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Yay Timing

“A gentleman is just a patient wolf.”

A patient wolf? That weird potato? Him? A patient wolf my ass.

A day passed since my bloody situation, but I still couldn’t get what he said out of my head. What did he mean? Was he implying something?

Or was he just stating a quote from some site? Because I swear I read that in 9gag before.

Recalling what happened yesterday after he delivered that sentence, I sighed. We skipped the afternoon classes yesterday because mom came and after that we were too lazy to attend anymore, so Brandon just went back to their apartment as I slept.

Wait. Maybe I was just over-thinking again because I was on my period?

I smiled to myself. That explained everything perfectly. I wonder why I feel so relieved all of a sudden.

Leo and Nichole were finally back, but we barely had time to see each other because of our classes, much less talk. But somehow, Brandon still managed to find me. Where the hell did he get my schedule? He seemed to know where I was at all times.

“Stalker,” I mumbled as he made his way towards me, wearing that usual wide grin on his face. He heard me loud and clear, as well as a few students because they began staring. What.

“Now,” he said, teasingly. “Is that what you should be saying to your human-cover-for-blood-stains?”

I threw him a dirty look but shrugged it off immediately. He didn’t sound this confident yesterday. And I was indebted to him. Damn it.

“I’ll claim my reward,” he put both his hands on my shoulders, stopping me from walking away. I was expecting he’d ask for something dumb but he instead, he claimed his reward himself.

He kissed the corner of my mouth, brushing my lower lip just a little bit. If my sharp intake of breath didn’t distract me, I would’ve slapped him upside the head already. “Thank you.”

“Hey!” I complained, still looking at him in complete bewilderment. I hope my cheeks didn’t betray me now. Shit why do I feel faint. “You - ”

“Not so loud now. People are watching.” A victorious grin crossed his face. I looked around and saw that it was true. I scoffed. People were so nosy.

I looked back at him, my stare intensifying. I hate this. Now he’s got the upper hand. I hate this so much.

But I somehow liked the feeling of it, that kiss - no. Stop thinking. Yeah, you’re over-thinking again because you’re on your period.

Dramatic sigh.

Why do I always try to convince myself inside my head.

It’s just... Sad.

“Let’s go out again. Let’s date,” I told him. This can’t continue. I have to turn the tables. He sent me a questioning look, probably wondering why I was the first to invite him this time. He agreed quickly yet unsurely.

“Your detention’s over now right?”

“Right,” I replied. I didn’t attend yesterday but whatever. The teacher in-charge didn’t seem to care as well.

Brandon’s lip curled up into a smirk. Oh he was into this as well. He probably knew what I was thinking. Good.

“We’ll meet in my car after class,” he said before I headed off to my next class, which he probably knew where and until when. He nodded and sent me away with a quiet smile.

I’m gonna wrap him around my little finger.

Downtown, the place was crowded, noisy, and the worst nightmare for someone with claustrophobia.

I decided to set our date here since everything was cheap and I hadn’t been here since my dad brought me years ago.

A sad memory attempted to block my thoughts, but Brandon interrupted just in time for me to snap out of it.

He held my hand so we wouldn’t get separated. We walked around the streets and made a few stops at some stalls that seemed interesting.

“Hey look at this,” I pointed at the large sign posted outside a small restaurant. “Burger-eating contest. Winner gets free mug and shirt.”

Brandon snorted, obviously making fun of the prizes. It didn’t sound all that appealing, and the sign wasn’t so attractive. “Waste of time.”

“I’m with you,” I linked my arm with his and hugged it lightly, pressing my cheek against his arm. “You said time was out of the question when you’re thinking of me. Well, I’m here in the flesh. Let’s do it.”

He seemed reluctant, but after I kept tugging his sleeve and made ridiculous pouty lips at him, he groaned, sighed and gave in.


“I’m warning you though,” Brandon said as we entered the small restaurant. It was half-crowded already. A lot of people actually joined. I don’t know if it’s because of the prizes or they just came for the food. “When it comes to food, my stomach is steel.”

I held back a snort. “Be gentle with me now, potato.”

He chuckled as he wrote our names down on the list of contestants. Judging by appearances, the people we had to beat were either obese or super skinny. Some looked normal, some looked plain weird.

Oh well. They don’t matter. As long as I beat Brandon.

And I had a trump card up in my sleeve. I laughed to myself. My win is already decided.

“Fuck... This... Mmrph...” Brandon mumbled before he gagged. His face was pink or green, I’m not sure, but it was hella funny.

I took the keys from his pocket and decided to drive him back to his apartment since he wasn’t in any condition to drive. I felt sorry - kinda - but it was unnoticeable because I was smiling up to my ears.

As soon as I started the engine, he threw his head back in the front seat and held his mouth. “Be careful... With my... Baby...”

I rolled my eyes. Not the first guy I’ve met who calls his car ‘baby’.

“Cheater...” He said, more like breathed. He looked close to puking. I don’t care if he blew chunks on the car, just not on me. “You knew there’d be jalapeños on the last batch of burgers... Else I wouldn’t have... Lost...”

I hid my smirk and looked at him innocently. “I didn’t know. It was the last round, and we were in a tie. That had to be the icebreaker. How could I have known?”

Nah, I knew. It was written in really small letters under the sign posted outside the restaurant. But he didn’t need to know that.

I’m still surprised we managed to beat our opponents. It was pretty cool. The burgers tasted amazing, but I don’t think I can touch another burger within a month.

He released an incoherent cuss before I started to drive.

Now I’m satisfied.

“You done?” I gently tapped the door of his bathroom. He ran to the toilet as soon as we got to his apartment. I could see myself in his situation because it happened to me not long ago - specifically yesterday.

Except, I was rushing because of my period. Him, because he was gonna throw up.

I could hear him groaning from outside. “Fuck spices!”

Way to blame the spice. Why couldn’t he just admit that he lost because he couldn’t take the amount of burgers?

I, on the other hand, wasn’t so surprised at how I managed to eat twenty-one whole burgers in just half an hour. This wasn’t the first food-eating contest I participated in, and the monster in my stomach worked double-time when I was in my period. So, good for me.

“What happened to your stomach of steel?” I chuckled, knowing I’ve already won this match.

This feeling of superiority is so awesome.

The door opened, and I was met with a groggy-looking potato. His face was wet so I assumed he splashed some cold water on his skin. The way the drops of water trickled down his jaw made me stifle a gulp.

God, his jaw was just so hot. I wanted to bite it.

No. Cut it out. Shut up. Focus, you hormonal idiot.

He didn’t seem to notice me gawking at him, which was obviously a good thing for my part. He grabbed a towel lying around somewhere and proceeded to his room. And of course, I followed his tail.

His room wasn’t as messy as I’ve expected, but there were small piles of clothes in random corners.

“I wasn’t expecting any guests. Sorry for the mess. And half this junk are Leo’s, so don’t take it all out on me.” Brandon grabbed a fistful of clothes and threw them to a nearby laundry basket. Ah. So a laundry basket actually existed here.

He lied down on his bed and groaned again. No, the more accurate way to put it was he collapsed on the bed and whined like the mature seventeen year old that he was.

“I feel sick.”

I scooted over the bed so I was right beside him. The thought of being alone with him in this place didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I was feeling rather comfortable and secure. Maybe it was because I trusted him?

Or maybe it was because he was powerless at the moment.

“Does your stomach still hurt? Do you want medicine?” I asked, sincerely.

He shook his head slowly. His eyes were already closed. “I’m not actually sick sick. I threw up most of the burgers so I’m feeling better actually. It’s just... The spice triggered something in me and I’m just weak against it.”

I held his forehead and concluded that he didn’t have a fever or anything. But he really did look tired.

He really did hate spices.

He didn’t seem comfortable in his clothes since he was shifting from one position to another, wrinkling his forehead in an attempt to find a good post.

I felt kind of bad. And out of instinct, I offered to help him change his clothes, which he rejected quickly. I sighed. Why was he being shy now?

“I’ll change later. Now I just wanna take a nap. You can go home now, thanks for dropping me off. Sorry I can’t drive you back,” he mumbled, burying his face on his fluffy pillows.

I forcefully peeled his head off the pillows. Clearly he doesn’t know me that well. “No. I’m helping you change before I leave.”

A part of me wanted to do it because I really did want to help him, but another part of me wanted to do it to use it as leverage and make fun of him in the future. I might even take a few stolen pictures of him while I’m at it.

He looked reluctant and a bit embarrassed at the mere suggestion of me changing his clothes as if he were a kid, but agreed anyway since he knew I wouldn’t leave until I do.

“Good potato,” I cooed teasingly as I walked to his closet and took a shirt. I didn’t bother looking for shorts or boxers anymore because I assumed he was already wearing one under those jeans.

When I returned to his side on the bed, I noticed he was eyeing my every move cautiously. Not that I felt conscious.

“Can you sit up?” I asked. He weakly shook his head.


Useless. Weakling.

Without another word, I proceeded on tugging his shirt up his head while he was lying down, and it was quite a challenge since I was doing it beside him, in a rather awkward angle.

Patience was never one of my best traits. I got frustrated immediately and decided to just sit on him.

No. Do not think of anything. This is purely out of the kindness of my heart and the desire to change his t-shirt so he’d feel comfortable when he sleeps.

Trust me, that wasn’t sarcasm right there.

He didn’t even look surprised anymore. But his eyes narrowed, and he barely made any movement. He was like a lifeless body who can breathe and had open eyes.

I may have looked like I was straddling him, but trust me again, I had no ulterior motives. Aside from taking ugly pictures of him for future blackmail purposes of course.

I say things like this in my mind but in reality I was actually searching for where the hell my breath went - and wondering why the hell I decided to do this - and I want to kick myself in the balls even though I don’t have an actual pair.

I didn’t say anything, because I was afraid my voice would betray me, so I just did what I said I’d do. I peeled off his shirt in that compromising position.

He was so damn heavy, and he wasn’t helping at all. He just continued staring at me quietly as I struggled to pull the shirt up. I bet he was making fun of me in his head. Bitch.

When I finally managed to pull the shirt off his head, I mentally gave myself a high-five for the achievement, and a mental slap because my eyes got glued to his wonderfully sculpted upper body.

Well, shit.

“Don’t stare at it so much. I’ll melt,” he mumbled. I jumped a bit when he said that. I thought he didn’t have the strength to even talk anymore. And maybe I stupidly assumed that he was sleeping with his eyes open.

I rolled my eyes at his weak smirk. He was already tired, yet he’s still joking around. Well, that was probably a good thing, to decrease the tension and all.

And woo. Was it getting hot in here? My legs are burning against his legs, even though the material of our jeans served as obstacles for our skins to meet.

Like I said. He is definitely not good for my health. Yet I’m the one doing this right now. I don’t even know if I’m plain reckless or just stupid. Maybe both.

“Unbutton my jeans please,” he said slowly, his eyes closed now. Was he dreaming? “I can’t breathe well.”

I gulped. Was he being serious right now? Back when we were trying out those potato pyjama sets, he didn’t sound this demanding at all. Where did the wimpy potato go?

I saw him holding back a smug grin, and immediately my eye twitched. He was doing this on purpose. He thinks I can’t do it. He expects me to be flustered.

Well guess what jerk, I’m not. And the flow of this game is going to be in my favor until the end.

“Fine,” I said, but my voice came out as a hoarse whisper. I couldn’t focus on his jeans because my eyes were too fixated on his damn chest and toned stomach.

When I finally mustered up the courage and will power to do so, to win this match, I unbuttoned his jeans quickly. It was done in a second. His pants were not even that tight! Why did he complain about not being able to breathe?

I put a hand on his chest, I couldn’t help it. It was more like an unconscious reaction. I was caught off guard when I felt his rapid heartbeats against my palm. Was he... Was he getting nervous?

I smiled to myself.

Now I have the advantage. I grinned smugly at him when he opened his eyes. He looked really sleepy just a minute ago, now he’s awake. “Aw. Your heart’s racing.”

He was probably about to make another smart comment in his defense when we heard a loud thud on his door.

It didn’t take a second for it to completely burst open, revealing a beaming Leo with an excited looking Nichole under his arm.

“Bran - ”

Leo’s mouth hung open when he saw me on top of a shirtless Brandon. Oh, and did I mention his jeans were unbuttoned too?

Yay timing.

“What the actual fuck?!” He fumbled in his words before he finally let out a clear reaction. He covered his eyes and turned around. “My worst nightmare! This scene! Oh hell no!”

“Mira!” Nichole squealed, looking very much excited.

I casually jumped out of the bed because I didn’t want them to witness me panic, though in my head I was freaking out. Why were they here?!

I threw them a cool smile while waving my hand a bit. Do not let them see through this bluff. “Hi guys. So, what’s with the sudden visit?”

A/N: I am attempting to scratch my back. It’s hard because I can’t reach that spot and I cut my nails a little too short last night. I blame my genes for my short arms and my room mate for making me cut my nails shorter than usual.

Scratch my back for me please. I love you. Cry blood.

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