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The Dinner Pt. 2

"so many people have told me that I need to open up,

but not a single person understand that every time

i pry apart my rip cage, releasing all the butterflies

that have been hiding there for years,

people are too busy swatting them away

to realize what I have done for them."



The girl who made my life a living hell.

Is here.

At my fucking boyfriends house.

"Aphrodite..." Irina said slowly. Her baby blue eyes widening, almost making her look innocent.

Like this bitch was fucking innocent.

I could feel the anger rise beneath my skin, feeling as if my blood was lava; boiling just enough to make my hands shake. She make my life hell. She ruined me. Whoever the hell she was to Ace, she would always be nothing to her. I was a nice person, I respected people, but when she pushed me to the point of wanting to kill myself, enough was enough.

Irina took a step toward me and a swiftly backed up a few steps.


She flinched as if I hurt her, visibly in pain. She smoothed down her perfectly straight hair and cleared her throat. Eyes to the ground, she spoke softly.

"I'm sorry Aphrodite."




"You're fucking insane Irina if you think I would ever accept your apology! All I wanted was friends! That's all! All I wanted was to be loved and you ruined that!" I should feel embarrassed for screaming at her in front of Ace's family, but I felt nothing. Nothing but rage.

"I was jealous!" She cried, the tears running down her face. She quickly wiped them off while smudging her makeup in the process. "You don't understand Aphrodite."

"Then make me understand! Make me understand how when I grew up in a place that was my only home, you make it hell! You make everyone go against me! Put false accusations on me and humiliate me in front of the whole school! You ruined who I was Irina. I even cut myself because I figured nothing could hurt worse than your words."

The last part was whispered, finally coming to my attention that I didn't have enough fight for this. I've fought my whole life trying to be the person I wanted to be. I didn't need this. I could obviously tell that Irina was a part of Ace's family, much to my displeasure. But what could I do? I wasn't going to blame anyone, it was life. I knew I would see her eventually. No matter what anyone said, this world was small and you will see people from your past.

She opened her mouth to say something, probably to defend herself, but I held my hand up to make her stop. "Irina, I was never forgive you for what you did," I whispered. "But I will say that this conversation needs to be in private when theres no one around. I already embarrassed myself in front of my boyfriends family and I don't intend to keep doing it."

She blinked a few times, obviously suprised by how I acted. I would have submitted to her yelling at the first word she uttered. But not now, I'm not going to submit to someone who loves to make other people's lives hell. She eventually nodded and looked away.

The silence trudged on, making me uncomfortable. I looked to the left of me to see Layla with an angry face on, staring right at me. I flinched back at the obvious anger on her face and backed up more till I was against the railing of the porch. A blush colored her cheeks and she cleared her throat.

"Aphrodite, sweetheart...I'm so sorry for what Irina has done."

"What?" I gasped.

Tears gathered in her eyes as she took a deep breath. "I didn't know the girl she tormented was you Aphrodite. All I knew was the girls first name and I never thought it would be you."

"What are you talking about?" I whispered.

"My brother, Josh, adopted Irina about the age around thirteen I believe." Rylee, Ace's father started to talk, much to my surprise. "They came here and we were shocked to see that they had a teen girl with them. Knowing them, I knew that they would have her taken away eventually. My brother is a good person, but his wife is not, and that makes him toxic to everyone around him.

"Ace and Irina immediately hit it off, like natural siblings. She would come over everyday and just hang out with us. But she was different, snobby and rude to the point where I almost smacked her myself. And I would never hit a woman, nonetheless a child. Josh and his wife put her through counseling, but nothing helped."

I heard Irina choke on a sob, making a sad feeling rise in my chest, but I smashed it down. I can't feel pity for here, not yet.

Rylee took a deep breath and ran his hand through his salt and pepper hair. You could see the lines of stress on his face if you looked real closely, making him look years older than he did. "She became worse and eventually Josh took Irina back to the orphanage, but Layla and I adopted her as soon as the papers were sighed that she was legally no longer Josh's. I couldn't leave this poor innocent child in this orphanage any longer than she needed to be.

"So we came home, made her a home, gave her a life. She was still the same but eventually got better. She still went through counseling, and after a long time, finally told her story. Brought everyone into the little room, and told everyone about you. About the strong little girl that she envied her whole life. One she made feel like there was nothing to herself and everyone around her. I was so disappointed in her, I still am. Who could be that hateful to someone that was as sweet and innocent as she described?"

"We tried to find you." Layla whispered, reaching out to clutch my hand. "But we couldn't, and it killed us."

"I know you don't want to hear it Aphrodite, but she is a different person."

I didn't have enough time to reply to what Ace said, when two cars pulled into the driveway and Miya sprinted out of the car.

This would be fun.

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