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"Real pain doesn't make you cry, real pain makes you realize that breathing is hard"

Romance / Action
Diana Loran
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Chapter 1

"Fuck please no I'm on my period!"

I struggle against the animal- my sperm donor aka father- while he drunkenly tries to drag me towards his bedroom. He has a tight grip around my arms and my struggle doesn't seem to have any effect on him. He is practically dragging me upstairs at the moment and my hip bone and ankles keep bumping into the stair edges stinging like a bitch.

He reaches the top of the stairs and I scramble to get up and run away but he holds me back by my wrist and slams me into his door. I'm getting dizzy but I keep on pleading.

"I'll call the best hooker in the country. Please just not today, please"

I cry out in pain as he slaps me very hard. He almost jumps while doing it.

"You ungrateful bitch! You think I'm a low man? I'll make sure you're grateful to be alive by the end of this" he snarls while dragging me towards the bed.

Right when we're about to reach the bed, he loses his footing due to a coffee table he didn't see. I use the opportunity to elbow him in the ribs and as he howls in pain, I run as fast as I can towards my room and lock it.

I don't hear his footsteps follow me which is new because he always follows me and bangs on my door till he passes out. This mostly happens when he is drunk so it doesn't take long.

Five minutes later, I hear keys rustling at my door. No way...before I can think any further, Angelo- one of my father's guards opens the door and comes towards me. I run towards my closet but he's faster and holds me by the shoulders pulling me towards my door.

"Miss Ella, your father requests your presence"

I bite really hard into one of his hands but he doesn't scream in pain or move away instead, he pinches me tightly on my upper arm. I scream in pain and scream again when he pushes me to my fathers room resulting me falling.

After three hours of the animal raping me on the floor because he didn't want my blood on his sheets, he's finally satisfied. He smiles the smile he gives when his treaties get worldwide acceptance and crawls into his bed.

The pain is too much for me to get up so I wait till it subsides. After thirty minutes, I grab my clothes off the floor and head to my room to shower.
I come back into his room after I'm done so I can get rid of the carpet. I try to raise the stuffs holding it down as quietly as I can and carry (half drag) the huge carpet towards the main door.

Two guards are standing there and they hold a protective stance as I approach them.

They probably heard the animal groaning in pleasure while he raped his daughter.

I reach them and they hold me back from leaving.
"Fuck off I'm going to get rid of this" I point to the carpet I'm dragging.
They still don't move

"I'm not stupid enough to run away so fuck off"

I don't wait for any reply as I push past them and wall towards the garbage bin. I dump the carpet inside and sit on the ground.

I hope it rains so my blood won't stay on the carpet. I think to myself looking at the stars.

A tear rolls down my eye and before I know it, I'm full-on crying. I don't cry everytime he rapes me but he'd never done it while I was on my period. I don't worry about someone hearing me because there aren't other hosuses around. My house is a tall five floor building attached to an even bigger hotel facing the opposite side. My father built it so he can welcome delegates and honarables when they visit so it's usually vacant.

I maje my way towards the hotel hoping to sleep in a room there. I know there aren't any guests because he rapes me when he has nothing better to do.
As usual, no one bothers to stop me while I help myself to the cafeteria food and sleep on one of the best suite the hotel owns.
I lie on the bed trying my best to sleep but nightmares keep hunting me right when I drift in.

I sigh getting up and going towards the gym. I have been working out for a while in hopes of beating my father and showing him exactly ho I feel one day.
I try to work on some weights but I have zero energy so I give up and sit down. I grab my phone and open my favorite music and sing along. I keep singing song after song until tears block my vision.

I wake up expecting to be on the gym floor but I'm somehow in my hotel room under the warm blankets.

I am momenteraly filled with fear until I realise that whoever put me here would have hurt me if they pleased.

I hurrily take a shower and make my way towards my house before my father wakes up. I take my school supplies, grab two apples for breakfast and lunch, and hurry towards school. It's quite early so I go over to the library. I sit there staring at a paper I've been working on since a month ago. It is a plan to expose my father to the press -ones who won't be bought with his money- and get him arrested. Of course it'll take a lot more than just his daughter to bring him down since he practically controlls the police forces but I'll find a way I have to.

I sit there staring at the paper until the bell rings. At lunch break, I finish my apple in minutes while imagining it was the food I smell all around me in the cafeteria. I don't know why I torture myself by sitting here but I don't really care. I don't have close friends but I'm friendly with groups of people. I refuse to get too close in case my father will rape them too like he did to my middle school best friend Jasmine who ended up moving from the state.

I stand up and go to the cafteria door not wanting to be tortured by the smell of amazing food anymore.

"Hey bitch girl" calls out one of the cheerleaders. I stop and turn around wanting to hear what she has tp say.

"Why don't you be a doll and lick my shoes if you're hungry? I got some dirt on it just for you and..."

I walk out before she finishes her sentence not giving a fuck.

"Hey" a boy runs after me. I wait for Jim to reach me and give him a questioning gaze while noting that I haven't seen him around before.
"Are you okay? I saw what happened back there..." He asks
"I'm fine don't worry" I smile at him
He freezes at that and stares at my lips until I break his bubble by turning away. I begin walking away from him when I hear him again
"Wait sorry about that. I'm Abel what's your name?"
"Ella" I answer
"Uh Ella, would you like to go out with me sometime?" He asks while scratching the back of his neck
"Sorry no, I have a boyfriend" I try to let him down gently
"Of course the beautiful ones are always taken" he sighs to himself "but I'll see you around, yeah?" He asks looking hopeful.
"Of course" I give him a little wave and walk away.

Later that day, when I get home I notice the many cars in the hotel's parking lot. I do a little dance of happiness when I realise my father will probably be busy for the rest of the week.

I enter my house smiling and make my way to the kitchen when I notice a group of people in the living room. My smile fades and I freeze when they all turn to look at me.

"Ah yes, you're finally home my daughter." My father says as he stands up and gives me a kiss on the forehead. He leads me further into the living room towards the people. They are wearing expensive clothes and are surrounded by guards twice my height.

"Ella say hi, these are your future in-laws"

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