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My Special Technique - Mira Kick!

School again. Ugh.

I used my hair to cover up the certain marks around my neck down to my collarbone. I was suddenly thankful I hadn't cut it short yet.

At school everything was a normal day for everybody. Well, in my case, I looked like I was having a normal day too - except my brain was driving me nuts with my rather motivated killing intent.

I casually walked across the hallways, scanning the crowd if there were any signs of a certain douchebag. None. Was he hiding?

"Mira!" Leo and Nichole both jogged towards me.

"What?" I asked, a bit distracted. I walked to my locker as the two of them followed me from behind.

Leo stood in front of me, blocking me from my locker, eyes pleading with guilt. "I'm so sorry about last night. I didn't expect Brandon to do that. He just really can't stand spicy food and - "

"Where is he?" I asked, my tone probably sounded villainous because Nichole winced. "If he wants to apologize then he'd better tell me himself. Don't apologize for him."

What he did was practically harassment. What normal guy would go and do that?

He was about to say something else but stopped himself when he realized I was right. Slowly, he got out of my way and let me stuff my things in my locker. After I was through I slammed it shut and walked away. They were still following me.

"It's partly my fault for leaving you two, so I'm sorry too," Nichole said. I stopped in my tracks and faced my best friends, giving them a reassuring smile. These two worry too much. And that's why I love them to death.

"None of this is your fault. Okay? It's Brandon's. Now I need to find him and offer him my gratitude for doing that to me last night." I ruffled their hairs. Nichole didn't complain like she usually would. Leo nodded his head.

"Are you gonna beat him up? You can, if you think he deserves it."

A very nice and tempting suggestion. But no. "I'm just gonna talk to him. Even if I can't stand his ugly face and intolerable voice."

"Who's the ugly face?" My head quickly snapped behind my shoulder when I was sure who it was.


He even had the guts to stand so close behind me.

I turned around and faced him directly, hiding my clenched fists inside my pockets. Don't. Punch. Him.

He tilted his head a bit, never leaving my eyes for a second, and then he grinned at me.

"Is my voice that hot that you'd deem it intolerable?" He folded his arms as his eyes studied me curiously.

I couldn't hold back my glare. Instead of pounding him like the uncivilized gorilla I was, I decided to act civilized and just looked at him with expecting eyes. Who knows, this might do me good.

"Let's talk." He finally said, seriously.

"Fine by me." I replied. He tilted his head to a certain direction and I nodded stiffly. He went ahead as I smiled at my best friends again, reassuring them that I was gonna be alright, and it was Brandon they should be worried about.

And pray he'll live until last period.

"Okay douche, talk." I said as soon as we settled in the back part of the school. I didn't even know there was another parking lot here. A lot people probably didn't know, because there were in fact no cars parked in the area.

"I'm not gonna apologize," he said with finality. I stood there wide-eyed at his sudden proclamation. What the hell? "It was your fault for being greedy. You should have given me your milkshake."

I opened my mouth to yell at him but stopped myself. Be cool. You only just met the guy. Oh wait. I don't care. "Are you kidding me right now?"

"I like to kid around but this is not one of those moments," he grinned.

He was most definitely taking everything as a joke. I must refrain myself from killing him. Control yourself, Mira.

"Listen here, dick," I said through gritted teeth. "I want you to apologize right here, right now. Then, we can pretend all these never happened and we can go back to glaring at each other everyday."

"You thought I was glaring at you?" He laughed. "I wasn't. That's just how I normally look at pretty people."

"Spare me your compliments," I rolled my eyes. I hated it when guys do that. It was so fake. "What you did was unreasonable. Look at what you did!"

I shoved my hair behind my back and showed him the now purple marks on my neck. "And this was all because of a spicy burrito! And a milkshake!"

He made an unexplainable face when he saw his art on my skin. He didn't even look like he was regretting it. "It's pretty nice if I say so myself."

"Nice?" I almost gagged. "You call these bruises nice?"

He glanced at me weirdly. "It's just a bunch of hickeys. So what. It's not like you've never had one before."

I bit my lip. I've never had one before. But he didn't know that. He didn't need to know that.

"That's not what bothers me," I said, covering the sides of my neck with my hair again. "Just the fact that they were from you."

He groaned. "You're making such a big deal out of this."

I can't even explain how much I hate him right now. He's a rude, insensitive jerk. Was it that hard to see that I was a delicate girl?

Pft. Delicate. I make myself laugh sometimes.

But even so. What he did wasn't right.

"You groped me," I pointed out, much to his surprise.

His eyes widened before he looked at his hand, as if he didn't believe it himself. "I... what? When?"

Don't tell me he thought he was grabbing my shoulder when he forcefully kept me still last night.

I shook my head. "You're such an idiot."

I knew this conversation was pointless so I decided to leave. Why did he even bring me here to talk if it wasn't to apologize? Such a waste of time.

I was already a few meters away from him when he snapped out of his senses. He caught up to me and blocked my way. What is it with guys blocking my way?

"I didn't notice I was holding your uh..." He awkwardly pointed at my chest. My eyes narrowed at him, feeling a bit offended.

"My boob?" I clarified without embarrassment. I was too mad. And it was more embarrassing for his part anyway, judging from his expression. "You didn't notice you were holding my boob the whole time you sucked my neck? Oh very believable Brandon. You just made the best excuse in the world."

His ears turned red but his face remained calm. "Way to put it that way. You make me sound like a total perv."

"You are a perv."

"No I'm not," he argued, a bit childishly. "It's just... Spicy food. And the only thing that can cool my tongue was on you. So... I had no choice."

How much of an idiot did he think I was?

I nodded my head slowly, not at all convinced at what he was trying to say. It was a bit hard to glare at him properly because he was a head taller than me. "And when you groped me? What's your excuse for that?"

"I didn't notice!" He said, almost desperately. Why was he more bothered with that than all the hickeys he gave me? I can't understand him at all. "Uhh. Can't you just let this one slide?"

Let it slide? Was something wrong with him?

Obviously my answer was no, but then an idea struck me, and then I smiled. He looked relieved, thinking he was off the hook because of my smile. He did not know about the fearsome intentions behind this angelic smile of mine. Bless him for his ignorance.

"Alright." I said.

He was probably about to make another smart statement when I interrupted. Probably with the most surprising interruption he can ever think of.

I gave him a kick infused with all my feelings of hatred for bastards like him - my dignity as a girl which he so much ignored - and my pride as a fighter, which he probably didn't know that much about.

A kick to his crotch. My special technique, Mira Kick!

His eyes rolled up to his head before he got down on his knees, holding his precious as he held back a whine. His groans were concealed by keeping his mouth shut but anyone could tell he was writhing in agony.

"Now we're even," I said. I was about to leave, satisfied, when another idea hit me. I went back to the fallen idiot. "You're lucky I'm kind-hearted."

It sounded more sarcastic than I had intended though.

I did to him what I did to my last victim. I pulled his arm up and kicked his stomach so he'd stand up, quite barely if I may add, and then placed his arm around my shoulder for support. Then I carried him back to our friends.

See? I'm so nice I'd even carry my victims myself. Such a girl I am.


I wrote this one as soon as I woke up (at noon) and finished it right after lunch. Dad got mad at me because I wouldn't put my phone down whenever he made me run a few errands (even if I finished those errands quickly but surely).

Whyyy daaad.

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