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The First Night

"Surround yourself with people who get you." ~Unknown.

I've never had a friend in my life.

You'd think that even a loner would have one friend at least, but no. Irina made sure I wouldn't even be caught talking to a person. She would make up so many lies about me that I lost count. Truth be told, I've always been intimidated by girls like Miya. The girls who seem to have everything and are friends with everyone. They are usually the ones that stab you in the back at one point in your life. But being friends with Miya changed that.

Once she showed me my bedroom, which consisted of a walk in closet and a huge amount of space, she asked me to cook for her. Well, demanded would be the right word. I honestly believe if I said no she would get a wooden spoon and beat me with it, not that she actually said that...

"Get cooking my slave!" My endearing new friend yelled from the couch. For a girl that likes to skateboard and looks to weigh about 115 pounds, she sure is lazy.

"Who are you calling slave?" I yelled back from where I was standing at the stove. I didn't really want to cook anything fancy and I don't believe she wanted me to either. So we just have some good ol' fashioned mac and cheese and hot dogs.

While the mac and cheese was boiling, I boiled the hot dogs in water on the stove in a small pot. I've heard people all my life say, 'why don't you just cook then in the microwave?' And I simply replied that it may be easier to cook them in the microwave but at least they don't look like they have exploded. Honestly, I taught myself how to cook from looking at different ways to cook different things online and I guess this just stuck.

"You, obviously! But usually my slave is usually my brother since he's just a tiny bit better at cooking than I am." She yelled back at me but it turned to a normal volume towards the end once she saw me walking into the living room. She was curled into a ball with a fluffy white blanket around her watching Pretty Little Liars. She changed out of her leggings and sweater into a black tank top and red flannel pants and her hair in a bun with little pieces flying everywhere. I changed out of my white tank with my leather jacket and black skinny jeans, into black basketball shorts and a snug blank tank.

"Who is your brother anyway?" I asked, from the kitchen doorway that I was leaning on so I could still hear what was going on in the kitchen and talk to Miya, with my head tilted. She simply rolled her eyes and sighed sadly. "He's a egotistical jock, nonetheless a football player. Same with his other bestfriends. His name is Alexander Brock, but people mostly call him Fancy." I gave her a confused look and she snorted with a small smile on her face. "You'll find out soon enough."

A pang of jealousy shot through my heart from the love she had on her face when she talked about her brother, but I simply ignored it. I shouldn't be jealous of that. Sometimes people are simply alone and don't have anyone and other times they have so much family that they don't know everyone in it.

I cleared my throat and walked back into the kitchen. I heard the TV pause and small footsteps behind me as I got to the stove. Picking up the plastic spoon, I stir the noodles so they don't stick and also make sure the hotdogs don't stick.

Satisfied with how they turned out, I nod to myself and turn to see Miya sitting at one of the barstools across the island. Her brows were furrowed and she was chewing on her lip. She looked at me with a humorous expression. "Aphrodite..." She started off slowly, "Did you check and see if we had hotdog buns before you started making hotdogs? Because I haven't been to the store in a while and we don't have bread either."

I groaned loudly and smacked my hand against my face. "Of course, life just has to get throwing curve balls at me." I muttered in annoyance.

I heard a snort. "I don't believe life is a curve ball by not having hotdog buns, I believe it's just an inconvenience. And your stupidity."

"Hey!" I yell, throwing my hand off my face. "Not fair. You didn't specifically say what you wanted and the only thing you had was mac and cheese and hotdogs."

She chuckled and ran into the living room. I was about to following her when she ran back in with her phone and sat back down. She tapped on it a few times and put it to her ear. Someone must have picked up when her face brightened up.

"Hey big bro, you need to do something for me." She said while tapping her index finger on the marble top. Someone on the phone must have said something she didn't like because she tsked and shook her head. "Mom won't like that you aren't helping your baby sister when she's out in the big bad world." She said in a sing song voice.

I snorted and she shot me a smirk. "Stop blubbering and get me some hotdog buns and drop them off you dingus." She said into the phone. She nodded with a satisfied expression. "Yes, you and your little cronies can come and stay for dinner. Just don't scare my new roomate off." She warned into the phone and hung up.

I raised an eyebrow and leaned against the island. "Your brother I assume?" She nodded and went to the cabinet beside the stove and took out another 2 boxes of mac and cheese. "Your assumption is correct. He wouldn't have brought buns unless he would get something out of it and if he did, he wouldn't have came alone. So it's a win and a lose, but at least we get buns."

I shook my head with a small smile and grabbed the boxes out of her hands before she messed anything up. I hip checked her out of the way and put the boxes out of reach. She backed up with her hands in the air and grabbed her phone. Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boys suddenly played from a speaker somewhere and she grinned wickedly.

She held out her hand with that damn wicked smile still on her face. "Come on girly! Dance with me!" I laughed and grabbed her hand. She spun me around and started swaying her hips.

We belted out the lyrics and danced around the kitchen while the song came to an end. The music was so loud that we didn't hear the door open and close. I was dancing by the doorway of the kitchen when I tripped over my feet. I tried to grab onto something but I only found air when strong arms wrapped around my waist. My eyes shot open to see a pair of baby blue eyes staring into my green ones with shock. Mystery man smiled a genuine smile and opened his mouth. His smooth voice shocked me to my core.

"Hi there Angel."

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