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"You'll like me. That's just how it always ends." He said, the smug look on his face was beaming with confidence. "And if you'll like me first?" I challenged, feeling confident myself. "Unlikely," he chuckled. "But do try." "Oh I don't need to." I bit back a smile. We sounded like kids, but I loved the humor of it, so I pushed further. "Prepare yourself Brandon Pierce. You messed with me, now accept the consequences." He looked excited. And that look dangerously excited me as well. "Mira Jadsen, you just declared an all-out war against me. It is so on."

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I, Mira Jadsen, Make My Grand Appearance

"I have a perfectly good explanation for all of this," I gestured to the boy now lying on the floor.

The hallways were crowded with students of all grades, staring at either awe or fear at my done deed. The principal however, did not look at all pleased.

"My office. Now." He said stiffly.

I groaned internally before I followed his tail, but before he could walk any further, he pointed at the helpless body lying on the floor. "Oh for heaven's sake. Somebody help that boy up. I need to speak to the both of you."

The boy's friends stepped out of the crowd to his aid until I stopped them by shoving my palm to their noses (while the principal wasn't looking, of course.)

Their faces looked like they pissed in their pants when I gave them the sweetest smile I could muster. "I'll do it. I'll help him up. After all, it's my fault he's this way now, right?"

Then after releasing a sarcastic, girly giggle, I grabbed the boy's arm and with a swift kick to his stomach, I got him to stand up. I placed his arm over my shoulder for support and then carried his useless body towards the principal's office.

He whimpered like the coward that he was. I could hear whispers, silent laughter and accusing chatters as I passed by with the staggering ugly right beside me.


When we arrived at the office, I carefully lay the poor boy down the chair (read: carelessly threw the jerk down) and sat right beside him. Before I turned to look at our principal, I studied the boy.

His face was colorful - there were bluish-purple, red, pink, and a purple that was close to becoming black. He even stiffened when he noticed I was observing him.

"Oh my," I put a hand over my mouth. "Who could have done this to you? You look terrible!"

He looked at me a bit irritated, a bit scared. I smiled again. "Oh right. That was me. Sorry. But I gotta admit, I like that shirt. It matches your black eye." I winked at him.

"Ms. Jadsen would you please stop tormenting him? And explain yourself. What did you do this time?" Principal Steele sighed in exasperation upon rubbing his temples.

I crossed my legs and folded my arms like I owned the place. Irritation was slowly creeping in my system. "Why does everybody assume it's all my fault?"

He stared at me and then at the boy. I didn't even catch this boy's name. I groaned. "Okay. So I hurt him a little. But I'm the victim here!"

The person behind the desk chuckled humorlessly. "Do share."

I furrowed my brows as raked my brain for a believable excuse. "I can't stand him. His mere existence irritates me."

"Mr. Steele, she just punched me in the eye out of nowhere! Then she beat me up - I don't even know her! She should be sent to jail for this! This is harassment!" The boy spoke up but his voice cracked in the middle of his sentence when I glared at him.

"Oh you want to talk about harassment? You? And you don't know me? Please! You've been stalking me since last month. I was going to keep quiet until you - "

I stopped when I realized I was already shouting. I took a breath to calm myself down before I continued. Principal Steele was listening to my side of the story patiently while the boy kept his mouth shut, knowing I'd beat him up again if he said something to anger me.

I didn't have the best temper in the world. Boo-hoo.

I looked at the principal seriously. "He hurt my friend. There were bruises on her wrists, proof of her resistance. She already told him she had a boyfriend, but he still kept on pestering her."

"Liar!" He said, his voice cracking mid-syllable. "You don't actually believe any word she's saying, right?! She's Mira Jadsen, the girl who beats anybody up without reason!"

He practically gave himself away already when he said my whole name. He just said he didn't know me.

"Nothing's ever without reason, you little prick," I said each word slowly and menacingly. He was popping my nerves one after another.

He was dead-set on insisting his non-existent innocence, ignoring my threatening looks now. "Mr. Steele she's lying! You gotta help me out!"

And yet he said nothing to prove his innocence. I rolled my eyes and looked at our principal. He'll be the judge of that.

Principal Steele looked like he already made up his mind though.

"We'll see who's lying and who's telling the truth. Everything happened in the hallways so it was caught in the security cameras. Until further investigation, I'm letting you two off the hook. I'll call on you two again when I see the video, then your punishments will be decided."

We were both silent.

"Mr. Ink you may go now."

I gave him a last glare before he uneasily stood up and staggered quickly towards the door. Such a wimp. When he was out of earshot, dear principal spoke with me.

"Mira," he said softly, careful not to hit a nerve. He was always different when we were alone.

"I'm sorry uncle," I mumbled. Yes, our Principal was my dad's cousin, therefore my uncle. And he always had a soft spot for me, but I urged him to keep our relationship a secret.

I didn't have the best reputation at school, and I don't want anyone thinking I always got away with it because I was related to the Principal.

"It's okay Mira," he said with a warm smile. "You always do this when your friends are involved, that's admirable. But I think you should stop fighting boys or anyone at that. You don't want to make dangerous enemies now do you? I can't protect you all the time when that happens."

I looked at him like he was kidding, and he got what I meant by that look alone. "I'm capable of protecting myself, uncle. And besides, nobody will dare make enemies with me. Plus, I'm likable."

He didn't look affected with my first half of the sentence but when I mentioned the word likable, he snorted. "Likable. Hah. Where."

Before I could retort, he stopped me and told me to go back to class. I whined like the mature 17 year-old I was. I thought I could ditch Biology if I stayed a little longer in here. Being the Principal's niece wasn't all that great after all.

"Mira!" My two bestfriends came running as soon as I stepped out of the office. I smiled and felt my insides warm up when they approached me.

"Are you in any trouble?" Nichole held my hands and squeezed them. "I'm so sorry I got you involved! I should go there and tell the principal my side of the story too."

I glanced down at our hands and I frowned when I saw the light bruises still on her wrists. She got bruises easily, this girl.

"It's okay Nichole," I laughed reassuringly. "The principal knows I'm innocent. The security cameras are my witnesses." I pinched her cheek and ruffled her hair. "You worry too much."

"You're like her boyfriend or something. I thought I owned that title." My other best friend, Leo mumbled.

I let go of Nichole and punched his shoulder roughly. He took it well with the hard muscles he had. "Some boyfriend you are. Where were you at that time?"

He looked at Nichole and then at me guiltily. "Sorry, coach called for me. I didn't know what happened until Brandon told me. I'm sorry."

Brandon. The mere mention of his name caused my eye to twitch. I haven't met him personally yet. Leo occasionally mentioned him and I'd see him in the hallways from time to time, but we never really spoke.

Just sort of... Glared at each other every time we passed by each other's paths. I just get a bad vibe from him, and I'm sure he feels the same, hence the glaring.

I patted Leo's shoulder, the one where I punched, and smiled at him. "It's not your fault, I was just kidding. You know I'd do anything for you guys."

Nichole let out a wail or a groan, I don't know. Leo scratched his head. "This! This is what I'm worried about. Mira, you're... You're manlier than me!"

My eyes narrowed into slits immediately. His eyes widened when he realized what he just said. He took it back quickly.

"No! You know that's not what I meant! I meant it in a good way! What I meant was, you're too nice! And people get the wrong idea from what you do. I think it's unfair. And I think we owe you a big favor."

A smirk curled up my lips, attempting to change the subject. I was uncomfortable with people kinda-sorta-maybe praising me. I'm not great. "You mean I have bigger balls than you."

Nichole giggled while Leo frowned. He shoved my inappropriate innuendo off and continued what he was saying.

"Mira, what I'm telling you is, let us return the favor. I know it's not much and it won't make up for everything, but at least let me treat you dinner tonight. The three of will go together, just like old times."

"I'll chip in too," Nichole volunteered.

I stared at them wide-eyed. "You two? Treat me? It's so rare and historic. I'll take you on your offer!"

I was so excited! Food!

"I'll probably bring Brandon along too. He's helped me a lot of times, and I'll introduce you two properly this time," Leo said with a grin.

My smile dropped. Oh no he did not.

"I'll text you guys the details later. Look forward to it!" His cheeky grin couldn't go wider than that.

And look forward to it?

Dramatic sigh.


I wrote this when I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep. Yup, all random.

My dad was awake that time too. I asked him for a character name since I was too lazy. He looked up to think as he munched on his Cheetos.

"Mira. Mira's a pretty name."

Then I typed away on my phone. Mira it is.

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