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He's Just a Patient Wolf

“Just you and me today potato grumpy,” Brandon said against my ear upon closing the distance between us. I shoved him away.

“Go away, touchy potato.”

I wasn’t in the mood today. Somehow, I felt uncomfortable and I wanted to punch something. I don’t know.

He sent me a small grin. “Why’re you grumpy? Stop frowning.”

“I’m not frowning.”

“Yeah you are.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are.”

I looked at him and groaned heavily. He wasn’t going to stoop down anytime soon with this pointless argument, so I just shut up and glared at him.

I walked away, away from him because I really wasn’t in the mood. And I felt like crying all of a sudden. I felt so unlucky. Unloved.

Oh my God what was that?

Why was I suddenly getting emotional right now? So gay dude.

“Is it because Nichole and Leo are skipping and left you behind?” He asked, his tone softer this time. His expression looked hopeful, and I was actually compelled to give him my attention. Damn it.

“Not really,” I shook my head at him. I even forgot those two were skipping today. It was their first year anniversary after all. “I just feel down. That’s all.”


I shook my head again. Even I found it strange that I was unusually quiet today. What was going on with me lately?

“Well,” Brandon scratched the back of his head, seeming like he didn’t know what else to say or do. He patted my head softly and offered me a genuine smile, not his usual mischievous grins, but a real smile. “I hope you get better. See you at lunch?”

I smiled back and nodded my head. He was too good at faking to be sweet.

It was scary.

Ten minutes before lunch, and I felt my insides getting squeezed, wrung, tortured. As if there was a battle being fought in my uterus. And I was feeling rather uncomfortable down there.

Shit. Was it that time of the month?

“Want anything else?” Brandon set a tray down in front of me. I looked at him, confused.

“Why are you so nice to me today?” I pushed the tray away from me and to his side of the table. We were at the cafeteria now. Lunch break started over an hour ago and I still couldn’t work up the appetite.

Surprising, I know.

He pushed the tray back to me. “You don’t look well. Eat something.”

“No,” I pushed the tray away from me again. “It’s fine. You eat this, you bought this right? You’d be violating rule number one if you treat me lunch.”

He didn’t look pleased at all. He took the chocolate drink beside the unappealing cafeteria food, stabbed the straw in it and gave it to me. “I don’t care. Leo and Nichole aren’t here anyway. At least drink this.”

I shook my head. “I don’t get you at all. You’re so weird.”

“Drink it?” He offered with an adorable smile, ignoring my previous comment. After staring at him for a while, I groaned loudly and took the drink from his hand.

Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t because he looked adorable. It was because I knew he’d insist I drink it until I do.


Yeah Mira, keep telling yourself that.

A satisfied grin was on his face when I put the straw in my lips and sipped chocolate drink. It only took about three long sips and the cardboard box was empty.

“So you were hungry.” He raised a brow when I clenched the empty box and set it aside.

“No,” I replied. “Just thirsty. And I loved that drink so that’s why.”

He didn’t look convinced but he smiled anyway. For the next five minutes, he decided to eat the lunch he bought for me so it wouldn’t be a waste. I found myself drifting away in my thoughts. Memories about last night.

He called me. He said good night. His voice was wonderful.

I shook my head quietly.

It’s just a game. It’s just a good tactic. It’s not real.

I felt an annoying discomfort between my legs as I was in the middle of my thoughts, and I was unsure whether it really was that time of the month or not. Not waiting to find out, I stood up.

“I’m going to the bathroom,” I announced. Brandon nodded as I began to walk away.

But not until he called me back.

“I’ll be quick,” I said. He awkwardly motioned his finger clockwise, maybe gesturing me to turn around, and he was trying his best to avert his gaze. I cocked my head to the side. “What?”

“You have um...” His face coloured into the lightest shade of pink. “Uh... A red stain on your pants.”

It didn’t take a genius to get what he meant. My eyes widened, realizing what it was as my hand shot down to cover my behind. Shit!

I sat back down and internally debated whether to rush to the bathroom now or wait until everyone else leaves.

Cry. Why did I leave my bag in my locker? Now what do I use to cover up?

“Um...” Brandon suddenly reminded me of his presence. “I’ll cover you.”

I gave him another weird look. “You’re so nice today. I can’t help thinking you have an ulterior motive.”

He rolled his eyes before standing up and grabbing my hand. “C’mon, I’ll take you to the bathroom.”

“Now you’re just creeping me out.” I said. He pulled me up abruptly, almost causing me to lose balance. He caught my shoulders behind me and commanded me to march forward.

“This is ridiculous!” I complained, but walked forward anyway. We looked so unnatural by the way we were walking so close to each other. And for me, it looked pretty obvious that he was hiding the stain on my butt.

We earned a few stares of course, that was inevitable. And it bothered me. But what bothered me most was what Brandon was doing.

“You’ll get blood on yourself if you come any closer,” I said, to make him feel disgusted and back off. But no, it just made him firm his hold my shoulders.

I grunted, feeling annoyed and embarrassed. Well, annoyed because I was embarrassed. I never thought he’d do something like this for me.

I decided to just let him do what he wants. It was for my own benefit anyway. Why do I always give in in the end when it comes to him? I can’t accept it.

When I remembered I had no spare tampon in my bag and all the tampon and tissue-pack vending machines were busted, I mentally smacked myself.


I would’ve went to the clinic or asked some of my friends if they had a spare, but I was too uncomfortable to waste anymore time. So I told Brandon to take me back to my apartment.

“Sorry,” I mumbled as I got in his car. I placed a piece of paper under my butt in case, you know, it gets messy.

“You can’t help it,” he said reassuringly. It did not reassure me at all. Now I’m indebted to him. “My mom experienced that before, and we were at the mall that time too. So I get it, don’t worry.”

Did he mean to say he covered for his mom too? Is this guy a real gentleman or is this just a facade?

Ugh I can’t think straight anymore, the cramps are killing me.

When we arrived at our apartment, I made a run for the bathroom - I never knew I could run so fast in my life. I shut the door close, leaving behind an idle and confused Brandon.

I forgot something a bit crucial since I was in such a hurry, and I was already sitting on the toilet, so I texted him.

| Grab me a tampon from my room please? |

I know, shameful of me. But I just couldn’t go out now that I’m here. I can, but I don’t want to. Girls will understand this.

My phone vibrated, I read his reply.

| Where? |

I had to admit, I wasn’t expecting him to be so agreeable.

| Second drawer inside my closet. My room is the one on the right side. |

| Got it. |

After a few minutes, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it slightly so only his hand fit through it. He blindly handed me the pack of tampons and I took it quickly.

“Thanks so much Brandon,” I breathed, feeling a bit awkward. I feel so dirty. I hope he doesn’t find me disgusting or anything.

I’m still a girl. Of course I’m conscious about these things.

After I was through with my business and washed that stain off my pants, I went out. He was waiting near our television, looking distracted with the phone in his hand. Was he texting somebody? I wonder who?

Stop it. Don’t get too curious.

“Hey,” I announced my presence. He gave me a brief nod, probably feeling a bit awkward with the situation. “Sorry.”

“It’s alright, really,” he chuckled. “My mom stayed in the bathroom for hours when she got her period. She kept yelling at me for no reason too.”

I looked at him. “Are you close with your mom?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “You can say that. She’s not my real mom though.”


I was about to press further when he spun on his heels and headed to the door. “Let’s go. We can still make it to next period.”

“Oh, okay,” I followed him. I’ll ask him about that issue in another time then.

As he was about to open the door, I stood up on my toes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He stiffened and I swore his neck almost snapped when he turned to stare at me wide-eyed.

I smiled shyly at him. Shit. Shyly. Me? I’m turning gay. “That’s... Thanks...”

A foolish grin spread on his face, but he didn’t say anything. He looked distractedly happy when he finally opened the door. I was just quiet beside him.

What met us behind the other side of the door was definitely what broke my silence. The woman stood there smiling warmly at me, but her smile dropped when she saw my companion.

“Mom?” I croaked.

“Who’s this?” She eyed Brandon critically before transferring her intense stare at me. “I thought you were living with Nichole. Did you lie to me?”

“No!” I cried out, almost too defensively. But it was the truth. Mom looked at me unconvinced. “I really am living with Nichole. Um... This is Brandon, Leo’s best friend. He just dropped me off. I kinda had a little accident at school.”

“Accident?” Her gaze softened into worry. I was suddenly relieved she didn’t look mad anymore. But now, I had more explaining to do. “What accident? Are you okay?”


Now for the explanation.

“She was such a tomboy, this kid,” mom chuckled. She and Brandon were currently discussing my not-so-cute childhood in my kitchen. I, the topic of the discussion, was standing behind the counter, making my guests a few sandwiches. I wasn’t really invited to the discussion.

Not nice, mom.

“She’d beat up kids who made fun of her teeth. She had such crooked teeth before - ”

“He’s not interested in my lame childhood story so stop talking mom,” I said, placing the sandwiches on the table. She smiled sweetly before taking one of the sandwiches I made.

Brandon on the other hand, looked amused. Very amused. “I don’t mind. Kid Mira sounds awesome.”

He sent me a wink and I scoffed. Mom caught us and she squealed.

The woman squealed.


Did anybody spot what’s wrong with this sentence?

Let me give you a hint: she squealed.

“So are you two like, going out now?” She asked, sounding like she was our age. I was about to correct her when Brandon held my waist and pulled me to his side. What -

“Not yet,” he smiled at my mom. “But soon. Probably. If she admits she likes me.”

I pushed myself away from his grasp and gave him a warning glare. He mustn’t tell my mom about the stupid game. Or else he’ll have to live with the possibility of being unable to father children in the future.

“Oh Mira!” Mom looked at me expectantly. “Just say you like him already! He’s such a nice boy.”

She held Brandon’s hands and gave him a pitiful look, her lips pouting slightly. “I’m sorry you have to put up with this prude of a daughter of mine.”

“Not at all Mrs. Jadsen,” he grinned. “I enjoy her company no matter what she does. I’d like to stay by her side until she admits she likes me.”

My mom cooed, pleased. “Just call me Paige, Brandon. And Mira, stop playing hard to get would you? You’ll end up losing this great guy!”

“Don’t be fooled mom,” I warned. “He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

“This gentleman?” Mom scoffed. Yeah right, like she knew him like I did. She just met him! Now they were in first name basis!

“Whatever,” I took the empty plates from the table and placed them in the sink. They ate the whole thing already. “I’m not gonna admit anything until he admits he likes me first.”

Brandon and I exchanged grins. My mom was oblivious to what was really going on. She seemed as if she was about to say something until her eyes landed on our clock. A look of panic crossed her face as she abruptly stood up.

“Work! I forgot!” She gave me a quick kiss in the cheek and hugged Brandon before rushing to the door. “I was just supposed to leave the salad while you were at school, but I forgot! I’m not even going to ask why you’re not in school.” She gave Brandon a knowing smile. Ugh. “See you tomorrow honey! Nice meeting you Brandon!”

“You too Paige!” He called out before mom slammed the door close behind her.

As soon as she left, only silence enveloped the room. I still can’t believe she was here. That woman was fast as well - guess now I know where I got my speed from.

I began washing the dishes, ignoring the guy who just tricked my mother into thinking he was some sweetheart. Psh.

“About what you and your mom said,” he started. I didn’t spare him a glance and just continued doing the dishes. “About me being a wolf in sheep’s clothing and being a gentleman.”

Yeah, I could care less.

A hand snaked around my shoulder and I squeaked when he pressed his lips on my ear. Why does he keep doing that! “I’m just going to clarify some things.”

I didn’t dare move my head, because if I did, I knew he’d kiss me for sure. And I wasn’t prepared for that yet. I felt his lips curl up into a sly smile, making me tingle all over. “Remember. A gentleman is just a patient wolf.”

A/N: I’m sleepy.
Trivia: I’m scratching my butt at the moment.

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