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The Classroom

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness."

Alex POV

No words can express how happy I am right now. I've waited so long for him to come back, and he's finally here.

Mason pulled me down the hallway, and into an empty classroom before I could utter a word. He slammed the door shut and turned on the light. He pushed me against the wall, caging me in, with my body between his hands.

"What do you think you're doing?" He demanded through gritted teeth. His jaw clenched and his eyes flared with anger.

I rose to my full height, towering over him. His eyes widened and he gulped. I gave him a slow smirk and took a a step forward, which caused him to take a step back. I quickly switched our positions, so his back was against the wall with my arms caging him in. I leaned down, so my nose lightly trailing up and down his neck.

"Did you forget that I'm the one that's always in charge, baby?" I murmured against his neck. I could feel his breath hitch and goosebumps rise on his skin. I started to kiss his neck, sometimes. biting and sucking on his skin.

"But did you forget that we're not together anymore?" He retorted weakly. I stopped my assault on his neck and lifted my head. I took a deep breath and leaned my forehead on his.

"That wasn't my choice." I whispered while staring into his eyes. My mask fell away from my face as soon as we stepped into the classroom. I never had to be a different person with him, never had to be who I was with everyone else. He just...understood me.

"I had to." He whispered back. His eyes filled with tears, as did mine. "You don't understand how much I missed you Alex. But I had to end things with you. My father..."

I pushed off the wall with my hands and took a few steps away from him. "So, you're saying that there isn't any hope for us? That we can't ever be together because of your father? Do you realize how fucking terrified I was to tell my dad that I was bisexual? I did that for you! So we could be together! I don't care if I don't get the business handed down to me, I just care about you! God, do you even want to be with me?"

I didn't realize I was screaming until I stopped talking and there was ringing in my ears. Tears were steaming down his face and he had his hand over his mouth. "You think...you think I don't want to be with you?" He sounded so.. broken. "Alex, I am in love with you. I have been in love with you since I first met you. I told my father that I was gay once I broke up with you. He told me to never come back to his house and that he didn't want a faggot son." He laughed humorously and wiped his tears. "You probably slept with someone as soon as we broke up. God knows I never gave it up."

He was looking down at the ground with his hands covering his face. All the anger deflated out of me as I slowly walked toward him and took his hands away from his face. I cupped both of his cheeks with my hands and made him look at me. "Ever since I met you at the first day of school last year, I had to make you mine. I've never been attracted to boys, ever, but seeing you...it was like a new door opened. But the only person behind that door is you. I've never even looked at another person since I met you. Never believe that I don't ever love you because you are it for me. I love you."

"What about sex?"

I gave him a small smirk, not my usual one, but one that only he has ever seen. "I have a hand baby." I ran my hand that was on the side off his face, down his body to his hip where it stayed. "I will wait for you." I pulled him closer and ghosted my lips over his. He whimpered and tried to draw me closer, but I held him still.

"Please." He knew what that did to me.

"Please." My control was slipping.

"Please." He whispered.

I took both of his hands and held them on the wall in a tight grip and slammed my mouth down on his. He gasped, allowing me to slide my tongue into his mouth.

The door opened with a bang against wall. I stopped kissing Mason and dropped his arms from where I was holding them, but still kept close to him. I slipped my mask back on, with my signature smirk, while Mason bit his lip and blushed.

So cute.

In the doorway stood my sister in all her glory. She had her hands on her hips with a annoyed look on her face. With a huff, she said, "Now, are you guys done kissing and making up because lunch is almost over and I know how cranky my brother gets if he doesn't get something to eat." She paused and a small smirk slid to her face. "Unless...he was going to get something to eat and I interrupted. Damn, sorry big brother. Carry on." She waved her hand in the air and walked out, closing the door behind her.

"Was she...was she implying that you were going to eat..." Mason had a horrified look on his face, finally figuring out what my little sister meant. I threw my head back and laughed at his face. I bent down and kiss his cheek.

"How does she know about us?" I thought for a moment, wondering how she knew. "Honestly? I don't know. I'll have to ask her later" I replied with little care. I don't care who knew about us. Hell, I wanted everyone to know.

I grabbed his hand and started to pull him toward the door. "Come on baby, let's go get lunch and we'll finish our...conversation later." I paused with my hand on the door knob and turned to Mason. "Do you want to do this?"

His brown eyes sparkled, making him even more beautiful than he already was. His purple hair was all messy and tucked in behind in ears, letting his black gauges be seen. He squeezed my hand and gave me a blinding smile. "I've never been more ready in my entire life."

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