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I'm the Stupid Girl in the Horror Movie

“I know the answer to that one,” Sam said in a whisper. The whole class was so silent, even a drop of a pen could be heard. The teacher was roaming around the classroom, watching each of us closely.

“What is it?” I whispered back, not tearing my eyes off the teacher. It’d be annoying if we get caught.

“Rods and cones,” he replied. I quickly scribbled it down before the teacher saw me leaning my back against my chair a bit too suspiciously. Sam sat behind me.

And yes, if nobody figured it out yet, we were currently taking a quiz. And I was cheating. Not proud of it, but I need to do it to pass Biology. I hate Biology.

A few more minutes later, the time was up, and we passed our papers. Before we left the room, I gratefully smiled at Sam, bumping fists with him on the process.

“Thanks so much. I forgot there was a quiz today.”

He returned my smile. “Me too. I was just copying Luke’s answers. It’s him we should be thanking.”

Luke was my classmate since grade school, and he was really smart. When I spotted him leaving the classroom, I waved my hand at him a bit too excitedly. “Luke! Thanks man!”

He looked surprised and confused, but waved back at me anyway. Sam chuckled at my actions. I sent him a questioning look.

“Actually, he wasn’t aware that I was copying his answers.” A playful grin spread across his face. I burst into a fit of laughter when I realized how stupid I just looked.

“Awesome,” I said.

We grabbed our things and went off to our next class. I seriously don’t know what happened. I think we kinda hit it off. Sam’s actually really cool. I wonder why I didn’t notice him before.

Now I feel really bad for hitting him before.

Lunch. My favorite subject in school. I was already at our usual table, eating. Man was I hungry.

Leo and Nichole were arguing about who should pay for their lunches today, and Brandon was silently eating beside me.

I sighed, with my mouth still full, and interrupted the lovers. “Why don’t you guys just pay for your food separately?”

“No,” Nichole firmly rejected my suggestion. “I always pay for our food. It’s only fair that he should pay for mine today.”

“What do you mean?” Leo complained. “I paid yesterday!”

“For the drinks, babe! The drinks that were practically free because it was a combo meal which I paid for!”

“Uuugh,” I groaned. They always fight over the stupidest things. I ignored them as I continued to eat.

Brandon laughed. “Aren’t couples really silly?”

It took me a few seconds to reply to that. I don’t know. “Yeah.”

As I slowly chewed my food, I caught Sam from the corner of my eye. He was with his friends, laughing their way to the table in front of us. He saw me too, and then we exchanged smiles.

I can’t explain how light this feeling is. Being friendly is actually satisfying. I should really do this more often.

“You two seem okay,” Nichole said. I glanced up and saw her sitting down, the irritation on her face slowly fading. Leo was already gone so I guess she managed to get him to buy their lunches for today.

“Yeah,” I said. “He’s really nice. I actually want to get closer to him.”

When I said that, I meant it. Well, another reason why I said that was to make Brandon jealous. I secretly peeked at him to see how he’d react, but nothing.

He just continued eating as if he didn’t hear anything. Maybe he didn’t hear me?

“That’s good,” Nichole replied, obviously distracted. She was keeping an eye on Leo, who was currently talking to somebody, probably sweet-talking that person into paying for their lunches.

He was always cheap, that idiot. Ever since middle school. It makes me wonder how we even became best friends.

Back to my current situation, I lowered my head as I sipped on my juice.

“So he really is a nice guy after all, huh?” Brandon finally commented. I had to admit it surprised me. I thought he wasn’t listening.

I laughed at myself internally. What the hell was I thinking, trying to make him jealous? What for? And why? I’m ridiculous. As if he’d get jealous.

Shut up, brain.

“He really is,” I replied coolly. “He even let me cheat off him earlier at Biology.”

“That’s cool,” he said.

Why do I feel so annoyed right now? More than annoyed, I feel strangely sad. No, no. Now I’m even more annoyed now that I know I’m sad. And now I feel sadder knowing I’m annoyed at myself for being sad. And now I’m annoyed at both.

My neurons must be exploding one after another since my mental ability has reduced to this state. Screw you, brain. Do your job properly.

I slapped my face unconsciously, earning surprised looks from my companions, including Sam and his buddies from the other table.

It was a few seconds before I felt my cheek sting. I looked at the palm of my hand and saw it slowly turn into a light shade of pink.

Ah, I’ve come to my senses now.

“Mira!” Nichole exclaimed. “Why’d you hit yourself?”

“Felt sleepy. Needed to wake up.” I mumbled.

“Are you tired?” Brandon asked, mouth half-full.

“Not anymore,” I said, not turning my head. Leo came with a tray filled with food on each hand. As he was about to sit down, he looked at me curiously.

“What’s that pink hand-print on you face?”

“Blush-on.” I replied sarcastically. Leo showed a hint of a cringe before setting Nichole’s share of food on the table.

Brandon just quietly munched on his food, completely unaware of what ridiculous thoughts my mind harbored a few moments ago.

I hope he chokes on that chicken.

“I have to go somewhere before I go home.” I announced as Brandon and I walked to the parking lot. He wouldn’t let go of his phone and the whole time I was talking to him, his eyes were glued to the screen.

I’m annoyed.

“Yeah, where,” he asked. Really? Was he even curious?

“None of your business. You can go on ahead.” I replied, hoping he won’t notice how insincere that sounded.

Please insist you’ll drop me off like the usual.

But you know what he did? He just nodded and went in his car. “Okay. Take care.”

What was with him today? Just earlier he was joking around like always and he even kissed me in front of Sam. Why was he acting so aloof right now? Did I do something to him?

Whatever. Fine. Let him be that way. I won’t ask why he’s like that. I don’t care. Not at all.

I didn’t take back what I said. It was so obvious his mind was somewhere else. Who was he texting? Was it a girl?

Ah. Stop this, Mira. Why should you care? It’s not like he’s your boyfriend.

I just quietly stared as his car left the parking lot. If his eyes are still glued to his phone while he’s texting then I won’t be held responsible for his death.

I decided to go to the mall after class, alone. I don’t know why. It’s not like I needed to buy something. I just wanted to walk around. Maybe eat a few snacks along the way but that’s that. The less I spend, the better.

I just needed to get my mind off stupid people.

A few hours later, I walked on every corner of the mall. On every floor. Ten times. And I ended up buying a lot of stuff I probably won’t need.

I’m so great.

I sighed exasperatedly, realizing I don’t have enough money for transportation anymore. Guess I’ll have to walk back to the apartment. It’ll probably take half an hour at least.

I’m so excited. Note the sarcasm.

When I walked out of the mall, only then did I realize that it was already dark out. I checked my watch and was surprised myself. It was a quarter to nine in the evening ready.

What the heck, I murdered time walking around in space-out mode while buying useless stuff?

I didn’t think twice and quickened my steps. Nichole’s probably wondering where I am right now, if she’s not flirting with Leo.

A thought slapped my face like a brick. Leo. I can use him. Cellphones were invented for reasons like this. I’ll call him, make him pick me up and drive me back to my apartment.

Wow. Why didn’t I think of this first? I’m such a genius sometimes, economically speaking.

I took my phone from my bag and called Leo. A few rings later, he picked up.


“Leo!” I exclaimed, relieved to hear his voice. It usually took him forever to pick up my calls. “Help me.”

“Why what’s wrong?”

Before I could reply, a speeding car passed right in front of me, almost crushing my feet. The tires barely brushed the tips of my shoes. I screamed in terror and dropped my phone the same time the car beeped, signalling me to get out of the way. Well too late for that pal!

The best part? My phone broke. Not that it was that fragile, but it fell right in a puddle. The water got in the gadget and now it won’t turn on.

Pause for dramatic effect.

“Aaaah damn this!” I yelled like a madwoman after attempting to revive my phone a few times.

I walked for a few minutes, attempting to find a public phone I could use but all of them were busted. I’m already far from the mall, it was already closing anyway. And it was getting late. Might as well walk home.

I was meant to walk. Fate did not want me to be lazy. But damn it fate, did you have to ruin my damn phone? You could’ve just, sent me a sign or something. Uuurgh.

You’ll pay, fate. In cash.

I walked for about twenty minutes already, and then I realized something again. A very important thing I should’ve considered from the start.

I had no idea where I was going.

It was really dark and a few cars barely passed by the road, so I doubt I was in the right way. I know, shame on me, I know how to go to the mall from school, but I don’t know how to go home from the mall.

There’s a reason why I’m always with Leo and Nichole.

I had to admit, I was getting pretty scared. My senses tripled because of my paranoia, and I was suddenly conscious of every tiny thing and sound.

For potato’s sake people, I quickly posed a fighting stance when a kitten passed by. Tell me I’m not paranoid.

I kicked myself in my head a few times, blaming myself why I watch too many horror films to figure out where I’m headed. Flickering lights from broken streetlights, isolated roads, whistling wind and me, the stupid girl in the movie, walking alone at night knowing I’ll die.

I’ll die?


I’m too young too die! I don’t even have dreams to regret not chasing after yet! I’ll die a miserable, ambition-less, pitiful death!


Negative thoughts must not consume me. I’m strong. I’m not like other girls. I’m not the stupid girl in the movie.

I’m the suave lead actor in the movie. The one with the awesome self-defense skills. The one who’ll win. The one who with the sexy jaw-line and the hot six-pack.

I think there was something wrong with that last one.

Trust me, I wasn’t being funny. This is how I normally think in situations like this.

Yeah, I’ll probably die.

I heard a few rocks getting kicked behind me, and I cringed. Was that another cat? Please be another cat.

I slowly turned around, as not to be so obvious, and noticed a staggering figure just a few meters behind me.

I resisted the urge to scream zombie and run for my life.

It was probably just a random person with the same situation as me. I should empathize with him than be afraid of him. How rude of me. Sorry, staggering guy.

Wait. So why was he staggering?

Possibility: He got kicked in the ass by someone like me.

All the more reason to sympathize with him. Forget empathizing. Sympathize, empathize. I know the difference between the two, see? Find it in the dictionary. See how right I am. See?

I shook my head and quietly scolded myself. Why the hell can I still think about stupid stuff in this situation?! That’s right, to distract myself.

I took a deep breath and continued to walk calmly, but I was too conscious of the guy behind me. It didn’t help that I didn’t know how to go home, and I had no means of communication.


I heard footsteps walking closer just a few feet behind me. Oh shit oh shit oh shit.

I quickened my steps and noticed that the footsteps behind me followed my pace. And it didn’t sound like it was only one person. I peeked slightly over my shoulder and gasped when I saw it was now two staggering corpses behind me.

Guys. Staggering guys. Not corpses. Damn those movies! I apologize to every girl I called stupid in the movie. Because right now, I’m walking in their shoes. And I’m gonna die in their shoes. No!

I felt a bony finger tap on my shoulder and that was it. I ran for dear life.

Adrenaline pumping, I sprinted forward, my legs moving so fast I felt like flying. The cold wind slapped my face and dried a few drops of tears that trickled down my eyelids, barely reaching my cheeks. My hair was continuously teasing my face, and the paper bags I was carrying with the useless stuff in it was about to rip since I was clutching it so hard.

The worst part of it all was that I had no idea where I was going. I didn’t look back - I was too scared. Damn I wish I went home with Nichole! I wish I went home with Brandon!


Why didn’t he pester me to tag along like the usual?! Why was he acting so weird earlier? Why am I thinking of him when I’m about to die?!

I’m so gonna haunt him first!

I decided to take a turn, hoping to lose the two guys behind me, who probably weren’t even chasing me in the first place.

After a few more minutes, I felt my knees weaken, and I decided to stop and catch my breath. I looked around and felt like a huge weight sunk in my chest. Now where the hell am I?

I was out of breath. I wobbled my way to the nearest post to lean against and rest. I used too much energy. It was hopeless. That’s when I heard a car approaching.

Two thoughts ran in my head.

The first one is, it’s just a random car that’ll pass. Don’t hitchhike. The driver might kill you.

The second one is, it’s a car that kidnaps stupid girls alone at the streets at night and sells their internal organs to other countries.

I was gonna die either way.

Why is it always life and death with me?

It stopped right in front of me and the headlights were too bright for me to distinguish who it was. I squinted and looked at the three people who just came out of the vehicle.

Was I gonna die a horrible death? I just made a new friend. I can’t die yet.

“Mira!” A familiar voice snapped me out of my thoughts, and a sense of relief washed over me. It was Nichole, Leo and Brandon.

I think Leo was about to yell at me when Brandon beat him to it. He held my arms so tight I thought it was gonna bruise. I couldn’t even look at him properly because the headlights were still impairing my vision.

“Are you hurt?” He began, shaking my shoulders slowly, though I know he was just trying to control his strength. “Where have you been?! We’ve been looking for you everywhere! Why didn’t you pick up your phone?! And what the hell happened?! Leo said you screamed on the phone then the line died. Tell me what the fuck happened?!”

I’ve never seen him so angry before. I don’t know why I felt so paralyzed all of a sudden, and a lump in my throat was forming. I felt guilty.

I tried to squeak out a word of reason but my voice wouldn’t come out. My eyes were so wide I couldn’t even blink. My vision got so blurry. I felt my tears spilling down my cheeks, one after another.

Ah great.

I really hated it when people see me cry. I feel so weak and stupid. I turned my head so they wouldn’t see but it was pointless. My tears wouldn’t stop.

Brandon’s grip on my shoulders loosened when he saw me like this. And I realized why he was holding me so tight earlier. I actually almost fell, my knees already gave in, and he was just holding me for support.

How did I lose so much energy? This isn’t like me.

“Don’t get mad at her man,” I heard Leo say. “C’mon, let’s go back to their apartment first.”

Brandon nodded and let go of my shoulders. I couldn’t say anything due to the absence of my voice. I didn’t want him to let go of me. I reached out my hand but I couldn’t see him because of the brightness of the headlights. I suddenly felt lightheaded, and then realized that Brandon actually carried me to the backseat.

On our way back to the apartment, I saw the two staggering guys on the window. I couldn’t identify their faces because of the darkness, but they seemed to know me. They both waved their hands as we passed by them.

It was so creepy. I hid my head on Brandon’s chest. Maybe he was surprised, but he held my hand and patted my head gently the whole time. Somehow, I felt kind of relieved. No, very relieved. It was so reassuring, and safe, as ridiculous as that sounds.

First teases me, then he kisses me, then he ignores me, then he gets mad at me, then he’s trying to comfort me.

I don’t understand him.

But what I don’t understand the most is myself. Why do I feel like I forgave him when he didn’t even do anything wrong?

A/N: I haven’t taken a bath yet. Gonna take one now. Bye.

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