The Bishop Brothers

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10 | Impeccable Timing


I fall asleep unexpectedly.

When I wake up I have no idea what time it is. The television is still playing and when I look at Spencer he is passed out as I had been. My legs and head are draped over the sides of the armrests. My feet are numb and I’m lightheaded. When I sit up to reposition myself I become dizzy.

Once I’m sitting I lower my feet to the floor, waiting until I can feel them to walk. I swing them in the air, promoting blood flow, watching Spencer to make sure he is really asleep. He is. I just hope he is not easy to wake.

Once feeling returns to my feet I stand, walking through the glow of the television into the darkness where light doesn’t reach. I check the time on the kitchen stove, finding it just past one am. Still relatively early. I remember doing university assignments later into the night.

I take quiet, tentative steps around the corner and into the long hallway. I figure I can make an escape; grab the keys and run. Once I’m inside one of the vehicles I’m home-free.

I creep down the hallway, unable to make out much except for delineations. My heart is racing and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end. Sudden chills rush down my back. It feels too simple and I look behind me to ensure that Spencer isn’t in pursuit. He does not follow me. I am alone in this realm.

I’m a few steps shy of the keys when I hear a vehicle pull up from outside, tires against gravel. My eyes go wide. When Terrence had told me to wait up for him he had only asked because it was not an unreasonable demand nor an unreasonable hour he’d be returning. I bite my lip, debating if I should reach for the keys or not.

“Blythe!” calls Spencer in a panic. I hear the couch squeak as he moves. Terrence’s bedroom door remains open so he knows I am not in there. He likely thinks I have escaped from under his nose. I wish that were true.

I do not respond but do begin to backpedal. It is no use trying to run; I will be caught without a doubt. I step around the corner and just as I’m about to respond to Spencer I run into him and stumble back. He grabs me by my biceps and looks down at me, a flicker of relief in his eyes. I know it is only because he escapes Terrence’s wrath.

“Were you looking to escape?” he asks me hurriedly. “grab a pair of keys and go?”

“Yes,” I answer honestly, having no other purpose to walk down the dark hallway.

He lets me go and I take a step back. He runs a hand through his hair, pursing his lips. He wants to get upset but for some reason is unable to. Perhaps it is my honesty that saves me.

“Go into his bedroom and close the door,” Spencer tells me. “we treat each other no differently when Terrence is present. You’ll have a few minutes before he comes in so you can do what you need to do. Goodnight, Sunshine.”

He turns away and makes his way over to the kitchen sink, splashing his face with cold water before drying it with a towel to appear more alert. I suspect Spencer was not supposed to fall asleep while babysitting me. It doesn’t matter, anyway. His secret is safe with me.

I step into Terrence’s bedroom and abstain from turning on the light so it doesn’t creep under the door and give up that I’m still awake. I’m in a hurry for some reason despite knowing Spencer has bought me some time. I fish through the drawers for some nightwear and settle on a baggy shirt and long pajama pants. I brush my teeth with my index finger, wash my face and throw myself onto the bed. My heart races.

Terrence and Spencer are talking outside in the kitchen with the light on. It snakes underneath the door and splinters across the floor. I can’t make out a thing they say because they are both so hushed in their conversation. I sit up and, both curious and nosy, get off the bed and tiptoe over to the door, pressing my ear to it. It is Spencer I hear first.

“I have a suggestion, brother,” says Spencer. Terrence makes a sound to prompt him to continue. “I think the keys by the garage door could possibly be a hotspot for Blythe. She’s been down that hallway before so she knows they’re there. It’s not irrational to think she’s keeping this knowledge in the back of her mind.”

“Did something happen tonight, Spencer?” asks Terrence. The sound of his voice makes me shiver with revulsion. I can tell he doesn’t want to deal with Spencer’s negligence right now.

“No, but something came close to happening,” Spencer’s voice is cool and believable. “She’s been asleep for a while, now.”

A moment of deliberation.

“I’ll let you do that tonight before you head downstairs. Have you thought of where to move them?”

“Yes,” Spencer says then lowers his voice to tell Terrence as if he knows I am camped out by the door eavesdropping. I grit my teeth. Always one step ahead.

“Alright. I’ll leave you to it. In the meantime, I’m going to bed. Goodnight.”

I hear Terrence’s footsteps approaching the door and I run as softly as I can back to the bed, making sure I am on the side he has dedicated to me. I lay with my back to him as he enters and curl into myself. My hair covers my face. I don’t bother fixing it, glad it makes me less visible to him. He hesitates for a second before opening the door and walking in.

My heart begins racing again.


I walk into my bedroom and see Blythe curled into a ball, her back to me. Her hair is everywhere and it is apparent her rest hasn’t been the most peaceful. She remains on top of the covers, proving how she is still unwilling to get comfortable here. She will have to eventually.

I close the door behind me and make my way over to my dresser as quietly as I can. I grab a pair of boxers, taking one last look at Blythe before stepping into the bathroom. I notice the absence of her attire in my laundry basket. She’d rather let all of her clothes become filthy instead of allowing me to wash them.

I undress and step into the shower, warm this time. The water pools orange by my feet as splatters of blood are rinsed from any part of my skin that had been exposed. I rest my hands against the shower wall and let the stream rush over me. I have never felt disgusting after doing a job but with Blythe in my bed, so innocent and clean, I feel that I cannot wash myself enough. My sins feel stuck to me.

Once I have scrubbed myself red and raw I figure I have removed all traces of tonight. I step out of the bathroom when I am finished and find my cock hardening at the idea of sleeping next to Blythe. I have to compose myself before getting onto my bed, remaining above the covers as well, and lay facing her.

I can’t help myself, reaching out a hand to sweep all of her hair from her face. Her breathing is low and she inhales deeply at my touch. She buries her face deeper into the pillow, elongating her legs. She’s settling in, even if only in sleep.

I am pretty tired myself, ready to be lulled into the same state as Blythe. I close my eyes and relax, resisting the urge to do something as subtle as placing my hand on where the curve of her waist would be under her baggy nightwear. I can’t remember the last time I felt so compelled to do something but knew I couldn’t.

Behind my closed eyelids I watch Blythe grow up, able to pinpoint the exact moment I knew I was in love with her. I think of how fatal that moment is for everyone and how I wish I could’ve helped myself but I was powerless against her. I had never intended to hurt Beth and I stand by that. I had never intended to develop feelings for her younger sister either, however.

I think about the past until I am almost asleep. My breathing is in unison with Blythe’s until abruptly she stops and sits up. I can feel her body turning as she looks at me to make sure I am still what she assumes is asleep. I make no move to lead her to believe otherwise and allow her to sneak onto the floor. I smirk to myself. She had been faking this entire time, wanting to be alone. She is clever in the most unexpected yet crucial ways.

“Did you try to escape tonight?” I ask her.

“Yes, but I didn’t get very far,” she says without missing a beat. “your timing is impeccable.”

“If I hadn’t shown up would you have escaped? Would you have gotten past Spencer’s watchful eye?”

“No. His timing is like yours.”

I can’t tell if she’s lying or not but I drop it anyway. I want to lift her back onto the bed but as I said, I would only be so compassionate for one night. If Blythe wants to sleep on the floor, then it’s the floor she gets. She will learn eventually. It makes sense that she has to learn the hard way. She’s always had her head on her shoulders.

“Goodnight, Sunshine.”

“Goodnight, Terrence,” she mocks.

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