Genie in a Wine Bottle

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Chapter 5

“When are you going to think of your second wish?”

Michael placed another flat looking piece of cake on my plate, apparently they were pancakes.

“I don’t know what to wish for.” Michael walked back to the kitchen, “Do you want more?”

I nodded placing half the pancake in my mouth.

Michael poured more batter onto the hot pan looking at me, “I’ve never seen someone eat as much as you do.”

“I have a bottomless stomach.” I pointed out. I did, the food just disappeared. I just liked the way it tasted. We technically couldn’t eat or drink so it was great i could just keep eating as much as I wanted for the flavour and it would just go into the blackhole of my stomach.

“Does that mean I didn’t need to make you the last twelve pancakes.”

“Yeah but I really appreciate it. Maybe just one more.” I said.

Michael narrowed his eyes at me, but reluctantly flipped the pancake.

“Most humans ask their wishes in the one day.You’re one of those rare ones that take forever. You’re a bit like my last master.” I told him. Joe was very thoughtful about his wishes. The kind man wanted me to end poverty but of course I wasn’t capable of granting that one.

“I don’t know what to wish for though. What are some common ones?” Michael brought his own plate of only two pancakes to the table. He pulled out a chair and sat down, his grey eyes staring into mine.

He, unlike me who rolled the pancake and took half a bite, grabbed the cutlery next to him and cut it into little pieces.

“Well someone once asked me to make someone fall in love with him. I didn’t like that wish cause she clearly didn’t like him.”

“Are they still together?” Michael asked.

I shrugged, “Who knows. Are you going to eat that pancake?”

Michael paused, the pancake half the way to his mouth. Oh right, he was.

He took a quick bite of that before cutting another piece, he lifted it up and placed it on my plate.

“Thanks, I guess you don’t need to improve your cooking skills. This is a good pancake.” even though it was the first time I had such a thing.

“So what about this case?” I asked, “You wished for help, nothing specific. I found you Camie, now what can I do. I need to complete each wish before I can grant you the next one.”

“There seem to be an awful lot of rules about these wishes.”

I nodded, “Of course. We need to establish some form of terms and conditions. If I can’t grant you a wish well then, my entire existence is useless.” I pointed out. I had never failed granting anyone a wish so I had to compete this one.

“It’s a murder case.”

“Oh interesting. I love these ones.” I placed the last half of the pancake in my mouth sitting up. “Who died?”

“Numerous people. Our latest victim is a man, before that it was a string of females which made us think it was a serial killer.”

“Interesting.” I frowned. I never understood why people went around killing each other.

“He’s gone dormant, normally we find someone dead every ten days. That gives us seven days to find him before our next victim. He’s smart. He disappears, there is never a clue. We have no idea how he picks his targets.”

“Do you have pictures or bodies of the victims?” I asked.

Michael nodded.He stood up grabbing the plates.

“I might be able to give you a full list of what is similar in all of them.”

“Really?” Michael placed the dishes in the dishwasher, a very weird invention. I watched him press buttons bringing the machine to life.

“Sure. I’m sure I can notice something you didn’t.”

“Let me get dressed. We can go to the morgue.”

I nodded, “How exciting.”

Michael casted me a look, raising his eyebrow. He ran his right hand through the thick mop of brown hair on top of his head, “Um…you might also want to change into something else.”

I looked down at my clothe, “What’s wrong with this?”

“Those are sleeping clothes.You need some pants and a different shirt.”

I groaned, “all these rules.” but nevertheless I walked into the guest room where he had placed all the numerous things that Camie gave me.

Quickly changing into something I walked out into the lounge room where Michael was fully dressed and waiting.

“I need to go to Camie’s shop afterwards, can you do that.”

“Why?” Michael asked.

“He need to cleanse me. Till then I’ll be keeping my invisibility.”

“Cleanse you?”

I nodded, “It’s a ritual so other spirits can’t find me.”

“There are other spirits?”

“Of course, it’s not just genies that live in your world. Who knows, your friend Jordan might not be human.” I teased. Michael looked flustered, “This is so weird.” he said grabbing keys off the table.

“Yeah, tell me about it. I’ve been in a wine bottle for a century!”

* *

The morgue wasn’t what I expected. I followed Michael closely looking around inside the morgue. It was dark and gloomy in here, with dimmed lights. It was awfully cold as well, as a genie I wouldn’t get cold, but I felt it and it made me wonder if Michael was cold in his thin grey shirt.

Maybe if he was I could grant him the wish of not being cold anymore.

“Hey Michael.”

Michael jumped, “Fuck, don’t do that.”

“Do what?” I asked.

“Come out of no where like that.”

“I’m right here.”

“Are you talking to me?” the man in front turned around, looking confused to why Michael was talking to himself no doubt.

“No sorry, uh I’m on the bluetooth.” covered Michael. He turned and looked at me, giving me a pointed look. What was that meant to mean, did he want me to not talk anymore?

I shrugged and shook my head to tell him that I didn’t understand what he was trying to tell me. Nevertheless I quietly followed him down the long aisle past more various sized door and compartments.

The man named Ridley finally led us to a door where he scanned his badge, “This is obviously restricted and confidential so no pictures Detective.”

“I understand” Michael held the door open a bit longer behind him for me to get through.

This room felt colder than the other ones, and there was a loud humming noise. The room had high ceilings and it seemed that the morgue’s favourite colour was grey since the entire place had the same grey tone of what seemed like stainless steel.

“These ones are part of your investigation. Is there a particular one you wanted to see.”

“All of them?” Michael asked looking at me.I nodded, that would be a good start. Six draws were pulled and there was a vile smell filled up the room.

Michael grabbed a handkerchief from his pocket, placing it against his nose as he walked around to the furthest body.

“This was the first body nearly over 60 days ago,” Michael pointed to the girl on what looked like an oven tray.

“That’s right.” Ridley said even though Michael was talking to me. I walked over and looked at her body. She was slim, petite with long brown curly hair. Her eyes were closed and I couldn’t tell if the markings on her body was due to the bad preservation or were actual bruises.

I looked at the next victim which bared resembled to her, apart from the fact that her hair was straight.

“Has anyone come for these bodies?” I asked. Michael stated that question to Ridley who said that they haven’t heard anything even after the newspaper article. The only reason they haven’t disposed of these bodies yet was because of the ongoing case however it was past the recommended time to keep these bodies without proper preservation techniques.

I moved to the third victim, again, similar.

“You said that there was no pattern that you could identify?”

Michael shook his head. The last body looked the most different, it was preserved the worst even though it had only been a few days ago. He also had blonde hair and looked much younger.

I leaned closer taking a sniff.

“What are you doing?” he whispered doing the same. “Can you tell that this one doesn’t smell as bad.”

“That’s because this was more recent.” he said, looking over his shoulder at Ridley that was on the other side of the room watching him.

“No, there should still a slight smell. That’s because this victim isn’t human. See how his skin is much darker than the others and had been aged quickly. It’s because something was sucking it out of him, it’s almost like his soul was sucked out.”

“That’s ridiculous.” Michael stated.

“What is?” Ridley pipped up. We both ignored him not bothering to respond.

“This one is the same.” I said pointing next to the female, the second newest one. “And she looks familiar to the other ones so maybe he was actually looking for her and those three humans were by accident. They both have the same bruise pattern over their arms where their veins should be making me think that they had something that he was after, or she since we don’t know if the killer is female or male. Or do we?”

“I think male however none of the victims have had any sort of sexual assault or any signs of harassment to their bodies, well apart from them being dead.”

“Yeah that’s because he wasn’t after their bodies. I am positive he’s looking for something, these two are some sort of special beings. I need their files if you have them, any information. I don’t think they are genies but they could be for all I know. Their bodies are beyond recognition so I can’t tell you confidently what they are.”

“I’ll try to get them for you. Can we get out of here before I spew.”

“Weak, is that your next wish.”

“No.” Michael states turning around, “Thanks for that Ridley, I’ll be in touch.”

With that we both started the walk back towards the car. “You can’t use that in your evidence obviously, because there is no such things as special beings and humans can’t know this.” I pointed out. It was meant to be a secret.

“I know don’t worry. I wouldn’t be brave enough to even write that there are special beings in the report. People will think I’m crazy or something.”

“Well the poor man in there thought you were crazy for taking to yourself.”

Michael rolled his eyes unlocking the car.

“Can you drop me at Cameron’s. I need to -”

“get cleansed,you said. We’ll go there now,” Michael started the car the same time he got a phone call.

He groaned looking at the home screen, I leaned over to see who it was.


“Oh nice, pick it up.”

Michael scoffed, “It’s never that easy.” but saying that he picked up the call, “Hi Mum.” he groaned leaning back against the car seat. “What, tonight?”

I leaned in closer trying to hear what was being said, but as I leaned closer, Michael leaned back mouthing something at me. What?

“Mum I can’t. I’m busy. What do you mean…doing what, i’m… uh…getting cleaned? My laundry needs to be dry cleaned.” Michael ran a hand through his brown hair tugging at the end, making it stick up in all directions.

I settled in my seat as I could hear raised voices from the other side. “Mum I can’t. Why did you make promises when i can’t guarantee anything. This is the first time I heard about it. No-No-uh-Let me finish talking woman.”

Michael pulled the phone away.

“What happened?”

“She hung up. Old woman. Can you make her disappear?”

“Is that your second wish? Are you sure?” I asked. Surely he was going to regret getting rid of his mum.

“No don’t do that.” Michael started the engine. “Your cleansing needs to wait. My mother apparently signed me up for some dumb blind date with one of her friend’s daughters. She’s waiting for me.”

“No worries.” I nodded, “I just can’t be seen so I’m happy just being invisible. Do you want date tips?”

“What do you have?” Michael asked.

“Not much, the last date I went on, we went for a carriage ride around a park.”

Michael casted a look at me raising his eyebrows, “When was this?”

“Probably a century ago.”

“I didn’t know genies went on dates.”

“Of course we do.” I said offended, “We are the same as you just with some special powers.”

Michael chuckled, “Sure…so are you married. To that genie?”

“Oh nah. We just went for a date and he didn’t like me.”

“His loss.” Michael said as he came to a sudden stop, “We’re here. Did you want to wait in the car or…”

I opened the car quickly stepping out before some human saw a door opening by itself, “No i want to watch this.”

“I was worried you were going to say that.” Michael sighed placing his hands in this pockets and staring at the sky, “Fine. Let’s get this over and done with.”

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