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Too Hot to Handle, Too Cold to Resist

Nichole was all dolled up. She wore a yellow blouse and a white flowy skirt that trailed just above her knees. Her hair was pulled up into a neat ponytail and the end was curled into perfection.

She looked so excited as she patted her face with some light make-up and I was a bit envious at how lovely she looked.

"Do I look okay?" She asked as she twirled around, her skirt flaring ever so slightly when she did.

I smiled. "Do you have to ask? You're beautiful. Leo's gonna flip."

She laughed quietly as she observed my choice of clothing. I wasn't at all conscious but I wasn't at all confident as well.

I wore a gray V-neck shirt, a pair of dark jeans and my beloved pair of sneakers. I let my hair fall down into big waves behind my back. Soft bangs framed my face making me look more feminine. My clothes weren't that fashionable but I'll manage to carry it in a way to make it look a bit more attractive.

I stopped in my thoughts.

Who was I trying to impress anyway? I was just going out to dinner with my two best friends. And a guy I hardly knew.

"You're gorgeous Mira," Nichole poked my rib. "I'd kill for a body like that."

"Ha-ha," I laughed sarcastically. "Are you done?"

"Just a sec," she mumbled. She took out a small bottle of perfume from her purse and sprayed it all over her neck down to her clothes.

When she saw that I was looking at her weirdly, she took another bottle of perfume and surprised me by spraying it on me.

"Ugh! No! Yuck!" I whined as I swatted the bottle away. She kept laughing as I sniffed myself and made a sour expression. "Nichole! You know I hate perfume!"

"Oh c'mon Mira!" She returned her things to her drawer. "Brandon will be there. You need to make a good impression! Who knows, he'll - "

"No," was my immediate answer. "Nothing's gonna happen between us. I'm just going because of you guys and because of the free food. I'll probably ignore him for the rest of the evening."

She was already used to my stubbornness so she didn't have much of a reaction. Instead, she tilted her chin up with her finger and smiled. A very suspicious smile.

"He's kinda hard to ignore though. And since it's you, he might make a move as soon as you two are introduced."

I laughed internally. She doesn't know about the silent glares we've been exchanging for the past few months.

"Can we go now?" I asked, rubbing my shirt with my hands, an attempt to rub off the smell of perfume as well.

It was a futile attempt.

"Let's go," she cheerfully linked her arm with mine.

"You're late," Nichole had a stern expression on her face as Leo stood in front of our table.

"No, you're just too early," he tried to joke but the humor died quickly because Nichole glared at him. "I'm sorry! It's because Brandon was taking too long in the shower!"

I snorted despite Nichole nudging my arm. "Is he a girl," I mumbled, mostly to myself. I don't know why I found it so funny.

"Well where is he?" She asked, her mood softening. She could never stay mad long enough when it comes to Leo. Not even if she tried.

Leo gave her a shy, boyish smile, or a guilty one. I could sense Nichole scowling already. "H-He's coming."

I hid a smirk. My best friend is so whipped. I've known Leo since we were 12 and he's never acted like this to his past girlfriends.

Now that I think about it, I brought this two together. They owe me big time.

Leo finally sat down at the opposite side of the table and ordered our food. We were at a small restaurant a few blocks away from school, but I heard the food here was great.

The three of us talked for a while until our food arrived. Well that was quick. We dug in immediately, laughing at ourselves in between chews. We looked like we haven't eaten in days.

Hm, did the waiter get our orders wrong? I could've sworn I ordered the super spicy burrito. This wasn't spicy at all.

In the middle of my burrito, Leo's eyes lit up and he held his hand up, waving at someone behind us. I cussed internally. I forgot we had another guest.

"Brandon!" Nichole exclaimed as he jogged to our table. Before he could greet them back, our eyes met for a second. Instead of a glare this time, he looked surprised. He probably didn't know I was coming along. Sucks for him.

"Sorry I'm late," he smiled as he slid to the seat next to Leo and in front if me. Great just great.

"What took you so long?" Nichole was the first one to ask.

"I had to take an extra minute in the shower. Gotta smell good for our friendly little date," he winked.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting him to be like this. I always thought he was quiet and just randomly glared at strangers. Maybe my perception of him was wrong all along.

"Extra minute?" Leo scoffed. "More like an extra hour."

He was about to take a bite from his French fry when Brandon grabbed his wrist and ate it. Oh. Ew.

"Dude!" Leo whined.

"Don't be shy now Leonard," he teased. Nichole was giggling at them while I stared at them weirdly. "We do this all the time when we're alone."

And then he winked again. Leo almost blew chunks. He hit him hard on the arm, his friend just laughed playfully. "Gross!"

I quietly studied his features. He was actually cute up close. His hair was a light shade of brown, styled neatly but fashionably unlike Leo's messy-do, his skin had a fair complexion - but not too light - his eyes were crystal blue and how do I put it? It was shiny or something. This is the second time I can say that a guy's eyes are pretty.

The first is Jensen Ackles of course.

And his jaw-line. It looked so strong despite his features. I don't know why I'm so attracted to jaw-lines. His choice of clothing were nice as well. A simple black shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of white sneakers. I think he managed to pull that look off better than I did.

Brandon continued teasing Leo as Leo complained non-stop. It was hilarious to see how Leo was taking it so seriously.

I didn't hold back my laughter. Leo was overreacting. Maybe it was because of Nichole's presence.

"Aaw," I cooed, earning their attention. "Little Leo already lost his manliness against me. Now he's getting more in touch with his feminine side."

Nichole burst into a fit of giggles after giving me a high-five. Leo didn't look happy being the center of our jokes.

He slung his arm around Brandon's neck mischievously and pulled him down, his opponent began to struggle. "Mira," he called, holding his victim still. "This is Brandon Pierce. Brandon, this is Mira Jadsen. Now be friends."

Brandon broke from his grip as soon as Leo finished introducing us in a rather playful fashion. He glanced at me. I waited. What was he gonna do?

Nothing. That's what he did. Did he really see me? He turned back to Leo and pinched his cheek. "Yeah I already know her."

Leo swatted his hand off his face. "Dude stop acting all over me!"

I didn't get him at all. Did he hate me or did he simply not care? I shrugged my thoughts off. Why should I care anyway?

Ignore him.

I noticed that Nichole was quiet and when I glanced at her direction, she was texting under the table. I was about to ask her what it was since she looked a bit irritated, but she beat me to it.

"My sister's outside." She groaned. "Wait a bit you guys, I just need to get something from her," she quickly stood up from her seat and grabbed her purse. Leo stood up as well and went outside with her. Why did he have to be such the gentleman?

And why did they leave us alone?


I watched them both leave the restaurant.


This is going to be so damn awkward.

It was silent for a few seconds. We were occasionally stealing glances from one another, wondering if one should start up a conversation or something. I avoided all eye-contact because it was getting weird.

He decided to eat his burrito. I took my phone out and pretended to text, to distract myself and not look like an awkward turtle.

I was too occupied pretending to be occupied when I heard my companion mumble something incoherent.

I glanced at him and my brows rose when he was looking at me wide-eyed, his mouth tightly shut. He swallowed before sticking his tongue out. "Shit! It's hot!"

"Hot? That's my burrito then!" I realized.

He glanced at the glasses on the table. They were all empty. Until his eyes landed on my beloved milkshake.

"Oh no you don't!" I growled, grabbing my milkshake and holding it possessively.

"Just a sip!" He begged. A small bead of sweat trickled down his face as he pleaded with his eyes.

I was cruel and heartless, I know. But I'm not sacrificing my milkshake. Especially since Leo and Nichole paid for it, which was historic in itself. "No."

He stood up and sat on Nichole's seat right beside me. His hands were aiming for my drink but I held it away from him as far as I could.

I was already uncomfortable with our position. He was leaning a bit too close for my liking and I had no means of covering my front because my hands were too busy guarding my milkshake above my head.

"Hurry up it's burning!" He cried out, still trying to reach my glass.

"Then go ask for some water from the waiters!" I argued.

He stuck his tongue out again and released a strangled sigh. Was it really that spicy?

To my surprise, he stood up and grabbed a hold of my milkshake. I yelped as he began pulling it away from my hands.

"Let it go!"

"Can't hold it back anymore?!" I even managed to pull off a sarcastic joke.

It was a tug of war now, my drink was the trophy. It was slightly spilling because of all the pulling from opposite directions. I wanted to cry from the sight of my glorious drink getting wasted bit by bit.

If it were Nichole, I'd give her my drink easily, but to this guy? There's no way I'm letting his mouth touch my drink and expect me to drink it again. It's an indirect exchange of saliva.

I yanked the drink harder, at the same time, his hand slipped and the entire glass spilled all over my jaw down to my neck and shirt. I cringed from the cold. I was about to cuss at him but what I didn't anticipate was what he did next.

He grabbed me and pressed his lips on my neck. He hurriedly sucked the remains of the milkshake from my nape down to my collarbone.

I froze up.

I had no reaction at first because I was too shocked to process everything, but the warm sensation on my tingling skin snapped me out of my senses.

When I looked down, his hand was on my left boob. Did he even realize that?! My vision turned black. And then I lost it.

I pushed him away as hard as I could, and glared at him with all my might. He wiped his mouth before taking the half empty glass on my lap and chugged down the remaining contents.

"You! Shameless! Pervert!" I screeched, covering myself out of instinct. I held the burning sensation on the nape of my neck and when I realized what it was, I grew even more furious. "I'm going to fucking kill you!"

"Uh..." A voice behind us startled me. It was Nichole and Leo, staring at us wide-eyed. I was half-relieved because they were back and half-humiliated because of what they probably just witnessed and because of the sticky milkshake all over my shirt and skin.

"Nichole!" My voice almost broke into a cry. Almost. Leo took the jacket hanging on their seat and covered me up. Nichole helped me up and hurriedly assisted me towards the exit.

"I'll take her back to the apartment," she told Leo and gave Brandon a wild glare. I didn't dare look at him.

Just who the hell did he think he was?!


I wrote this while waiting for my mom to finish shopping and trying out for some new clothes.

So in other words, I wrote this while walking around the mall. And I bumped in to a lot of people too. Maybe tripped a few times. And got laughed at. I just smiled knowing how stupid I am.

Kids, do not imitate me.

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