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I Never Knew Potatoes were Bipolar

After what happened tonight, I am not going out alone again. Ever. I’m still freaked out. When I told the guys what happened, they said I was just being paranoid.

But tell me, what the hell were those staggering guys following me? Huh? Huh? Well, only I knew the answer to that.


“They’re probably drunk dudes coming from a party,” Leo sighed while making himself comfortable on our couch. We were currently in the living room of our apartment.

“Or they’re injured from a fight,” Nichole suggested.

“Or they just wanted to pull a prank on you since you looked so scared?”

Or,” I decided to represent my own theory as the victim of the incident. “They just wanted to rape me, kill me then sell my internal organs to other countries?” I said, pushing their suggestions away while firmly holding to my own ridiculous belief. Nichole and Leo were this close to banging their heads on the wall.

I know I sounded crazy, but haven’t they seen the news these days? People are so evil. It’s not my fault I think every person I meet on the streets late at night are psychopaths - staggering or not.

Leo seemed to give up, hence raising his hands in surrender and sighing profusely. He pointed at Brandon, who remained quiet the whole time and then pointed at me, who was doing the exact opposite.

I hated it when people point fingers. I want to break those damn rude fingers.

“She’s tired. She’s sleep-talking. She always does that. You, take her to her room and tuck her in,” he commanded as if he was the chief of a tribe.

Okay, the tribe thing was not a very good reference, but it’s funny since I’m using it on Leo. Leave it.

“I’m not asleep and I’m not a child. I can tuck myself in,” I scoffed, standing up and preparing to leave.

I already regained my strength. Do they think I’m really weak or something?

“Just do what he says Mira,” Nichole said, sounding exhausted yet relieved. I just noticed how pink her eyelids were, and her eyes were slightly reddish, as if she’d been crying. My heart sunk in my chest. I made my best friend worry so much, and here I am spouting my ridiculous theories.

I obediently nodded as Brandon went ahead to my room, not sparing me a glance whatsoever. He’s been quiet the whole time. Is he still mad? I’m sure he’s mad. And I’m afraid of what an angry potato might do.

When we got in my room, I left the door open and tried my best to act casual. On my way to my drawers, I heard Brandon close the door. I gulped.

I took off my shoes and changed into my pyjamas, he turned around so I could do so.

When I was through, I slid in my covers and pulled them up to my face until only my eyes were visible. I’m so scared. What’ll he do? He’s so quiet it’s terrifying.

Staring at his back, I saw him take a deep breath and heave a long sigh before turning around again. I unconsciously concealed my whole face with my blanket. Shit.

I’m dead.

I heard his footsteps moving toward me, and I had to calm down my rapid heartbeats. I have to pretend I’m sleeping. I’ll snore. I’m good at fake-snoring.

But I just got in my bed. There’s no way he’d believe I fell asleep that fast. Cry.

I felt him halt in his steps. I stifled a gulp. What was he doing? And why am I so afraid of what he might do? What the heck? This isn’t like me at all. Me? The girl who isn’t afraid of fighting a group of men twice her size, is afraid of a potato who can’t even stand spicy food and is a complete chicken toward horror films?

A weight pressed down on my mattress and I realized that he was leaning towards me. Even if I couldn’t see him, I was sure that’s what he was doing.

He gently peeled the blanket off my face and then revealed a very disappointed expression.

When I saw that look on his face, I felt like crying all over again. Guilt, fear, relief and hurt struck me all at once, and I have no idea why. I’m not even on my period today.

I really am weak. And stupid.

A big fool.

“Sorry,” I quickly said, knowing I’ll get scolded. I made them worry so much about me. That’s what upset me the most. I’m such a horrible friend. “I’m sorry. Sorry.”

I saw his hand approach my face and I winced, thinking he’d pinch my cheek for being so stupid again. But to my surprise, he just touched my cheek. I slowly opened my eyes and saw him tuck the loose hair away from my face behind me ears.

His hand was so warm.

“Please say something. It isn’t like you to be this quiet.” I mumbled before biting my lip. His gaze was so focused on my hair. I wanted him to look at me but I think I’m in no place to ask for that. “You’re scaring me.”

Silence was his reply once again.

I’m about to go crazy and he has no idea at all.

Lucky for me this time, my eyes didn’t water. I did my best not to let the ugly tears fall and once again showcase how much of a weakling I am.

My stubbornness will kill me one day, I’m sure of it.

Brandon’s disappointed expression melted and it remained stoic, I had to press my lips together just to prevent myself from crying. Why is he being like this? And why am I acting like this?

Seriously I sound so annoying in my head. I can’t even explain how much I hate myself right now. And guess who’s to blame?

He placed his warm hand on my cheek after he was done tucking away my loose hair. His silence was killing me.

I felt my breath hitch in my throat when he finally, finally looked at me in the eyes.

I can’t breathe I can’t breath I can’t breathe.

He sighed quietly through his nose. “You didn’t hit your head or anything right?”

I can’t explain how happy I am just because he finally looked at me and even talked to me.

Gosh I’m talking like a freaking fan girl right now.

I shook my head, unable to form a decent word. He caressed my cheek. “Are you still scared of those two guys you saw?”

Truth be told, not anymore. I just found them creepy, but I think I could face them. I think.

Quiet Brandon was much scarier than two unknown staggering species.

I shook my head again. “No.”

Unexpectedly, he lowered his head so his face was now buried on my shoulder. I collected the remaining oxygen from my lungs, held it in and didn’t dare make a move.

I don’t understand. Was he tired? Was he hugging me? Was it both?

“Good,” he mumbled, his voice vibrating on my shoulder. “Then you can sleep without nightmares.”

I still can’t understand. Was he still mad?

He placed his hand on the bed over my body, his other hand on my hair, and his face a few centimeters from mine. I was trapped.

What is oxygen.

I thought he was going to kiss me. I was too hopeful. I stared at his doe-like eyes and felt the guilt rush to my head all over again. He was really worried. I know I should feel worse, but there’s a feeling of joy bubbling inside me, knowing he got worried for someone like me.

When our foreheads brushed, he averted his gaze. “Sorry I got mad and yelled at you.”

And then he pulled away.

I wonder why I felt so cold when he did. He made his way to my door and then turned the lights off. No, I wanted him to stay longer.

“Goodnight,” he said before he left.

“Good morning!” Brandon cheerfully greeted me as soon as I got out of first period. I stared at him in shock and suspicion.

“Yeah, morning,” I mumbled. Didn’t he feel awkward after last night? I couldn’t sleep for hours just thinking about him.

Ugh! I hate admitting to myself that I actually wasted precious hours of sleep just for thinking about him.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked, the smile in his face never faltered.

Of course not, jerk. And it’s all your fault.

“Yeah. I slept like a baby.”

A lopsided grin formed on his face as he placed an arm around me. I turned my head and looked at him - he was waiting for me to do that. He pressed his forehead against mine, just like what he did last night, and his cheerful expression suddenly turned serious.

“Let’s talk. At lunch, at the parking lot where you knocked me out last time.”

My eyes widened just as soon as his serious expression returned to his cheerful one again.

Just hearing the words “let’s talk” made me remember all the horrible things I did to him. Shit. Oh shit.

He left just like that, leaving me dumbfounded and confused. Scared.

“Oh,” a voice behind me started. It was Sam. “A lovers’ quarrel?”

“It amazes me how you see it like that,” I replied sarcastically.

It couldn’t be considered as a quarrel since we didn’t even fight. And we weren’t lovers.

“Well,” he said. “What can I say, I’m a sucker for romance.”

I made a face similar to one that was about to puke before laughing at his face. Dude he sounded so gay.

“C’mon let’s head to class,” I said, still laughing a bit. Why do I find things like this so funny?

Sam smirked before adjusting his bag behind his shoulder. “Glad you finally smiled.”

I pretended not to hear and went ahead. That was nothing. He was just being a good friend, but I was too embarrassed to reply.

That was nothing at all.

Lunch. My favorite subject at school in which I usually get excited before heading to the cafeteria to meet my best friends and meet food. But for now, I had no appetite.

And no, it’s not the end of the world. Spiders didn’t fly and I didn’t get taller. If any of those made sense to you, you have a great mind like mine.

Brandon and I agreed we’d talk today, although I have no idea what about. And frankly speaking, I’m still scared.

I keep getting this ridiculous feeling like he’s gonna dump me even though we’re not together.

The parking lot was isolated just like the last time we’ve been here. Brandon got here first and was waiting on the grass under the big tree. I swallowed hard. So hard that I managed to swallow some air too, so I ended up burping.

Calm down calm down calm down.

I approached him and when I was in front of him, I stood still, waiting for him to notice I was already here, but I guess he already did. “You said we needed to talk?”

“Yeah,” he replied, his tone was dull. He patted on the area beside him. “Sit.”

I did, cautiously.

I waited for about a minute before he spoke again. “Those two guys you saw last night.”


“They were my friends. Luke and Justin.”

When the information sunk in my brain, I gawked at him. He continued.

“They were coming from a party, drunk as hell. They saw you and wanted to say hi but they said you ran away as soon as they tapped on your shoulder. They told me this morning.” He hid a smirk as he revealed to me the awesome truth.

I’m so ashamed I could die! How am I supposed to face them? Did I just ruin my reputation as the fearless girl in campus?

Fart. Fearless girl my fart-y ass.

I held my face under my hands and groaned audibly. “They probably think I’m some wimp.”

“Nah,” he reassured me, but I wasn’t sure if it was serious or not. “They were impressed actually. They never saw a girl run that fast.”

“Bitch,” the word naturally came out of my rude mouth. I realized I was in no position to spout profanities at him yet so I took it back. “Sorry.”

He placed his hands on the grass behind his back as support before looking up at the tree’s branches. And then in that position, he tilted his head over to my direction.

Why does he look more attractive tilting his head? It was both innocent yet misleading. It wasn’t fair.

“Nichole cried you know,” he began. I suddenly knew where he was going with this. “I never saw her cry before. Leo was frantic as well. He was about to call the cops after you called. And honestly speaking, I never saw those two lose their composure before.”

I slowly nodded my head. All I could think about was... I love my best friends so much.

“But it’s not your fault. So don’t worry, okay?” He said. “I know you were scared. Sorry I didn’t come with you. And sorry I yelled at you.”

This is wrong. He shouldn’t be the one apologizing.

“I’m sorry I made you guys worry,” I quickly uttered. “I won’t go out alone again.”

Brandon nodded before the corner of his lip curled up. “If you’re sorry then kiss me.”

I stared at him for a few seconds, replaying what he said in my head. Did I hear him correctly? Did he just ask me to kiss him?

“And if you’re really sorry,” he added. “Then do so while breaking rule number three.”

Rule number three: Kissing is allowed but only for a maximum of ten minutes a day. What did he mean? He wanted to go over the time limit?

I was getting strangely excited - no! He’s tricking me. I can resist him.

“You said it wasn’t my fault so I shouldn’t worry,” I reminded him of his previous statement.

“Yeah, but I didn’t say I wasn’t mad at you anymore.”

He’s mad at me? He’s really still mad at me? Why does it feel like my insides are twisting into knots when he said that? He’s mad at me.

“If you kiss me then maybe I’ll forgive you,” a smug grin formed on his attractive features. A weight got lifted from my chest. He was just fooling around again. This was just one of his sly tactics to get me to kiss him. The bastard potato took advantage of the situation.

He lied down on the grass while using his arms as a pillow. He was getting himself in a more comfortable position.

I looked around us if there were any people or cars who’d possibly see us. There were none. We were all alone in this isolated parking lot.

“I’m waiting,” he said, his eyes closed and his lips resisting a smirk. Damn it, he knew I wouldn’t say no to this.

I was a bit insecure since he wanted me to initiate it this time, and to keep it going for more than ten minutes - he was trying to kill me.

But I won’t back down. He knew that. And I really did want to kiss him too, after what he did last night. The way he got worried to the point of getting mad at me drew me closer to him. And for that I wanted to kiss him so bad.

So I’m doing this because I want to, not because he asked me to.

I placed a hand on his chest before leaning over to his face. His lips were really... Irresistible. I never knew kissing was this addicting.

“Bipolar potato,” I mumbled as I drew my face closer. This was like Sleeping Beauty in reverse. It was Sleeping Potato, and I was the Potato Charming. “See if you can resist my kissable lips.”

His grin grew wider when I said that. He opened his eyes, he was shaking, trying to control his chuckles. I smiled.

“You’ll never beat me,” he said. I scoffed. I was about to say another smart statement when he reached out his hand and pushed my head from behind so he could kiss me already.

Impatient dummy.

Annoyed, I took his hand behind my head and squeezed it so hard he began to complain a little by groaning. I held the nape of his neck as I pressed my lips harder on his.

The warm and tingling sensations danced in our mouths and I was proud at myself. I was more than keeping up with him.

I was winning.

A/N: I’m on my period now and I’m not in a very good mood. I feel like strangling someone.
Trivia: This whole chapter was written in three different bathrooms.

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