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My Boyfriend is a Grim Reaper

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Lexine died on the night of her thirteenth birthday, but an unexplainable event saved her life from death. After seven years, she is now living her nearly perfect world with a great career, wonderful friends and a loving grandfather. Until one day, everything she believed normal in her life abruptly changed when a man hiding in a black hood with weird tattoos suddenly appeared. "The kiss we shared, don't you remember? It was my most unforgettable kiss, my little cupcake..." Starting from her lips, his long fingers crawled slowly on her neck, down to her collarbone. He traced the scar in the middle of her chest. She got that mark when she was thirteen. Lexine felt like she was burned by the stranger's touch, she gasped. What the hell was that? He brushed the strands of hair scattered on her face, "I'm here for my price..." For all the danger who chased her like a raging animal, how can Lexine escape the enemies who keep on hunting her? Who among the people around her can she fully trust? Fighting to live; running with a confused heart. How can she end the cursed of the kiss that pulls her life to death?

Romance / Mystery
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How does death feel?

Most people used to say it is as fast as a blink, too sudden that you wouldn’t even realize it. You’ll be surprised that you’re already dead. In every life that begins, there is always someone’s at the waiting end.

At this precise moment, Lexine proved that death is not fast nor a blink because dying is the most tardily second of your life. Just imagine watching a slow-motion scene in a movie. One by one you’ll look back at all the memories you had.

“Lexine!!!” a loud shout roared from a distance.

She fell face up with her hands waving and trying to grab something substantial, but unfortunately, she touched nothing but thin air. She saw the young man hastily dove down from the border of the rooftop where she fell.

He keeps on calling her name while she continue to descend into an endless abyss.

“Take my hand!”

But no matter how hard she has tried to reach him, their hands doesn’t meet.

Perhaps, this is the charging of fate to her. In every debt, there’s a price. And the day she feared the most has finally come.

Intense fear was visible in the man’s eyes. Along her last seconds, Lexine will always bring those beautiful brown eyes that made everything in her life turned upside down in the most frightening yet marvelous ways, wherever she goes, wherever part of this world.

Tears kept on pouring from her eyes while she continued to go down as she watched how the droplets move as one with the wind like a dazzling diamond swaying smoothly above her.

Looking back, everything in her life had been vibrant and beautiful like a one splendid ballet dance. She jumped, turned, bent and spun. And just like any masterpiece she had performed, everything has its end. With all her heart, Lexine smiled at the beautiful man one last time.


Her body had fallen with her head smashed hard on the solid ground.

Hereafter a few seconds before his foot reached the land, he sauntered towards her with his legs quivering as he kneeled at the side of her mutilated body.

“No, no, no, this can’t be happening,” with his two shaking hands, he enveloped Lexine in his arms with eyes clouded by tears.

“Lexine... don’t l-leave me, p-please,” his voice was trembling hard with his lips. He looked intently at her and still refused to accept what’s in front of him. He wanted to believe everything was just a nightmare

He felt the extreme tightening of his chest as though there’s a hand compressing his lungs. Thus, the air hardly comes inside he can’t correctly say the words. His whole world is slowly crashing down, torturing him into pieces, tearing him limb from limb.

Lexine’s heart shatters, seeing him falling apart like this. If she can only stop his misery, she’s would be willing to do anything even if she need to give all that’s left in her.

With all her remaining strength, she slowly reached his face and caressed the softness of his cheeks. She will never forget his peculiar beauty; each line, curve, and shape. They are all engraved in her mind and soul.

“I love you…” she whispered, her final words as she slowly let go.

The man shut his eyes as he lamented in terrible pain. He tightly caged her in his arms never wanted to let go. He looked up in the dark sky and shouted in agony.

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