someone watching me. I had looked around the room to see no one watching me and shrugged it off. I walked around for a while and watched my brother and Alec, I wasn't a stalker, I just liked seeing them interact with other people. Ace was so nice to everyone and loved to goof off with other people, whereas Alex was one to be a smartass and mess with people.

When I was watching them, was when I saw him.

Harriet Loe.

Standing there in his 6'5 frame, shorter than his friends, with his short spiked blonde hair and signature grey blue eyes. His normal attire was his ripped black jeans, black tshirt, and his black leather jacket and Adidas. He was staring at me, kind of like he could see everything there was to me. His intense stare made my heart race and my stomach clench, as it did back then and as it does now. He had given me his small millimeter smile that was only reserved for me.

He had suddenly turned and walked toward the stairs, but stopped and turned towards me with an eyebrow raised. I snapped out of my daze and followed him up the stairs. Once I was in the hallway upstairs, I couldn't find him. I was immediately yanked into a door right after I passed the bathroom. Gently, I was slammed against the wall and hands propped up beside my head.

"Who are you?" He had said to me in his deep voice, looking straight into my eyes. He always does that, stares into my eyes as if it'll tell him everything that I'm feeling or thinking. I gave him a small smile. I had never been shy before but Harriet brought out all the things I never knew about myself.

"Miya." I whispered.

"Miya." He had hummed. "Such a beautiful name."

That night, well, had to be the best night of my life. Harriet was soft and sweet while we were together that night. He made me feel things that no man or woman has ever made me feel. He practicality worshiped my body.

After it all, we both fell asleep on the bed in the room we were in, which I soon found out was his. I woke an hour later and snuck out. I freaked, what can I say. I can't start having feelings for someone after I only spoke one word to him and had sex. That's not how it works, but my heart wouldn't listen. I kept thinking of him and the things he did to me every night after that.

Until I saw him again.

Hanging out with my brother and Ace.



I. About. Shit. Myself.

Never in my life had I been so scared when Alex introduced me to Harriet and said I was his sister. I had felt my face immediately pale and my blood pressure rise. Harriet stilled like a statue but quickly recovered and introduced himself to me as if we didn't already know each other.

I tried to stay far away from my brother and his friends, especially Harriet, but life likes to mess me over. But I can't be mad because I got to meet my bestfriend. Aphrodite Hemmings, the perfect girl. I swear, that woman can just stop a truck with her body but she doesn't know it.

That night my brother, Ace, and Harriet came over was the first night I had saw Harriet since Alex introduced us. I wish I could say that seeing him was the worst part, but finding out he slept with some random slut that he sweet talked into his bed?

That part, tore me to shreds.

I couldn't possibly like him! He was my brother's best friend and he obviously doesn't like me, so why was my heart so stupid? Why couldn't my heart just listen to my brain for once in a while? Why did it have to hate me?

You could say I was a dumbass bitch, but, I eventually did let him explain. After a month that is. He had cornered me after class one day, scaring the crap out of me, and made me listen. By making me listen, he just kept talking over me. Which in return made me smile like an idiot and then making him smile, which let to us kissing...


Harriet first explained, after we were done kissing, that Alex sees things that nobody else sees when he's drunk. Now, I believe him because one time Alex and I were at a party and he got so wasted that he thought he saw Jennifer Aniston and started running after her. It was for real just his friend, which by the way is a big burly guy, in a blonde wig. The most hilarious shit I've seen in my entire life.

The night that Alex had mentioned where Harriet hooked up with someone was one of those nights. The party they went to was an all guys football get together where there was strictly only guys. Alex, of course, got drunk and started hallucinating. Harriet even went as far and told me to ask Ace since be would never lie to me, which I did.

I guess you could say life was normal after that. The day after Harriet explained everything was where Ace asked out Aphrodite and where Harriet and I finally went public. And Alex and Mason did as well. I truly never thought that Alex was bisexual, but I find out something new everyday.

Alex wasn't happy about our relationship, but all he knew was that we had feelings for each other and just now admitted them to each other and started to date. I will never in a million years tell Alex that Harriet and I hooked up on the day of freshman orientation, nonetheless at a party he was at.

Now, Winter May.

The other half of my heart.

The beautiful icy bomb shell that is herself. The woman with dark blue hair down to her waist and numerous piercings, such as a tongue piercing and an eyebrow piercing, was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my entire life. I knew Winter from my rebellious phase, since she was my number one hookup at the time. She pummeled into my life like a goddamn rocket one night. I opened the door, and bam, she was kissing me like theres no tomorrow.

But, of course, Harriet was standing right behind me.

I couldn't control myself and kissed her back. I could have sex with millions of other people and not feel a thing, but with Winter and Harriet, I felt it all. Harriet was shocked to say the least. Stood there with his mouth open and wide eyes. Knowing Winter, I knew she would say something to make the situation better.

"He's cute Miya. Can I keep him too?"

Holy balls.

My mind exploded with millions of freaking ideas that I felt lightheaded. I couldn't possibly be in a relationship with two people! It's immoral. It's insane. It's not right.



The rest, I guess, is history. Winter and I had to talk Harriet into it, but he relented and tried it out. Needless to say, I've never been the happiest. Harriet is always smiling and Winter glows. She always glows, but now she shines.

I just never thought I'd had to tell anyone. I knew eventually I did, but not this fast. Aphrodite and Mason were one thing, but Alex and Ace?

A complete shit show.

They won't be disgusted, which I know for sure, but just admitting it to people makes me nervous. It's as if people now know what I'm doing and who I'm doing. It's no ones business but mine and the ones I'm in love with. But I wish it was that easy.

Standing in front of Alex's door, right after Mason and Aphrodite finding out is the scariest thing ever.

And I'm about to tell him.


If you are reading this, I love you, BUT I actually started writing this on Wattpad awhile ago and I just made an account on here and said fuck it, I'll put my story on here too. So here we are!

My updates are whenever I can.

Much love!♡

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