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The Jealousy

"If you want to change, you have to invite chaos."

After everything in the hallway, Ace led all of us to the lunch room and took us to a lunch table in the corner of the room. The lunch room was a normal one at best: you walked in and people were everywhere with their friends, sitting at circle tables and table with chairs build in to the tables.

When we walked in, all eyes were on us. Especially Ace. Ace looked bashful under all the gazes but waved at everyone that said hi nonetheless. I'm suprised that the star quarterback looked shy of all things.

I went to school with egotistical jocks, but who didn't? They loved the attention, the fame. They would do anything for the attention. They were so full of themselves and thought that people owed them, life owed them.

"Angel!" I snapped my head up and almost wacked Ace in the face since his was an inch from mine. He got out of the way just in time and steadied both of us by putting his hands on my shoulders. He gave a short laugh and smiled down at me, making my heart flutter. "Go sit down and I'll get all of us some food." He gave me a small kiss on the cheek and lingered there for a few more seconds, then left.

I brought my hand up to my face, where he kissed, and watched him walk away. I bit my lip and giggled softly.

I'm happy.

"Come on Aphrodite! Stop staring at his ass!" Miya yelled from the table a few feet away. Ace whipped around and smirked at me and I blushed under everyone's gaze. Key word, everyone. I put my head down so my hair fell down my face and hurried to where Miya and Harriet were sitting. I glared at the innocent look on her face from across the table.

"Really?" I huffed, not necessarily annoyed but very embarrassed. She sent me a wink and wiggled her fingers in my face from the other side of the table. I smacked her hand away and stuck my tongue out at her. She laughed, but suddenly stopped. I gave her a confused look but she glared at something behind me. I was about to turn around when a body slid into the seat beside me. I turned to give Ace a smile, but it suddenly washed away from who was sitting beside me.

Raggedy Andy.

He gave me a mocking smile and leaned his head on his arm that was propped up by his elbow on the table. "How are you doing after class, Angel?"

Anger flared inside me at the nickname he used. That wasn't his. How dare he?

Fuck nut was ripped out of his seat by a hand on the back of his shirt. His face formed in panic when he was suddenly shoved onto the table, making him fall on his back. Ace held him down with one hand on his chest and the other in a fist at his side.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, talking to my girl like that?" Ace yelled, his whole face red from anger. Despite the situation, my stomach filled with butterflies while Miya squealed from her seat. My head shot to her, seeing Harriet hugging her from behind away from the table. If I wasn't so distracted, I would have questioning her but that can wait till later.

"Dude I was just talking to her! Chill Ace!" Raggedy Andy yelled. He tried to get up but Ace pushed him back down, making his head bang off the table. He grunted and swore.

"You know better Kyle! You know not to hit on other guys' girls! Dude, other guys have fucking knocked you out because you hit on their girls! Do you have any common sense?" Ace was screaming at Kyle, making him look frightening. But hot...definitely hot.

I need help.

Unfamiliar guys started grouping up behind Ace. I began to panic, thinking that they were on Kyle's side but they were all glaring at Kyle. "Fuck all of you guys! She's not even his girl!" He yelled.

"Yes I am." I replied, in a nervous voice. All eyes swung to me, making me blush. Everyone in the cafeteria was looking at us, well, me actually.

"What?" Kyle demanded. His voice was one of anger and disgust. A boost of confidence sprunt in me, making my back straighten. "I am with Ace." I said slowly, just so a dumbass like him comprehend what I was saying.

I looked at Ace quickly and saw his smiling in satisfaction. He sent a smirk Kyle's way. "Is that enough proof for you?" Kyle sent a glare my way that brought shivers down my spine. He brought himself up and pushed Ace. Ace didn't even move, but he had that satisfied smile still on his face. Kyle walked pass Ace and shoulder checked him and rammed through all the guys behind Ace.

"Thanks guys." Ace thanked the guys behind him and bro hugged a few of them. "See you at practice."

He turned to me and slowly walked toward me. He stopped in front of me, making me look up at him. He scanned my face intently. I ducked my head, but he grabbed my chin and and made me look at him. My lips parted at the intense look in his eyes. His blue eyes were shining with adoration.

"So you're my girl, huh?" He whispered. I bit my lip and squirmed. "I-I mean if you w-want me to be." I stuttered. He crouched down in front of me and let go of my chin to run his hand through my hair. "I always want you to be."

I giggled and his face lit up at the sound. I nodded and he gave me a blinding smile. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and leaned back. He nodded toward the table. "I got us lunch, but it's probably cold."

I waved my hand in the air, not caring. "It's okay, I'll eat it anyway." He winked at me and stood up to sit next to me. I turned and leaned forward on the table.

"So Harriet..." Ace started, "You might want to let to of your girl before Fancy gets back from talking to Mason." I looked over at Miya and Harriet and they seemed pretty comfortable. Miya was leaning back against Harriet while he had his arms wrapped around her waist from behind. His chin was sitting on her shoulder and he gave a millimeter smile to Ace. "I think I'll stay right where I am." He replied.

Miya paled and wiggled out of Harriet's grip. "Nope." She said.

Harriet let her go and sighed. "Why?"

"Go to your hookup Harriet. I'm going to find my brother. God knows someone is going to tell him that we were all hugged up in the cafeteria." She ran out before anyone could say anything to her. I frowned towards the direction she ran and looked at Harriet. His jaw was clenched and you could just feel the anger rolling off of him.

He closed his eyes and breathed in and out for a few moments, before opening them and sitting across from me and Ace. "God, she doesn't know how much I want her...how much I need her. She's the only good thing in my life and she doesn't even know that the hookup was a lie." He murmured to himself.

"Wait the hookup was a lie?" I almost screamed at him from the stupidity. How dumb can he be? He doesn't know how heartbroken I was to hear Miya's cries from her room or the broken look on her face.

He stiffened and his face was wiped of any emotion. "Nothing...just, nothing." He said in a hard voice. I lifted my hands up and surrender. "Fine, but you're going to have to tell her soon. You have absolutely no clue how fucking heartbroken she was."

He just stared at me for a moment. "Your wild side really comes out when you protect your friends, doesn't it?"

"Fuck you." I spat. He smirked in response and got up to leave. Miya walked in with a triumphant smile on her face and skipped to her seat. We all gave her a confused look and she smiled even bigger if it was possible. "You'll see." Is all she said.

The cafeteria suddenly went quiet and everyone looked to the cafeteria doors. There, stood Mason and Fancy holding hands. You could just feel the disdain coming off of every girl in the room. Fancy was smiling widely while Mason was almost hiding behind him, blushing. Miya started to wolf whistle, which brought Ace and Harriet to join. I laughed at them and grinned at the boys at the door.

Fancy dragged Mason to us and sat beside Miya. We all just grinned like idiots at them. "So guys you all know Mason, but everyone, this is my boyfriend Mason." And said boyfriend, just hid his face and Fancy's neck.

"So, what'd we miss?" Fancy said, leaving back in his seat while wrapping his arm around Mason.

"Jealousy." Was everyone's response.

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