Genie in a Wine Bottle

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Chapter 2

“No, no, you’re not.” I stood up looking around this fine looking place. This was better than Joe’s because this was so neat. Joe was a kind man, but he was very messy. I turned back to the stranger, “Say human what did you say your name was?”

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“I didn’t.”

I touched a photo frame well she was cute too, siblings? They shared the same smile. I heard a door being opened and I looked over my shoulder, “I don’t know how you got into my apartment, but I won’t press charges if you leave.”

“What?” I asked confused, “But you called for me, you get my services. Now human, how can I help you?”

His face didn’t turn happy like Joe’s, no, his nose wrinkled almost like he recoiled, “Get out of here.” I scoffed, “Yeah I don’t think so human, doesn’t work like that.” I walked back to the dining table and froze, wait, my wine bottle looked tiny. Oh right, I became human size that’s why.

Oh wow, human. I held out my arms looking at the clean tanned skin, wriggling my fingers. This was so cool, how long has it been.

“Hey, I’m talking to you.”

“Human please.” I shook my head. He walked towards me, with a look that sent a chill down my spine and reached for me, but his hand went straight through my shoulder and he froze.

That’s what I thought.

“What the f-,” I tuned out of that, swearing wasn’t good. He tried it again and froze, his eyes widening, “I must be drunk.” was his conclusion, one hand on his hip and the other rubbing his forehead.

“You should shut your door, the cold air will come in.” I pointed out. He looked up.

“But I can hear you.” he said to himself.

I shrugged walking over to the door and closing it before going to the couch hopping onto it. “What?” He looked confused, probably wondering why he just touched air but I closed his door for him.

I sighed wriggling into the couch, oh god this was so soft. I should take one of these back with me, it would be so much better than just sleeping on a mat.

I stretched my hands as well getting comfortable as I watched him take out a mobile calling someone.

“Hey Jordan, did I leave with someone?”

I tilted my head, “What no, I’m just asking because there’s someone in my apartment claiming that I brought them here, no, shut up, Jor-fuck.”

I winced, “Don’t swear.”

His narrowed grey eyes turned to me and he strode closer towering over me as he crossed his hands over his chest, “Who are you?”

“I told you, my name is Sheila and I don’t like pet names, so please call me Sheila and nothing else.” I hated it when people called me Lea, Ila, She, She bear, it was so annoying.

“Alright Sheila, ” he sat on the coffee table, “Why are you in my apartment.”

“You brought me here.”

“No I didn’t. I didn’t bring anything into my apartment with me apart from folders. Did you beak in, what do you want, money?”

I raised an eyebrow, “You brought something else that was outside your door”

He looked confused almost so cute I cooed. He looked over his shoulder, “An empty wine bottle?”

I smirked.

“What are you trying to say?” He said looking confused looking between me and the wine bottle, “How does a wine bottle relate to you? Is it yours? Did I take it you can have it back.”

“It is mine actually,” I nodded, “Well not mine mine but I took it off someone else a few hundred years ago because my lamp was stolen.”

“What? Are you high?”

“High?” I asked confused. He reached out touch me again and all he felt was air, warm air though. My soul was warm. He cursed again rubbing his head.

“I must be drunk,”

He stood up, “Where are you going?” I asked confused to why he was disappearing.

“To bed, and you better vanish when I wake up.”

I smiled, let’s see. This man was so strange, Joe believed me right away why wasn’t this so...doubtful. I heard a door slam and I stood up stretching, my bones cracking in various spots.

“I’m hungry.” does he have any food? Being locked away really works up an appetite.

* * *

I looked up as I heard footsteps, and emerging from the corridor was the human rubbing his forehead, I watched him walk straight to the kitchen grabbing a glass of water alongside with something else popping it into his mouth and draining the glass, before he froze.

His eyes landing on me.

“You have to be kidding me.”

“I didn’t say anything.” I shook my head.

“I thought this was a dream.”

I shrugged that’s not my problem. I look at the candle burning in front of me, it was so beautiful that’s all I had been doing since the sun rose. Watching this candle burn, not to mention the amazing smell that was coming out of it.

“I can’t deal with you right now,” He said softly like he was talking to himself and opened the fridge, I shrugged, going back to watch the candle.

I had to take these back with me too.

“Where is the food?”

Oh, about that, I looked up, “I ate it.”

“What?” his grey eyes stared at me again, “You ate everything in my fridge.”

“Sorry I was really hungry. If you wish for it, I can grant you a fridge that never empties.”

“What are you talking about? How can someone eat everything in the fridge. You ate a tub of butter?”

I shrugged, “growing girl.” I patted my stomach smiling. The human cursed again running a hand over his forehead before walking over to the dining table, dragging a chair out and sitting down.

“Look. Who are you?”

I opened my mouth “Sheila.”

“How did you get here.”

“You brought me here.”

He groaned leaning into his chair as I frowned. “This is a joke.”

“Not really, anyone else would be happy they called on a genie! And here you are, a sour puss.” I shook my head, “Where did you get this candle?”

“A what?” He said like I just said something absurd and sat up, okay maybe I did, “Maybe you’re the one that’s off here.”He muttered.

“I’m a genie.” I smiled proudly, and he laughed, not just any laugh a full sarcastic laugh that hurt my feelings and I frowned How rude.

“You’re definitely on drugs. He took out his phone”

“What are you doing?”

“Calling the cops, you’re going.”

I shrugged, “Okay. But first you should read the terms and agreements on the bottom of the wine bottle. You don’t want to be cursed do you human?”

He paused his fingers typing away and placed his phone down, “What bottle.”

I nodded over to the wine bottle, that I spent all night cleaning, my bottle had to look fine. Following my gaze he grabbed the bottle, “This old thing?” I nodded, “Look at the bottom.”

He gave me a cautious look before looking at the bottom of the bottle where there was a sticker, “What the hell is this,” he pulled it closer, “It’s tiny.”

“Oh my bad, I had to fit it all there” I clicked my fingers, “There.”

He swore dropping the bottle as the words got bigger, “Hey be careful I already have enough scratches on the bottle.” I rushed out of my chair picking up the rolling bottle and rubbing the sides frowning. This baby already had enough battle scars.

“What was that?”

“I enlarged it for you,but you have to keep flipping cause now it’s going to be a hundred pages long.”

“What are you?”

It went from who to what, but I had already answered that, “A genie, I told you that.” I shook my head looking at him. He rubbed his temples with his fingers as I placed my bottle back on the table, “This is crazy.”

I nodded, well, that reaction was okay I guess, “So what are your wishes.”

“I don’t have any, I have to get to work, you better disappear before I’m back.”

I was surprised “What, no, people have wishes, they always do.”

This was a weird case I had never encountered before. People wanted more and more, not none. This man was strange.

“Hey wait.” He emerged from the corridor again in a different outfit than his what I assumed was nightwear, I leaned over blowing out the candle and rushing after him. “I want to come too.” After all I was now bound by him till he released me, by wishes.

He ignored me slamming the door and walking out, I scoffed, like that would stop me. I opened the door, making myself invisible as I followed him. He looked over his shoulders a few times, but I smiled at him knowing that he couldn’t stare at me.

Ah, sometimes I loved my magic. I got into the elevator with him, surely he needed my help on something. I was very helpful. I leaned against the side of the elevator judging his profile as he looked at his phone.

He was tall, and tall was good you could reach things on the top shelf. He seemed to have a strong built so I guess he wouldn’t wish to have a stronger build, but then again he could who knew. He had a full set of hair, not going bald so that was another wish gone.

His jaw was set into a rigid lock, like he was thinking about something, I wondered what. All he had to do was wish for my help and I could solve whatever got him into such a stiffened stance.

The elevator doors opened and I stepped out into a dark area, car park, I followed him looking around mesmerised how different everything looked outside of the tinted bottle. I managed to catch him just as he got into the car and helped myself inside.

Wow, these looked even better closer up. I leaned forward running my hand over the interior, I’d like to take one of these back with me too.

I watched as the car went up out of the car park and bright light flooded my sensitive eyes and I had to hold a hand up to shield them, damn, it was much more brighter than I remembered. I opened them slowly, letting my eyes get used to the bright nature before I took everything in.

My heart beating fast, it was even better than I remembered. The only good thing about a bottle was that I could see some things, better than a dark lamp. At least in a bottle I knew how long it had been since my last trip to the world, and apparently too long.

I hadn’t witnessed much in the garage, but there was so many tall buildings, lots of people, and more of these cars. The only glimpse I got at Joe’s was when the garage opened, lots of kids and green forage, here, there was barley any green. But lots of tall buildings, and busy roads.

The car came to a stop too soon for my liking and I got out following him, he walked incredibly fast, like he was in a hurry.

“Jordan.” the door nearly smacked into me as he pulled it open and another fine looking human looked up from a desk, “Hey Michael, hows the hangover.” the man called Jordan smirked.

I smiled, so that was the humans name. Pleasant.

“I don’t have one.”

“Really?” Jordan asked as his green eyes watched Michael take a seat putting the files between them, “You seemed pretty out of it when you called me last night.”

“About that, I have no idea there’s this ch-,”

“You can’t tell him that!” I snapped.

He froze.


His eyes lifted up, right to where I was and I smiled hesitantly, “What the hell are you doing here?”

Jordan looked up, “What do you mean you told me to come?”

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“Not you.” Michael snapped.

I stayed still.

“Who are you talking to?”

Michael looked between me and Jordan, “there’s no one else in the room?”

Jordan’s eyes narrowed curiously, “Michael are you sure you got enough sleep. These cases are working their toll on you.”

“He can’t see me.” I told Michael, I blocked people, they could see me if they wanted to. Michael’s grey eyes burned into me, and I think he was finally starting to realise.

“Let’s just get this case done and you need to go home or sleep or I am going to tell David and he is going to give you leave. It’s not good to work like that.” Jordan was speaking but Michael was still looking at me curiously.

And his gaze was unsettling so I made myself disappear into the thin air again and he looked around confused where I had gone. I walked over to stand behind him.

“She’s gone.” He whispered softly but I could still hear him, and he let out a breathe.I frowned, I wasn’t that bad company.

“Anyway, this case, what are the new leads?”

“There are none, I still can’t find this guy.” Michael reached over digging through the paperwork and pulling out a picture and I paused.

Wait a minute.

“I know that guy.”

Michael jumped in his seat nearly knocking a pen over and Jordan looked up, “What?”

“Nothing, I just thought something bit me,” Michael turned his shoulder and I smiled.

“You know that guy?” He asked out loud.

Jordan looked up confused, “Why would I know him?”

I walked around the table to stand behind Jordan and nodded, “Where is he?” Michael asked.

“Mate, how the hell would I know?” Jordan said looking confused.

“I can show you.”

Michael nodded. I sat on the table leaning over to look at the picture smiling, “He’s a nice man.”

“He is the suspect of our case.” Michael commented.

“Well obviously, we know that Michael.” Jordan rolled his eyes. I frowned, “What, Cameron wouldn’t hurt a fly!”

“You know his name,” said Michael.

“Cameron Winstley.” Jordan passed Michael a piece of paper but Michael ignored it.

“I’m not lying human, I can help you with all these.” I smiled go on, say it, you had to say the right words.

There was a small silence as Michael thought about something, his eyes kept flickering from me to the files and then back at me, “How can I trust you?”

“Dude, what the hell we’ve been working since we started.”

I shrugged, “You do or you don’t. I’m under your command human, you called for me.”

He opened his mouth, probably to say he didn’t but then he shrugged, “Fine.”

“Say the right words.”

“What?” Michael still didn’t get it.

“What?” Jordan asked as well “That’s it I’m getting David to give you the rest of the week off.” Jordan shook his head taking out his phone. I glared at the phone Jordan pulled out, “Damn it, there’s no reception. I’ll be back.” He hopped out of his chair but Michael was paying no attention.

“Wish me to help you with those files.” I prompted Michael.

There were a lot of files. Which means I could stay for a long time. I liked that.

Michael pursed his lips opening his mouth and then closing out, and then opening it again and sighing. He ran a hand through his thick brown hair, “This is stupid.”

“Go on human, I don’t have all day.” release me or use me. There weren’t many options.

“Oh what the hell.” he sighed grabbing the picture of Cameron and then his grey eyes met mine, “Fine, I wish for you to help me with these cases. Done. Now where is he?”

I felt the tingle run through my body, and I smiled, “Well human, follow me.”

Wish one, done.

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