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I. Encounter

I was livid.

This was exactly what I’d known was going to happen when things got a little quiet, because it was exactly what happened the countless times before. Grayson would get bored, run off on another so called ‘business trip’, and then he’d get all James Bond when the reporters showed up.

Fucking twat. If I ever got my hands on him...

Not even two steps in the airport terminal, I felt vibrations in my back pocket. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I reluctantly took one seething look at the screen only to sharply growl and punch down at the reject button a moment later. Unknown Number. Apparantly the action had been so violent, that I’d startled a little girl into dropping her Yazoo. I would’ve no doubt mourned with her, but being late already, it was the last of my concerns. That being said, as I made my way towards the arrivals zone, I couldn’t help but crave a banana milkshake. Running a hand through my wavy, chocolate brown hair I made a side note to grab one later.

Coming to a stop, I came face to face with my next hurdle; the bubbling mass of six or so giants dressed in coal-black suits, sharp enough to amplify the indimidation that rolled off them. The group alone seemed to take half the space - given people watched in curiosity. Some big name probably. The fact that there could’ve been more than the six didn’t help either. It wasn’t like I could willingly grow another foot or two either. What were they- gangsters? Grinding my teeth, I forcefully slid my way through - or well attempted - until they parted on their own. Seven. Eight. I could’ve sworn I heard a light chuckle from a few of them, but I was too busy scanning the arrivals of the new flight in my frenzy.

It was then I caught his eyes. There was only one word to describe the sun-kissed Spanish stranger - surreal. His eyes were a cloudy grey with gold flecks, glinting with a frigidity that sent a chill down my spine. His lips, full yet pursed into a thin line and eyerows furrowed as he inspected something behind me. His prominent jaw curved gracefully and faint muscles peeked from underneath his warm, coffee turtleneck, perfect for the coming winter. He was an Adonis among the other men who each pale in comparison.

For a brief moment, a rush of disorienting flashes hit me. A familiar, yet childish laugh. Then I stood still, frozen. What was that?

But the daze subsided as soon as I spotted a suspicious looking figure conspicuously attempting to hide behind him - emphasis on ’attempting’. His sleeves were scruffily rolled up, the inked dragon on his left forearm visible from a mile away. If that didn’t give him away, his lanky height did. Although his wintery-white hoodie covered his soft brown curls, typically quiffed on a hot day, he stood tall, reaching the same six feet the foreiger did. The black stud in his right ear was new though.

By the soft cursing I picked up only a moment ago - paired with the spontaneous ducking - it appeared that Grayson was, in no way, expecting me to show up. The idiot had meticulously boarded an earlier flight - four hours to be exact - to throw me off. Yet. All in vain. I knew his tricks by now. Well... That and I was close to publicist - the poor girl was all too willing to let me loose in him.

“You!” I growled, drawing the foreigner’s startled eyes back on me. I stalked forward as he came to a stop, completely unaware of the group of hoodlums behind me following suit. I crossed my arms, coming to a stop a metre away. Any further and I reckoned his ‘guards’ - from what I’d gathered - wouldn’t just sit still and watch.

“W-welcome back Sir...” One of them greeted the man - noticibly unsure of whether I knew him - before swiftly taking his metallic suitcase. “Your father has sent a car for you. We’ll escort you there.”

However, the other made no move to acknowledge him. Instead, I felt a purplexed gaze fixated on me, studying my every feature. As if he were deep in thought, attempting to solve a riddle.

“Do I know you?” his deep voice resonated, clear as day even in the chaotic ambience of the terminal. It was a lulling vibration.

Completely disregarding the stranger, I now glowered at Gray’s snowbound trainers. “Come out while I’m being nice...” My tone grew menacing as I caught him duck even further.

“I’m sorry but-” The stranger spoke again, before his words were cut off by me reaching behind him.

In the next few seconds, many things happened.

“You. Come here,” Gray yelped, being dragged out from his hiding place - all the while attempting to save his ear from my tight grip. “You’re dead.”

“Ah! Wait, wait, wait, wait-”

“Do you know how much stress I went through because of YOU?!”

“Ow. Ow. Ow. Wait, listen-”

He swiftly broke free, rushing to take the baffled foreigner - the closest thing to him - as a human shield.

“Get back here!”

“Woah, woah, woah…” The stranger held his hands up - attempting and failing to calm the situation down - while round and round we went. I probably seemed like a murderous lunatic at this point. Meanwhile, Gray flinched away from my arms vicously snapping towards him, thoroughly using the stiffened foreigner as a barrier.

Standing at five feet seven, I wasn’t really short myself. However, with the towering males around me, there was only so much I could do.

“My phone got flooded with so many calls from reporters, that I couldn’t even turn it on half the time!” The guards grew flustered, struggling to find ways to help. “Did you think I was so willing to look out for you?!” I clenched my jaw, finally spotting a chance to twist his ear again. “Come here!”

“Excuse me. Miss.” The foreigner cut off my path again, this time cold. “Let’s all calm down here-”


Flinching, he moved to break us apart again, bending to Gray’s pleas of help. “Look. I don’t know what’s going on, but I think it would be better to talk it ove-”

Cutting him off, I gritted my teeth, eyes hard-rimmed and murderous. “If you don’t know, then move!”

“Right. Sure.”

Gray desperately clutched to his human shield before he could slide out of the way. “Don’t just move because she said so! A person’s life is at stake here!”

Round and round we went again.

But this time the turtleneck guy had given up on even trying. Clearly, the scowls at the flustered guards did little to solve the issue.

“Little sis, can we just talk first? Calmly-” Gray nervously chuckled, as I stopped dead again. “Violence is not a good thing!”

“Until when are you gonna use my name? Tell me! Actually, while we’re at it, why don’t we just reveal your identity here?” I did a 180, cupping my hands to make an announcement. “Can I please have everyone’s attention!” If the entirety of the terminal hadn’t noticed the situation before, they sure did now. “This person right here, in the hoodie, is anonymous writer, Ob-”

“El! Oh my god-” My mouth was suddenly muffled by Gray’s hand, his other attempting to wave off the situation and apologise to the watching audience. “I’m sorry for the disturbance. You see, my si- Ow.” With nervous laughter, he attempted to ignore my attempts to bite his hand. “My sister- She has a problem. Here.”

This son of a bitch.

I slapped his hand away from my head, before continuing to assualt him. Why was he such a fucking rock!

Ignoring my muffled shouts and glares, he fake-cried. “Ah, poor girl! Come, your brother will take you to the hospital. Let’s go-” And with that, he was already dragging me off, readjusting his backback as we went.

Behind me, a soft chuckle sounded, before the same head guard spoke again, unaccountable exhuastion underlying his words. “Sir, are you alright?”

“I’m fine” A pause later. “Are you sure you’re a Sargent...?”

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