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The Hallway

"You were never created to live depressed, defeated, guilty, condemned, ashamed, or unworthy. You were created to be victorious." ~Unknown.

I never realised how insane college was.

I walked down the hallway, well tried walking down the hallway. All the way down, was filled to the max with college students trying to either get to class or to lunch. The hallway was so loud, no one could hear me screaming to move their asses. I was going to lunch, well trying to. I was currently smashed against the wall with people surrounding me.

Bring in crowds always make me...anxious. People around a lot of people period, made me anxious. I never had any reason to actually be in huge crowds since I never really left the orphanage. I saw no reason to.

People kept smashing me against the wall, further and further. An elbow smashed into my stomach and I cried out when pain bloomed from my stomach. The pain suddenly lessened and I sank to the ground. I leaned my head back against the wall and closed my eyes, taking deep breaths and trying to forget about the throbbing pain.

The loud voices from the hallway started to lessen, until there was none. A hand gently cupped my face, so tenderly it brought tears behind my closed eyelids. "Hey..." A familiar voice whispered, "Are you okay honey?"

My eyes fluttered open, making the few tears drop down my face. Through my blurring vision from the tears, I could make out that it was the guy that was sitting with Raggedy Andy. His brown eyes held some sort of emotion I couldn't figure out, but I could tell he was kind. Not like his asshole of a friend

He gently smiled and wiped the tears from my eyes. "Are you okay?" He repeated.

I opened my mouth to, no doubt, give a pathetic answer of how I was fine and smile like everything was okay. I always did that my whole life, smile like I wasn't upset or hurting inside. Everyone always says it's better to get help and talk. But what they don't say is how fucking hard it is to actually try and talk; to form the words that describe how you're feeling. We can never really do that, can we? When we are so deep in our depression that we feel like no words can express how we're feeling.

Like now.

I tried to say something but a croak just comes out of my mouth, making me grind my teeth. Why can't I just grow the fuck up and speak?

"Mason Coleman." A voice boomed.

Mine and Mason's heads turned to where the voice came from, making me groan. Standing there in all his glory, was Fancy himself with the gang behind him.

With that fucking smirk on his face.

"This is very interesting if I do say so myself."

"No one asked you Brock." Mason spat. Fancy's eyes lit up in amusement, making his smirk turn into a huge grin. "Good to know I get a reaction out of you." He purred. My mouth dropped open, as did everyone else's.

Was Alex Brock, the man whore or campus, flirting with Mason?

Damn, get that dick Fancy.

Mason shot up and marched up to Fancy and grabbed his arm. Fancy went willingly, with his smirk back on his face. "We need to talk. Now." Mason said venomously.

He dragged Fancy down the hall to God knows where. We all stared at where they disappeared at for a while before Miya appeared in front of me.

Her eyes scanned me for any sign of injuries, not that she would find any. She stopped at where my hand was clutching the middle of my stomach and her eyes furrowed. Her arm shot out and moved my arm out of the way so she could lift my shirt.

She almost got to where, no doubt, the bruise was forming when I caught her wrist. I gave her a flirty smile and cocked my head. "I mean if you wanted me to take off my shirt, all you had to do was ask." She rolled her eyes and her hand started playing with the hem of my shirt. "I mean," She started, "If we really want to get technical, I could just do it myself without asking."

My grin grew as I caught on to what she was doing. My hand started skimming up hers and I shot her a smirk. I opened my mouth and was interrupted by Ace.

"Okay! Okay! Okay! Just stop. As much as I like this, it's too innocent for my Aphrodite." He walked toward Miya and I and took my hand out of hers to hold it in his own. He shooed her out of the way and crouched down to where she was before.

"What happened, love?" His voice soft and warm, making me feeling tingles all over my body. I couldn't really comprehend to what he was saying because I was still stuck on the 'my Aphrodite' part. That was supposed to mean something, isn't it? Or maybe I'm just reading into this wrong. Maybe he meant it as just friends.


A finger lightly swept across my cheek, making my eyes shoot to Ace's. His normal smile was turned into a frown and his usually joyful eyes held concern. "Come on babe, let's go get lunch and I'll look at your stomach later." His deep voice lulled all the depressing thoughts out of my head, it even took away some of the pain from my stomach.

I gave him a small smile, which seemed to be enough for him because his eyes lit up and his frown turned into a smile that made my heart flutter.

Oh boy was I in trouble.

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