She has secrets

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Turns out, everyone has secrets but the secret the nerd of the school has, is a pretty big one and she’s not willing to let it get out... well that was until the new kid showed up... Showed her there’s much more to life than staying in the shadows and becoming background noise.

Romance / Drama
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This note is just a warning for this story as this story is very graphic and I would not like anyone to go into this blind; now if you get easily effected by mentions of any types of abuse, whether that be mental, physical, sexual, substance or alcohol abuse, or anything like that then tread very carefully.

If you ever need to talk about anything that effects you in this, please talk to someone. Or contact me, I’ll always be here to talk to.

Now, enjoy the story :)

The first punch she threw at me was enough, I knew that, she knew that and the crowd watching... they definitely knew that after my nose started bleeding and a cut appeared on my lip but the crowd still stayed and continued to cheer on their queen. Like she was the life of the school.

I knew once her foot came crashing down on my stomach that today was going to be a long day. An excruciatingly, long, painful day. Full off bullshit and whispers about me and about how I’m pathetic and about how the queen scores another attack.

Guess she should just jump up and start waving her fists around like she’s the heavyweight champion of the god damn-

“What in gods name is going on here?!” I just about cried out when I heard the deep, croaky voice of Mr Collins, pushing and shoving through the crowd to see what the commotion is or was about.

As soon as the crowd heard Mr Collins’ voice they quietened instantly, their after school free time hanging in the balance.

“I said... what. I’m God’s name is going on? I will not ask again.” He raised an eyebrow in a challenging way towards the red-headed bitch that has her red-soled Louis Vuitton trainers... that was spiked, in my side, currently stabbing my waist.

She brought her hand up to her mouth and coughed into it, avoiding the eyes of our new guest. “Uhm, Ace was just showing us some yoga poses... right Ace?” She nudged me with her spiked shoes. Showing me she wanted me to play along.

I coughed and tried to shrink away from her lethal shoes; I nod my head towards Mr Collins, silently begging with my eyes for him to break this all apart.

He hums towards us and looks at her shoe in my waist. “Those trainers aren’t very school appropriate are they?”

The redhead notices his stare and pushes herself off of my waist with her spiked shoes, making me wince when the pain kicks in. “Sir, you know I don’t care for those silly rules.” She waves him off as she rolls her eyes as she goes and stands with the crowd.

“Uh-huh, so if I went to reception and phoned your father you still wouldn’t care for the uh... how did you put it?” He asked. “Ah..”

He fans himself and turns to her, “The silly rules.” He waves his hand, still challenging her.

“Well.. yes but that’s diff-“

“Nope, don’t wanna hear it. Now if anyone is still hear in the next five seconds you’re all getting detentions.” He says.

The crowd stays but when Mr Collins looks at them all with his icy stare as he starts to count from five, they all scatter. Leaving me and him in the corridor. “Hey, are you okay?”

My head nods on its own, making the blood that’s slowly flowing out of my nose, come to a stop at my lip, making my tongue dart out to clean my wound. Always taking care of myself.

“Okay, let’s get you cleaned up.”

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