Genie in a Wine Bottle

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Sheila had a story, a story to tell of why she was trapped in a wine bottle for decades of years. Michael had a case, a case to solve to potentially put all the serial killings to rest. Their worlds were miles apart, yet there was something about this situation that brought them together. The only issue was that Sheila and Michael couldn't be together. In the midst of the chaos in the town they find a little sanctuary within each other, only when Shiela's time is up, can Michael find a reason for her to stay?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

“No, no no!” I stared in shock as he picked at the stone on the bottle. You don’t do that, you just don’t. The stone is sacred.

“What is he doing?” I asked out loud turning to the reflective mirror, “he’s picking at my doorbell.” I told myself, talking to myself was getting ridiculously common. I should see the doctor. I frowned, I really didn’t like people doing that, just because there was shiny stone on the bottle, it didn’t mean you could help yourself for the jewel. Please respect the sacred doorbell.

I wasn’t worried that he was going to pluck the stone and sell it, because they can’t, the jewel would never fall off, but it was the screeching sound every time he tried picking at it, and I knew what happened when they couldn’t get it. They’d try throwing it and breaking the bottle to get the emerald, but the bottle, will never break.

I sighed staring at him through the bottle, well, things could be worse. He might try calling for me, even though it’s been a few years, decades, maybe even centuries since someone has done that. Maybe I wasn’t popular anymore…well that was sad to know.

I crossed my legs sitting down, resting elbow resting on her knee and then my chin resting on my palm sighing, this was shitty.I watched the blue eye stranger still pick at it, damn he was persistent.

“Maybe if he calls for me I could grant him a new brain.”

I noticed the change in his face and expressions, it went from ‘awe’ to ‘annoyance’ as he flung the bottle across the road, oh no. My whole head spun, everything on my walls falling down, bastard, before I hit something hard, the sound vibrating off my walls like a doorbell and it slammed into the wet concrete. Oh great.

I could see the edge of the bottle stuck into the wet cement, if someone didn’t get me then the cement was going to harden around the bottle and who knew what that was going to make. I was also aware that I was on the pavement, which meant anyone could see this bottle and that was bad news.

“Hey Jerk! Come get me,” I stood up yelling at the man that seemed so far away across the road. Just because I was a genie in a bottle, didn’t mean I had no feeling.Because I did, I had a whole lot of them that have been locked up inside with me for years and years and year and well, you get it. A very long time.

Someone needs to release me. I looked at the mess this caused and decided I would just leave it till I get disposed into a place that won’t be disturbed for a long time. I really liked being in that garage of Joe’s that was thirty years of peace and sleep. Why did he have to move houses and chuck all his ‘junk’ out, I was so not junk.

Maybe he forgot about me. But how could he.

I sighed, well, I was very forgettable. I was in a bottle wasn’t I?

I relaxed against the wall stretching my legs out watching the bright lights pass me, the rows and rows of cars. I wonder what they were doing, where they were going. I bet they were going home to their families.

Families, what a strange term. But I guess it must be amazing to go home to other people you could speak to.

You can speak to me

No, speaking to my reflection doesn’t count. Even though she was way prettier than me.

Just as I was about to get comfortable and rest I felt myself being moved, “Oh no.” I held onto the side of the wall looking up.

“Oh my gosh Jen look what this is!” No no no, not more drunk people trying to get the stone.

“No its an empty wine bottle, ew don’t touch it.” Another voice said.

“No this is a Pessac-Léognan appellation, ranked among the Premiers Crus for red wine in the Classification of Graves wine of 1959. It is the oldest wine estate in Bordeaux! The bottle would be worth so much.”

I smiled, I was worth something.

“You know what we should do, fill it up with wine from our house and sell it.”

Wait, no, don’t do that. Why the hell would you do that? Greedy humans. They always want money. Why don’t you take me and put me in a nice quiet area in our house and maybe just maybe I’ll give you a bonus wish. I don’t usually do that but I really wanted another century of not moving.

So I could hang up my pictures again.

I watched as they shoved in a terrible baby yellow handbag and they giggled rushing off to their apartment. Man I really hoped they didn’t try to fill the bottle with wine. I would hate to drink it all. then again I better create a protective layer so it won’t drown everything I like.


I turned around looking through the other things in the bag, it was dark but I could make out everything, lipsticks, so many, coins, eww, was that half eaten banana? I could smell it form my bottle.I tilted my head seeing a ID, “Meredith.” That was her name.

Well, that was a nice name. So Meredith, how about you don’t fill me up with wine and sell me. But of course I grant everyone else’s wishes but I couldn’t grant my own. Before I knew it I was pulled out again in bright light and I had to shut my eyes, even though the bottle provided with natural tinting some light still got through.

“Dude your dad is home.”

“Shit if he finds this he is going to kill me.”

Ah, underage teenagers, “I thought you said he had work!”

“He does, he must be leaving, quick, give me the bottle.” I was handed over, gently a least, “I’ll leave it outside the apartment and once he’s gone we can fill it up and put it on eBay.

I shook my head, naughty little kids. “Okay, good idea, act sober.” I was placed, upright at least as I watched the two girls fix themselves up before taking out the keys to get in. I sighed shaking my head and sat down again resting myself against the wall of the bottle and stretching my legs, crossing my ankles.

Let’s hope her dad doesn’t leave for a long time and I can just sit here and sleep. I really did want to sleep, this whole day was tiring. Being chucked out of Joe’s house by his stupid grand daughter calling me junk, and then finding myself in a truck, then a dog taking me to a dirty kennel I shuddered, I still could smell the animal’s saliva before being thrown out by the keeper and rolling my way through town to the drunk man to here.

It was a very eventful, distracting and a headache causing day.

But once again, none of my wishes ever came through, the next thing I knew I was being picked up again.

What the hell?

“What the hell is this?” Someone said, like my thoughts were read. I looked up trying to see the rest of the human. I heard the unlocking of a door, oh no, don’t take me inside your home.

Wait no, yes do please do, place me in a nice warm area, preferably under the ducted heating if you had one but away from spiders I hated it when spiders found their way in.

It was like world war four.

The door locked shut and I looked in the mirror patting down my wild black hair, first impressions count. I would be the best and kindest genie ever and he might want to keep me in a nice warm spot.

I turned back around as I was placed on a table and watched the back of the human disappear into a room, but return shortly after with folders. What’s in those folders.

I looked at the man, a head of thick brown hair, curious grey eyes watching me, or the bottle but it felt like he was looking through at me, like he knew I was there which was unsettling. Stop with that gaze.

He grabbed a chair pulling it over, “What is this?” his eyes were a bit dazed, ah, he was another drunk. Or close enough.

He picked it up and I placed a hand on the wall balancing myself, he brought it closer to his grey eyes and I leaned forward, “Whoa, youhave pretty eyes.” He pulled back, like he heard me, but that was impossible.

“Why is the C a different colour?”

I froze, oh no. The last person to notice that was Joe, and it was so small no one should notice it. He lifted his thumb up and my mouth opened, “no don’t do it young man, don’t do it.”

He did it. He wiped the C, like he was expecting the colour to change, it didn’t change. It wouldn’t. But everything around me started to turn like a tornado.

The feel was amazing, in my bones, the warmth in my heart It had been so long since someone had rubbed me the right way. But I also hated this part because I did get travel sickness.

“Don’t throw up Sheils, don’t do it.” that would not be a nice first impression. He placed me back on the table and walked into the kitchen as I contained my scream as something flew at me. Stupid pictures, why can’t you just stay on the wall?

The tornado lifted me closer to the neck of the bottle, here it was, my big entrance.

Why wasn’t I wearing my nice dress today? Before I knew it, with a little ‘pop’ I shot out of the opening and coughed landing on my feet, not so elegantly knocking something over.

“Well, I need to improve my entrances.”

I looked up as I heard footsteps and the human came into view, his grey eyes wide and his mouth slightly agape,“Who the hell are you, and why are you in my house?” he reached for something and then swore when he realised he was grabbing air.

Well this was a strange one.

“I am Sheila,” I smiled, smiling is good, “And you’re the one that brought me here remember, and you’re one fine human being,” I crossed my arms as I leaned against his dining table.

He frowned rubbing his forehead, “I’m hallucinating.”

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