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Her parents die and the strong Alpha takes her in. She always running away from him but he always seem to catch her

Romance / Erotica
Hope Ryan
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"Mr Lockwood " I said in a strong tone while staring him in the eyes "yes miss Hope" he replied as if I wasn't there not even looking me in the eyes " Mr Lockwood please stop with all these fairytales about wolves and shit" I said as I throw the book on the ground, Mr Lockwood picked it up and walked right into my face and said in a scary tone "miss hope if you keep this up I will have to punish you", hope replied with " Yes Mr Lockwood ".

Hope turn to the door and left the room she got into her parents car, her mother asked hope how she was but hope didn't answer her.

They begin there long drive as it was getting dark hope looked at the trees as her father was driving he suddenly let out a cry for help, Hope screamed " Dad what's wrong" her mother knew what was happening and didn't say a word, Hopes father turned the wheel as the car drove off a cliff and into the sea.

Hope was screaming and crying as she tried to open her car door but it wouldn't open it was lock. Water flowed in and her mother and father held hands but didn't say a thing.

A few moments went by and the car was under the water hope vision went all blurring as she felt someone hands pulling her out of the car and pulling her onto land.

She hears voices saying "she won't wake up" said a man with a sweet tone to his voice, a another man's voice said with a worry tone " we might have to give her the bite" hope felt some pressure against her arm as a sharp pain hit her and everything went blank

12 hours later

Hope slowly open her eyes as she See's herself in a warm soft bed in a really big room. Hope looked at her arm and saw the bandage on it she gently sat up in the bed and heard faint voices coming from outside the room.

Hope got up and open the door and standing in font of her was Mr Lockwood the Alpha wolf, he was tall with wavy hair and his skin was a pink colour and his eyes were so hot a light brown. Hope was shocked as she pushed past him and she ran for her life. Mr Lockwood shouted at her to stop but she didn't she kept running until she got outside. Hope stopped as the sun blinded her she knew she had to get home so she ran even faster into the woods.

Once hope knew she was safe she soon relies she was lost in the thick woods she walked until she dropped onto the ground and curled up, she was cold and tired and soon nightfall came.

Hope woke up to the sound of something moving in the woods she sat up to see a man a homeless man walking over to her. He grabbed her by the throat pushing her head into the ground, she tried to call her help but he put his hand over her mouth stopping her from screaming, he pulled his pants down as he pulled her skirt up he rub his cock against her panties as he grons loudly he whispers in her ear "maybe when I'm done with you I might just keep you for my own pleasure" he laughs as he pulls her panties down and see her pink pussy he slowly shoves his cock against her womb as she moves forward trying to escape he pulls her back. All can be heard was the sound of the man pounding her pussy until Bang everything stopped the man was gone and hope was in shock she couldn't move she felt someone lift her up she rest her head against this person chest as she felt safe the man whisper in Hope's ear "its okay now your safe Luftwaffe deal with that man right now" all hope could hear was the sound of flesh ripping and the sound of dogs fighting while growling.

Hope finally goes asleep in Mr Lockwood arms.

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