She has secrets

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First of all, I would just like to say sorry that this is not the update you were all waiting for, this is just a note. Now, the chapters will be going through some major reconstruction as I will be changing a whole lot of things and adding more detail in places etc.

So, if you would, please be patient with me in the time where I go through and edit the remaining chapters so far that I have, (I am sitting on two/three). Again, I am sorry this is not what you expect but please bear with me, I will leave the chapters up and post them all at the same time so you guys can read them again if you wish.

However, I do highly recommend that you do go back and re-read the chapters to get the extra information being added, sorry for the inconvenience etc. editing will most likely begin tomorrow

but while I’m here... How are you guys liking it? What are your favourite parts? Who is your most favourite and your most hated character so far? Your most hated scene?

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