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I'm a Little Confused

I turned around, away from Brandon's face but it was a futile attempt to even hide because of the damn mirrors. So even if he was behind me, he could still see what was going on in front.

"I'm waiting," he sang as he folded his arms. He looked ridiculous because of the potato-patterned pyjama set, but I couldn't laugh. Not in this situation I'm in.

I put on my best game face and smirked at his reflection in the mirror. Here goes nothing then.

Goodbye sane me. Hello crazy bitch.

I peeled my shirt off, carefully and slowly, enough for Brandon to get impatient. My heart was beating faster every second, knowing how stupid I am for doing this and not stopping when I have every chance to.

When I was finally standing there in my bra--I'm glad I wore the presentable one today--I turned around forced-confidently and put my hands on my waist, grinning at his expression.

He swallowed hard before attempting to act cool, just like what I did earlier. His eyes travelled up and down to places I don't even want to mention. A smug grin crossed his face before he nodded his head in approval.

"I was right," his eyes settled on my chest a little longer, making me want to cover up and smack him. "It was a C."

"Yeah," I said coolly, resisting the urge to kill him. I'm just so stupid, so stupid.

Did I just fucking strip in front of him?!

I put the damned cropped shirt on. It was hanging a bit loosely just above my stomach. I checked myself in every angle, it fit just okay.

And now for the shorts.

I decided to be recklessly brave and stupid again. I wanted to do something Brandon couldn't.

I looked at him slyly before gesturing to my pants. "Help me take this off."

"S-Seriously?" He stuttered. I smiled while nodding my head.

Again, he swallowed hard and looked like he couldn't believe what he was hearing. I gave him an encouraging smirk and that did the trick.

His hands immediately grabbed a hold of my jeans. I held my breath from the sudden contact, even though I was expecting it.

He bent down a bit, his eyes slightly squinting in full concentration. He looked like he was diffusing a bomb with that expression.

I somehow managed to attain superhuman powers at that short moment, because I became too aware of the situation, and my senses intensified tenfold.

In my head, everything was mute, but I could hear my breathing--his breathing mixed, the blood rushing to my ears, my heart going wild inside my cage and my damn skin--it tingled every time his fingers brushed a part of my exposed stomach, even if it was just a little bit.

When did I get so sensitive?

I know. I have to change my body soap.

And what was taking him so long? I risked a glance to see how he was doing. His expression was still the same. At first, he couldn't undo the button since it was a bit tight, so he pushed his thumb a bit harder on the button.

My legs felt like they've been shot by a lethal doze of anesthesia.

Slowly, whether it was to torture me or because he was just plain nervous himself, he undid the button. After that, he pulled the zipper of my jeans down.

Oh my God I think I'm gonna fart.

Nah I'm kidding.

As he was about to slide the cloth down my legs, I panicked. This has got to stop before I faint. I stopped him by holding his hands, earning a surprised look from him.

"Thanks, I'll take it from here."

He nodded stiffly before standing quietly in the corner of the room, which was actually just a few inches away.

Mothertrucker this is so awkward. Why did I do that?

I took a deep breath and consciously slid my jeans off. He was observing my every move and I was about to pass out.

Stop looking. Stop it.


No Mira, let him look. You're winning.

After sliding the jeans off my legs (and stripping a huge part of my dignity), I sighed in relief when I realized I wasn't just standing in my underwear. Lucky I wore a pair of cycling shorts for our gym class earlier.

I put on the matching shorts and when I was through, I laughed at both our reflections, silently hoping to lighten the tense atmosphere. We looked so stupid!

He grinned while taking his phone out too. Oh no. "Say potato!"

I was a sport. I mimicked his poses from earlier and made a complete fool out of myself. It was fun though, that I had to admit.

"Now let's take a selfie to commemorate the day we made complete idiots of ourselves," I said as I took my own phone out.

I switched it to front cam and you know what comes after.

"So what'd you guys buy?" Nichole asked, sounding excited. We were on our way home now, Brandon and Leo were gonna drop us off our apartment.

I shrugged my shoulders and grinned slyly at Brandon. I was in the front seat while the two were in the back. "It's a secret."

He smiled playfully at my reply, knowing what I meant. We agreed not to tell or show anybody those embarrassing pyjamas. I don't understand why we even bought them in the first place.

"Ugh. Please don't tell me you guys bought something dirty?" Leo made barfing sounds and I resisted the urge to hit him. He was lucky he was sitting in the back.

"It's purely innocent, if you must know," I said.

"Yeah," Brandon agreed, eyes still on the road. "And it's purely for our eyes only."

I wanted to laugh but held it in for the sake of misleading our friends. It was amusing. In a way.

Leo gagged. "There it is! Stop that! Hearing you two say that is one thing. But imagining... Ew."

"What the hell is going on in your head?" Nichole asked, incredulously.

"My two best friends screwing around." He said. "Gross. Just. Ugh." Leo pretended to wipe some sweat from his forehead. I rolled my eyes.

"Dude that's sick," Brandon said, his face wrinkling in disgust. "Stop picturing me naked."

"Me too," I came to his defense. "I don't go around imagining you and Nichole doing the nasty."

As soon as I said that, everybody shut up immediately.

Well. This was awkward.

Brandon cleared his throat not a moment later. "So, you girls are roommates?"

I'm so glad he changed the topic. It was such a weird conversation. I'm gonna erase it from my mind right now. "Yeah. We live in the apartment Nichole's aunt owns."

"Must be very convenient, since it's so close to school."

"Yeah," I nodded my head. "What about you guys? I thought you were roommates too?"

"We are," Leo replied for him. "Our apartment is just in front of yours actually. Wait, you didn't know that? Some best friend you are."

He pretended to sulk and I just laughed at him. "Stop making that face. You're so ugly."

"Yeah well, Nichole doesn't think so. Right babe?"

Nichole sent me a smirk before whipping her hair to her back. "Nope. You're hideous."

Brandon and I burst out laughing. That's right bitch. It's sisters before misters. After that good laugh and Nichole cheering Leo up because he actually took that seriously (talk about sensitive), we arrived at our apartment.

Nichole gave Leo a sweet kiss on the lips before she went out. I was about to go out as well until Brandon held my arm, preventing me from even opening the door.

I sent him a questioning look, but he gave me expecting eyes in reply.

"Where's my kiss?"

I unconsciously took a sharp breath. My heart decided to give my rib cage a single, huge punch. What was happening to me lately?

"Excuse me?" I chuckled in disbelief, concealing my self-confused state. "Why should I kiss you?"

"Because you like me?" He cockily suggested. My breathing went back to normal as I pouted playfully and laughed.

"Wrong answer. But today was fun, so I guess I'll give you a smack."

He looked excited as he got in a more comfortable position in his seat. He leaned in a bit and closed his eyes.

Poor thing.

I did what I promised, and smacked him with three powerful fingers, right on the forehead. His eyes shot open, probably from surprise. He looked at me, his forehead slightly glowing pink from the impact.

"Have a good night pink potato," I smirked, and then shut the car door close. I could hear Leo laughing his guts out even from outside the car. Nichole was giggling by my side as we made our way up to our floor.

Served him right for making me act like this.

"Baby," his voice sounded different in the phone--a bit muffled, deeper. I was guessing he was currently lying down. "Potato baby."

I'm still wondering how I managed to get used to that dumb pet name. And why I'm smiling to myself now that no one's watching.

"What do you want potato?" I mumbled myself. I was about to fall asleep when this dolt called and disturbed my peaceful night.

He laughed slowly. The sound of his laughter was nice, so I pressed my phone a bit harder on my ear. "Nothing. Just wanted to hear your voice."

I don't know how to describe this correctly, but I felt like a dozen huge bubbles collected inside my chest and caused my breathing to quicken.

Ridiculous, I know. I must be tired already.

Hearing nothing but my breathing as my response, he continued. "I had a really great time today. Thank you, really. Goodnight Mira."

He hung up before I could even give a smart reply. He knew me too well.

I clenched my phone in my hand and sighed deeply. I'm forcing myself not to smile like an idiot right now. Why. Why do I feel so happy after one phone call?

I know he's just doing it for the sake of the game. But still. It's weird.

He's weird.

The game itself is weird.

That's right, after this stupid game everything will be back to normal, so I'll just keep going. Brandon is dangerous for my health. I have to finish this game quickly. That should be the right thing to do.


Trivia: I wrote this the whole time I was holding my pee.

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