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The Story

"When the wrong people leave your life, the right things start to happen."


Mason's POV

I stared at Miya, calculating her expression, after yelling to Alex that she was here.

I knew why she was here, to tell Alex about her being in a polyamorous relationship with Harriet and Winter. It's not like it's a bad thing, and Alex definitely will understand, but it's not an everyday thing.

I know Winter has read reverse harem books in the past, but I never thought she would pursue it. Winter was a lot of things, but put together was not one of them. She was one of the most sporadic person I've ever met. I don't even know how she owns her own shop. I've known Winter my whole life, with her being my bestfriend and all, and I've never been closer to any person before. Besides Alex of course.

But Miya was different. I've known her since freshman year, since she comes with knowing Alex because we're both on the football team. Miya was a outgoing shy girl, if that was even possible. I knew that her Harriet would get together; the bad boy brothers best friend and the good girl. Kind of cliche, but adorable nonetheless.

I was shocked...well shocked would be an understatement, to hear about how they were all together. To hear that my bestfriend since kindergarten was dating my boyfriends sister and bestfriend, was just truly a mind boggle. But honestly? I couldn't care less, as long as they were happy. If I critiqued who they were with, it would be like me saying that I shouldn't be with Alex; that being gay was wrong. I can't even comprehend that thought. I couldn't imagine my life without Alex.

"Are you doing with I think you're doing?" I whispered to Miya, who was still in the doorway.

She bit her lip and nodded. She looked anywhere but at me, breaking my heart. I made a quick decision and grabbed her arm, pulling her in my arms for a hug. She immediately wrapped her arms around, squeezing the life out of me.

"What if he hates me?" She mumbled into my chest.

I grabbed her gently shoulders, pulling her arms length away from me. "How can you say that Miya? You know damn well that your brother only wants you happy. Hell, if you dated someone with webbed feet, he wouldn't care." I paused for a moment and snorted. "Well he might make fun of him for a while, but he'll accept him no matter what. If anything, he'll congratulate you for being bisexual and dating two genders at the same time."

Her brown eyes sparkled with mirth. Her mouth formed into an identical crooked smile that her and her brother seemed to share. "I guess you're right..."

I squeezed her shoulders and gave her a smirk. "I'm always right."

She rolled her eyes at me and pushed me away. She was still as tense as when she got here, but she was smiling nonetheless. She took a deep breath and let it out before walking past me to the living room. I watched her for a moment; she sat down on the couch and leaned back to close her eyes. She looked extremely frustrated and exhausted at the same time. Poor girl.

I shut the front door and walked to Alex's room. My love was putting some sweatpants and a black tshirt when I walked in. The most casual clothes I've ever seen him in in a while. I've been trying to get him to wear more casual clothes, but it put me in a bad place because he just gets hotter each time I see him.

He finally sees me standing in the door and gives me a blinding smile. "Is she out there baby?"

I give him a small smile and nod. "Yes she is...just keep an open mind, okay?"

I could tell I worried him when he frowned and crossed his arms. "Do you know something?"

I sighed and licked my lips. "I found out yesterday. It's nothing big, but I'm just telling you."

He still looks extremely confused, but he nods and comes up to me. He gives me a few kisses on my lips and smiles at me. "I'll see you in a little bit, okay?"

I nod and kiss his cheek. "I'll be in here waiting for you baby."


Alex's POV

My mind is a jumble of thoughts while I walk out my room. I honestly don't even know what to think. Is what Miya needs to tell me bad? Is it good? Is going to tell me she's pregnant, or they broke up? I swear to God, I'll kill Harriet if he hurt her.

I turn into the living room and see my beautiful baby sister sitting on my couch. She's staring off into space with sad look on her face. Miya looks up from where she was looking and gives me a watery smile. I didn't realize there was tears in her eyes until I really looked at her.

"Parva soror, what's wrong?" She snorts at the little endearment through her tears. I walk over to her and sit beside her.

She let's out a shaky breath and lays her head on my shoulder, facing forward. I turn my head and kiss the top of hers, thinking of all the reasons she could be upset. Ever since I was little, I could never bare to see my baby sister upset. When she had gone through her phase when she was younger, I felt like a complete and utter failure because I wasn't there to guide her out of it. Instead she did it herself, the way it should be; her being strong and independent the way she was raised.

We were both raised poorly if I really think about it, but I don't want to. My parents were there, but they weren't. I've talked to Miya over the years about her opinion on the way we grew up, and it's definitely different from mine. We both went through different phases I guess. I'm still going through mine, with me dressing all fancy, but Mason's been helping me through that.

I've come to realize that everyone is going through something. No matter if someone is going through a breakup, a family member dying, you're emotionally and physically unstable; it's all different. No matter what, I always have to remind myself of that everyday.

"What's wrong Miya?" I whisper into her hair. I could feel her whole body shudder from her inhaling.

"I'm not just with Harriet."


Is she serious? Is she cheating on Harriet? I never knew she would be a cheater. I've always heard her say over the years that the way I 'hump and dump' is completely barbaric, even though she has no room to talk.

I could tell she immediately sensed how I was freaking out as she quickly turned to face me. I've never seen her in such...panic? Maybe that wasn't the right word.


I've never seen her so heartbroken.

"I-I understand the way I said it wasn't right. I'm not cheating on Harriet, trust me. I would never cheat on him."

What she was saying, confused me. "What do you mean? What are you saying?"

She suddenly seemed so...childish. my baby sister looked so young that it almost broke my heart. What could bring her to looking so vulnerable? Was it because the news was bad or was it because it was me? I've been known to intimidate people but not my baby sister, never her.

"I-I..." She broke off by putting her hand to her mouth. I realized her hands were shaking to the point that her whole body started to shake. I grabbed both of her hands in mine and brought them to the couch. Squeezing them, I nodded at her to go on. She looked into my eyes for a moment and gave a little nod, almost as if it was to reassure herself.

"I'm going to start off from the beginning, okay?" She said, tentatively.

"Okay." I breathed.

"So while I was in my...rebellious phase, I knew this girl named Winter. She was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. She was undoubtedly the first woman I've been attracted to. Naturally, I hooked up with her and from then on she was my number one hook up. Until, high school graduation. She went to a different school, and was in her first year of college while I was in my senior year, and her and her bestfriend where going to the same college at the time. I didn't know where she was going to school at the time, and I needed to get my shit together, so I ended it.

"Fast forward to my relationship with Harriet. He didn't know I was bisexual, as everyone didn't. I've kept it a secret for so long that I just kind of forget...I know you're thinking why, which is because I was only attracted to Winter.

"So...I was over in my dorm with Harriet and I open the door to see Winter and all her beautiful icy glory. She almost immediately starts to kiss me, and I start to kiss her back."

She chuckled a bit and squeezes my hand. "I'll leave out all the glory details and let you know. I am in a polyamorous relationship, which entrails more than two people dating. So...I'm here to tell you that I am dating Harriet and Winter, and they're dating each other and me them."

I...I couldn't...


"Mason knows doesn't he?"

Miya leaned back a little bit and exhaled loudly. "Yes he does...but only since yesterday. Him and Aphrodite were at Winter coffee shop and I walked in and started calling her babe, and well, that immediately tipped Mason off. Mason is actually Winters old bestfriend, then one that goes to this college. We never seen her around because she has night classes since she has her shop."

I want what's best for her, I always have. But I also have to keep in mind of my bestfriend. Harriet's always been...distant. Not necessarily cold, but not warm either. He's always talked to us and interacted with everyone but was never actually there. He's always been in his own world. That is, until Miya.

If I do really pay attention and think back, the past few days have been oddly okay with Harriet and I. We always tend to bump heads and try to kill each other, especially since he started dating Miya, but he's been more mellow and calm.

I'm not too sure what to think about Mason not telling me but I understand. I wouldn't want him to jeopardize Miya and his friendship.

"Miya..I want you to be happy, you know? And if this makes you happy then I don't care if you date a fucking dog. Just as long as you're happy. Yoire my baby sister and that's all that has mattered to me."

Arms are immediately thrown around me as the words flowed out of my mouth. "Did you really think I'd mind?"

"I don't know. I just wished you wouldn't." She mumbled into my neck.

"Trust me parva soror, I don't mind."

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