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The Dinner Pt. 1

"With this hand,

I will lift your sorrows.

Your cup with be never be empty,

For I will be your wine.

With this candle,

I will light your way in darkness.

With this ring,

I ask you to be mine."

~The Corpse Bride


I was freaking out.

Well, freaking out was an understatement.

Everyone stayed at mine and Miya's place last night, particularly in the living room. The boys make us girls take the couch, which Miya and I tried to shoot down, but they started throwing food at us, so we had to agree. All of us stayed up and talked about the dinner that was happening today. None of us could forsee what was going to happen, if everyone liked each other, or if everyone hated each other.

Fancy and Miya had opened up a bit about their parents to us. Fancy did most of the talking whilst holding Mason's hand. He explained how they were strict, but loving in their own way. They would leave for months on end, then show up and take them out to a huge family dinner. Not loving, but there nonetheless.

I found myself wanting to be them, wanting to have a sibling. At least they had each other during the years. I yearned for that, to have a sibling. Someone to share my burden with, someone to make me laugh when I wanted to cry, someone there to keep me company. But it was just same shit, different day. I wouldn't get that, but I'd have the love of my life and my friends with me, and that was my family.

"Baby, it's going to be fine, I promise."

I huffed and looked in the mirror one last time. I decided to put on a pair of black leggings with a maroon sweater and high heeled knee high boots. The effort was futile since a huge pimple resided on the side of my face, but it isn't nothing foundation can't cover up. My hair was in a high bun with little hairs floating about my face. Overall, I guess you could say I looked okay enough to meet everyone's parents.

Ace was in the bathroom with me, leaning against the wall behind me with his arms crossed. His black jeans and his royal blue tshirt gave a great contrast to his tan skin from playing football. His hair was getting longer, so it fell into his eyes, much to his displeasure. I liked it though, but no matter how much I told him to do what he wanted, he kept it just for me. He gave me a small smile as he watched me looking at him.

"What?" He murmured in a deep voice, with that damn smile still on his face.

"Just you," I replied meekly. "It's always you."

His smile softened, his eyes turning into something I couldn't quite decipher. He pushed off from against the wall and wrapped his arms around my waist. I fell into his embrace, contentment washing over me as his hold on my tightened.

We stayed like that, wrapped in each other for a while. I couldn't pinpoint when we changed, when the vanilla relationship ended and the deeper connection began. This is what I always wanted, the deep connection that only people in love could have. The love that would conquer all, the love that made your heart ache as you looked at someone that you knew you could not only count on, but love unconditionally. The way you couldn't breathe as you looked at their inhuman beauty, or the way they took their mortal ability to help anyone they can.

Ace was mortal, but his love...his love was was immortal.


The drive wasn't long, much to my dismay. The 45 minute drive consisted of several text messages from Miya and pop music playing softly through the car. No words needed to be said between Ace and I, we both knew that this could either go horribly or wonderful.

No one was worried about Ace's parents, we were all worried about Miya and Fancy's parents. We were told by both siblings that their parents will say one thing, but mean another. So it really could go either way.

From Miya: Please text me back Aphrodite. I know you're nervous but I promise it's going to go okay.

I sighed. The text messages from Miya continued, no matter how many times I left her on read. I knew I was over exaggerating, majorly, but could you blame me? I've never met someone's parents in my entire life, and now I have to meet Ace's and Miya's and Fancy's. If you honestly think about it, I'm just afraid of not being accepted. I'm smart enough to know how I feel, even through denial and I'm not denying that I'm afraid of someone not liking anymore. I will be stronger than that, I have to be. I'm done being the scared little girl. If I'm not accepted then fuck them.

To Miya: I'm okay, I promise. I'll have my family there with me to be there with me.

From Miya: Good girl, we'll be there soon.

Smiling to myself, I put my phone down and turned the music in the car all the way up. Ace looked at me in alarm, but smiled at me as he saw my own. We'll be okay.

I was going to enjoy my life, no matter what anyone said.


Big white house, white picket fence, small front yard.

God, it was a picture perfect life.

How wrong was I.

Ace's parents were what I didn't expect. His father was a tall, fit man with midnight black hair and grey coming through the roots. Tattoos particularly covered both of his arms, that I could see through the grey tshirt he had on. His mother was the exact opposite, short, barely coming to his shoulders, with shiny blonde hair and a beautiful white lace sundress. Their daughter was running around the yard, her dirty blonde hair swooshing about as she ran around. I could tell she takes after her father as her eyes lit up mischievously everytime she looked at something.

Ace and I were the first ones to get there, which I don't particularly know why since we all left at the same time. But nonetheless, the two separate cars weren't here yet, so we knew we needed to get up there.

Ace cut the engine and raised our jointed hands to his mouth. Pressing a soft kiss to the back of my hand, she whispered, "You ready Angel?"

"As I'll ever be."

He snorted and opened his door to raise himself out of the car. I would have gotten out too, but I knew he would be upset if I didn't let him get my door for him. As he opened my door, I could hear the happy yelling of his sister saying how happy she was to meet his pretty girlfriend. It amused me to no end as my loving boyfriend blushed bright red and glared at me as I laughed under my breath.

I laced our fingers together and gave a tight squeeze as we walked up the tint walkway to their front porch. His father was definitely more imitating in person, as he towered over everyone around him. I can't imagine what it would be like to fuck someone that tall.

Jesus, Aphrodite, really?

"Oh my god you're much more beautiful than I imagined you!" Ace's mother screamed as she launched herself at me. I almost wasn't able to breathe as she tightly hugged me. The scent of roses filled my senses as she pulled away. Once I saw her close up, I could see where Ace got his baby blue eyes from. They sparkled as they looked me over.

"Oh my baby girl, Debbie and Ace were right, you are magnificently beautiful." She gave me a bright smile as a blush filtered my face.

She suddenly gasped and backed away from me. "I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Layla and this is my husband Rylee and my daughter Samantha."

"Don't forget about me now!" A voice called from inside the house.

Ace laughed beside me. "No one could forget Irina."


That voice, it sounded just like...

The front door opened and standing there, was the person who tormented me for so long at the orphanage and school. The one who hated me. The one who made me want to kill myself for days on end.



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