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The Coffee Shop

"Today I want you to think about all that you are instead of all that you are not." ~Unknown.

When I would walk around town where I lived, everyone would stare. Everyone would notice you. It was such a small town that everyone knew everything about you.

But here? Walking down the street is a piece of cake. You're lucky if someone even glances twice at you. That's why I love it here, I'm not noticed. All my life I've been known as the poor orphan girl with no friends or family, but here? I can be who I want.

We didn't have much in my small town. A couple McDonald's and some other fast food restaurants. Definitely not a Starbuck's. Only one Walmart. Not much honestly. But here it's completely different. All down the street, there's people everywhere. People from different religions and different cultures and different pasts. You walk past floral shops, pet stores, jewelry stores, libraries, everything you can think of.

"Hey!" I turn around to see Ace running up to me. I blush at his big smile as he runs closer to me. He's wearing faded dark grey jeans with a white t-shirt and his white Vans from yesterday. He stops, inches from me, and picks me up. I giggle as he twirls me around.

"Hi Angel." He greets me, his deep voice ringing through the air. His voice radiates through my body, giving me a warm feeling. His nickname for me gives me butterflies in my stomach and goosebumps on my arms.

He puts me down and suddenly pulls back and gives me a funny look. "Why are you out here all by yourself? Don't you have someone to show you around?"

I shake my head and sigh internally. Miya never came back out of her bedroom after the fiasco with Harriet. I'm almost positive that her and Harriet are or were together in some way, but I can't be sure. I wanted to go and talk to her to see if she was alright, but if she wanted to talk, she would.

"No. Miya and you guys are the only people I know and Miya is still in her funk after yesterday and I don't know you guys that well."

We started walking down the street filled with tourists. Looking around, I can see why people like big towns or cities in general. In cities, no one knows you unless you want them to. I'm small towns, everyone knows everything no matter if you want them to or not.

He scoffed. "Trust me when I say that when Miya and Harriet are in the same room as each other for a long period of time, they tend to fight. I have my suspicions about their friendship, but I can never be sure. Harriet is the quiet and brooding type and rarely opens up to us."

I frowned, thinking about their possible relationship. "They're complete opposites, but they seem to fit together like a puzzle piece. Their good and bad aspects kind of cancel each other out, so they're just left with themselves."

"They kind of...gravitate towards each other. I don't how else to explain it. Even if they don't want to, they always seem to be in the same room and God knows that it always ends in a disaster." He said with a grim face.

"Why are you making that face?"

He furrows his brows and looks straight ahead. "A while back, we were all hanging out at Alex's place and Harriet was dating someone at the time. Miya decided to come over and see Alex since she wasn't in college yet and didn't get to see him much. It started out fine until Miya's phone kept going off and Harriet snapped and grabbed it out of her hand and started reading the texts she was getting. Next thing you know their yelling at each other because Harriet can't stay out of her business. Harriet's girl decides to leave while they're fighting and ends up breaking up with him soon after. No one really knew what the texts where and who they were from and why Harriet's girlfriend broke up with him."

I whistle and laugh a little. "They're a disaster, aren't they?"

He was silent for a while and suddenly stopped. He turned around and looked at me with an intense gaze. "Sometimes a disaster can become something beautiful. Something so extraordinary that no one saw it coming. I believe that's what Harriet and Miya are, they just can't see it."

Too shocked to say anything, he smirked and pulled me into a store we stopped in front of. He opened the door and the bell rang above us as an aroma of coffee beans filled my nose. I groaned and licks my lips at the promise of God's perfect drink. He also groaned from the heavenly smell of coffee.

The shop consisted of small red colored booths and tables around the room. There only seemed to be one window along the side walk beside the door where the tables were. Very homey. Not many people were here but with the size of the shop, it would be considered busy.

On the far left corner of the room, there's a counter where you can order your coffee. Standing behind it was a women that seemed to be in her late 60's, wearing blue jeans and a gray sweater. Her wavy gray hair was pulled up into a bun and her blue eyes narrowed at the sight of us.

"Boy you better get your ass over here and order coffee so you aren't holdin' up my customers." The women ordered. To my shock, Ace ran behind the counter and pulled her into a hug. She chuckled hugged him back.

When they pulled apart, she looked over at me and smiled mischievously. "And who is this, my dear grandson?" Ace blushed, much to my delight, and muttered something low to his grandma. She snorted and waved a perfectly manicured hand in the air. "I don't give a flying fuck Ace Holland Jenson. If I want to embarrass your lady friend, I will. I do as I please. I don't know how many times I have to tell our damn family that."

She marched over to me and gave me a shockingly strong hug. My arms laid limp for a few moments before I hesitantly hugged her back. "Girl," The woman hugging me started, "You better give me a better hug than that or I'll just keep hugging you until you give me a proper one."

I quickly hurried to hug her back and she nodded, satisfied. She pulled back with a huge grin, the same as her grandsons. "You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, and the first girl my grandson has brought to me. What's your name girly?"

First girl? There's no way. Why would he bring me to her anyway? There's no way he can like me, even if he does. He's so...perfect and I'm so not.

She snapped her fingers in my face. "I haven't got all day sweetcheecks." She said impatiently. I shook my head to clear my negative thoughts. "Aphrodite Hemmings ma'am." I said politely.

She grinned. "Very polite." She paused. "Your momma teach you that?"

I could feel my face pale and I shook my head. "The only thing they really teach you in an orphanage is to be polite and try and get adopted."

She gave me a look of understanding, much to my confusion, and smiled a hesitant smile. "I'll have to tell you my story another time." She said softly. "But enough with the theatrics. My names Debbie, but you can call me Deb."

I nodded, happy she didn't have me explain. I knew that some people have the same life as me, one where no parents or family wants them. You try so hard to be something you're not and it kills you. It kills something in you.

That's what I did for the longest time: pretended to be someone I'm not. I'm not the type of person to be mean to people for not reason. I'm also not the type of person that is well behaved and clean cut. I'm the type of girl that is mean to someone when they are mean to me. I'm the type of girl that loves something exciting and loves to get her hands dirty.

"So my dear grandson, are you hear to order coffee and talk to your girl or just annoy me with your presence and all that talking of yours?" She paused for a moment and looked at me quickly. "You don't annoy me dear, it's my grandson that does." She send me a look that clearly said she was kidding but wanted me to go along with it.

"Grandma." Ace whined. "She isn't my girl."

She chuckled darly and sent both of us a smirk. "Yet." She said with confidence. We both blushed and looked different ways. I cleared my throat as an idea popped into my mind.

"Don't I know for sure that he doesn't shut up. He wouldn't shut up when he cooked with me and Harriet yesterday." I said with a innocent smile.

"Hey, I-" Ace started off with an expression of disbelief, but Debbie cut him off. "You got Ace and Harriet to cook? Holy shit. I should bow down to you."

I threw my head back, more comfortable than I have been in a whole, and laughed at the flabbergasted expression on her face. Still laughing, I walked to the counter and shot Ace a sweet smile.

"So, what's good here?"

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