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His Sweet Back

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Eshal, the tiny asian girl with white glasses on her eyes. Everybody think that she is a nerd. But they wrong, this is the way to hide her real identity for her past. That is why she has been move to another school till 3 times for past 2 years. She hopes this is the last time she moves to school, and finish her senior term with a peace. Unfortunately, it's not as smooth as like her wish. So many things happen that she has to keep her secret life from others, in order to keep stay in the Cooper high school. Moreover when she meets with Eros, the boy who such a like a gold for Cooper and the people from there. He is so perfect in look, but worst in attitude. he and his best friends look like a vogue model. they are too famous as if walking in the flowering road. Even people from no where also know them. Eros seems often to turn off the face from Eshal. it's make her annoyed and accidentally slowly opening the true of her indentity to him. But at the some moment they both realize that they also have the things to keep secret. So many things happen slowly attack both of them and need to get a help of each other to stay safe. What the things that make them must to keep their secret safe ? What happens that finally make them to decide help each other ? Join the journey of Eshal and Eros in His Sweet Back, and feel the adrenaline. Enjoy to read 🥰

Romance / Thriller
Sister Didi
Age Rating:

My Stupid show in first day school

This morning was the morning I had prepared since three months ago. Although this is my third times to moved school in the last two years, I'm still nervous. This time I will not be again messed up. I hope Cooper High School is the last school where I could finish my senior term with peace.

Texas is the biggest hope of my Mom that make us can live better. Again, she always become the person who takes a lot of sacrifice because I'm always messing up everything. She has also changed the job every time we move.

"Esh .. your breakfast is ready !!", My Mom shouts right in front of my room.

"Okay Mom, i'll be there soon. I'm still organizing my books," i shout back.

I'm inserting the books, stationery, and the school map into my bag. Oh yeah, I have to get to school as early as possible to find my morning class, English literature. Fortunately the officer gave this school's map for make it easy to find my class. I dont want to be the fools who end up being a late in her first day school.

"Esh .. get in here right now !!! .. you'll be late !!!", My Mom shout again while knocking off my door.

"Wait Mom, I'm binding this silly hair !!!", i reply with struggle of my lion hair.

I always run out of mind to take care of my sucks hair. Sometimes I wonder with the girls who like their hair and even spend much money just to take care of it. I decided to bind partially of my hair up and let the rest free. I took the white glasses that i bought a week ago. Yepp, this glasses will be my new indentity. Brown Shirt and straight leg jeans become first costume of my first day school. Looking my appearance is really "invisible", that is absolutely great.

"Hufft, Everything's Ready, today I will not make any problems", i mumble in front of a mirror.

"Esh ... you look so invisible ..", My mom laugh.

"Yeah yeah .. I know if I look like a nerd who has a lot of ticks in her hair. This time I will not fail to hide my charming", i giggle.

"Well ... good luck honey, I hope you won't make my heart go limp on your first day of school," while kissing my forehead and hugging me.

"Don't worry Mom, i'll do my best. I will also be more active in practicing English so that I can take lessons more easily". I returned his hug while kissing her soft cheeks back.

The last year I spent my time learning English, so I could communicate easily while staying here. I was amazed by my ability to quickly understand a new language even though I had learned English since kindergarten. The English I learned at school in india or indonesia was certainly very different from the English that Texas locals normally use.


As I said, this school is huge. I'm worried that i will still be late in my first class, though i have school's map in my hand. The coater gate is very high with the nuts of white paint. Some securities stands while sold the signs of the signs of the signs of the signs of the signs of the signs of the signs of the signs of the signs of the signs of the signs of the square are in the holy fields of the golf and the shades of flowers adorn the cooper page clearly show that Cooper High School is an elite school. Green grass like carpets have been full of many students who are ation with his busy life. Looks many of them busy with their laptops and smartphones. Some busy flush over the book, and some of the gratings are clinging the wait for the bells to release.

The Cooper's gate is very high with the nuts of white paint. Some Securities are standing while greeting the students who came in. I'm amazed with the wide yard which is like a golf course. The trees, plants and various flowers adorned the Cooper's yard, clearly showed that Cooper High School is an elite school.

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