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When Ellis has a deal to complete and Zander has something to prove to his friends..........they can't do anything but to be in a fake relationship with each other Will this drama lead them to a successful relationship? Read to know ....................... Arguments, sarcastic comments, parties, little moments............the usual drama .......................... She has a strong feeling for him but she can't decide if the feeling is...........Love or Hate He wants to accept the idea of love but the hate he has for loosing in something isn't allowing him to

Romance / Humor
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Meeting Zander first time

Hey, people. I am first time writing and I am hoping to write a good story.

Note: English is not my first language so please don't mind any spelling or grammar mistakes

Let's start our journey!

Note Edited (19 Jan 2019): The first chapter is a little...... ‘don’t know the word’. But it gets better. If you compare this chapter and the one I recently updated, you can clearly see the difference. Because (not gonna lie) I wrote this chapter for fun because I was bored one day and it was my first time. But the chapters I write now and going to write in the future are not gonna be written just because I am bored. They are gonna be something I write seriously because I know that some people are waiting for an update and those people actually want to read this story. When I wrote this chapter, I planned the ending before I even wrote the first paragraph even though I was writing it because I was bored but I was always gonna complete this story even though I didn’t plan to publish it.

But here we are now.


I am Ellis. I am so happy today. Finally, I got a scholarship at my favorite college (St. Royal college aka college mostly for the rich kids). Yeah, you are right. I am not a rich girl whose father owns a multinational company.

"Ellis, Velvet is here", my mom yells from the kitchen

Velvet is my only friend since high school, we are like sisters.

"Okay, mum", I yell back


"Hey", I say sitting on the passenger seat

"I am so excited, Ellis, finally we are going to SRC", Velvet says excitedly

"Yeah, I am also so happy", I say

Velvet stares at me with a 'yikes' look

"What are you wearing, girl?" Velvet asks, "It's our first day."

"Isn't it fine?", I say, "Look at YOUR outfit "

"Wear something better tomorrow", Velvet says

"And you wear something that does not say 'come and hook up with me right now', I reply

"Sassy we are today", Velvet says with a smirk

"We are here SRC", I say excitedly, changing the subject


I enter into my Calculus class and take a look around the whole class. There is only a seat beside a handsome guy. I am not the type of girl who throws herself on handsome guys. Even I am still a virgin.

Hesitantly, I sit beside him.

That guy faces me and says, "Excuse me, this seat is taken."

Okay, that's kind of humiliating. But it’s the only seat.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't know", I reply. As soon as I stand up, a girl who seems confident comes towards us and says, "You can sit here, and Zander, we cannot see anyone sitting here. That's mean this seat is not taken"

I look at her in a confused manner. Zander is looking a bit annoyed.

He says, "This seat is taken by my friend, Amalia. I don’t have time for you today. Not in the mood!"

"But Aiden is in his English class", she says ignoring the other things he said.

"I have other friends", he says with a frown on his face.

"No, you don't have because you are so rude.", she says with a smirk.

"Okay, fine, sit wherever you want I don't give a shit", he says looking towards me irritatedly.

Thank you, I mouth to that stylish girl.

She smiles at me and returns to her seat


After class

"Hi, girl", the girl who got me the seat says to me

I turn my face towards her and give her a smile

"Thanks again for...........

"Believe me, I didn't do it for you, I just like to irritate him", she replies bluntly.

Way to make me feel special.

"You know him personally?", I ask trying to continue the conversation.

Because in college I want to make friends, in high school I didn’t and I regret it.

"Yeah, unfortunately" she replies

"By the way, we did not have a proper introduction there", she says

"I am Ellis Reed", I say with a smile

"I am Amalia", she replies

"Nice to meet you, Amalia", I say

"Don’t be formal. We are not business partners"

I was just being polite because we are still strangers to each other but nevermind.

"You also have Calculus class that's mean we will see each other every day", I say trying to take our conversation further

"Of course", Amalia replies

"As much as I like to have a conversation, I have to go to another class. If you don't mind we will catch up later?" she asks

"Yeah sure", I reply


After university

I am walking to the bus stop because my best friend was busy flirting with some guy.

Suddenly a car stops near me.

Amalia is waving from the window.

"Can I give you a lift?", she asks

"No, I don't want to bother you", I say politely

"C'mon", she says, "I really want to make a friend in college"

If you are insisting then why not?

"Okay, if you don't have any problem", I say and lungs for the passenger seat

What’s better? Sitting in a stranger's car or public transport? Um....don't answer that


After 5 minutes of silence

"So what is your address?" Amalia asks

"House no 20, street no 10, Hometown", I reply and she puts it in GPS.

"So you are friends with Zander?", I ask.

Didn’t look like that, though.

"Oh god, no, he is just a family friend", Amalia says.

"So tell me about your family?”, Amalia asks.

Gosh how much I hate first

"My parents run a diner. And I have a little sister who is in high school", I reply."And about your family?"

"My mother is a single parent and she is a fashion designer. Have you heard of Savannah Lockwood?"Amalia asks

"OMG, You are Savannah Lockwood's daughter?", I say excitedly."She is my favorite and I want her to design my wedding dress."

"Then you should make me your friend and take advantage of our friendship", Amalia says with a chuckle

I give her a smile in return

After 2 minutes of silence

"What is your exact relation with Zander?" I ask

Why did I ask that?

"He is my mother's best friend's son", Amalia replies

"Mr. Martin is one of the finest businessmen and Mrs. Martin is a simple housewife. She is the kindest person I know. Zander also has an elder brother, Tyler, who also happens to be my boyfriend and runs some of Mr. Martin's companies", Amalia explains

"Is Zander Alexander Martin's son?"I ask

"How do you know?"Amalia asks with a surprised look

"Because of the last name", I say in a 'duh' tone

"Oh, stupid me", Amalia says with a chuckle

"I want to work in Martin's industries one day. It's like a dream to me", I say

"Hope you get that job", Amalia says with a smile.


Outside my house

"Thank you for dropping me, Amalia", I say

"No problem, girl", Amalia says

"Bye", I wave


"Hey, Erika", I say after entering the house

Erika who is watching tv, sitting on the couch, turns her face towards me and smiles at me.

"How was your first day?" Erika asks excitedly

"It was good", I reply

"Did you meet any hotties there? Who am I kidding? That university is full of rich hotties", Erika says with a smirk

"I go to university to study not to find hotties", I say being annoyed

"Okay, Miss goody-two-shoes", Erika says with a frown

I was about to go to my room when Erika says "Mum called 10 minutes ago asking for you, call her back"

"Don't worry, I am going to change clothes and then I am going to the diner", I reply

"But aren't you exhausted?" Erika asks

"It's my duty day", I reply with a shrug.

"Don't worry, Ellis, you can go and rest and I can go to the diner", Erika says

I think she needs a favor.

"Thanks, sis", I say, "But don't you have any other thing to do?"

"No, I am free", Erika says

"Okay, as you wish", I say, "Tell mom I am okay and my first day was good"

"Okay", Erika says


Next day in Velvet's car

"Hey, Velvet", I say

"Hey, El"

"Do you know who is the richest and most handsome guy at our university? I heard a lot about him only in one day", Velvet says

"Let me guess", I say, "Zander Martin!"

"You also heard about Zander Grayson Martin?" Velvet says with a surprised look

Whoa, she already knows his full name

"No, I just talked with him yesterday", I reply

"YOU talked with Zander Martin?" Velvet asks with a surprised look

"Yes, and I don't think it's a big deal", I say

"It's a big deal, girl, what you both talked about? Did he ask you out?" Velvet asks

"No, crazy, he just stopped me from sitting beside him but Amalia convinced him", I say, "I told you about Amalia last night, remember?"

"YOU SAT beside HIM?"Velvet asks

"Yeah, why?" I ask back

"You sat beside the most handsome and rich guy in the university and you are asking me why?" Velvet says with a frown, "And you never told me the guy you were talking about was Zander"

"See, the university is here, see you later", I say and run to class

Because Velvet is dangerous when she is talking about hot guys


"Hey, Ellis, how are you doing?" Amalia asks

"Hey, I am good", I reply

"Sit here”, Amalia says patting on the chair beside her.

I smile at her and walk to the seat beside her


"Believe me it was best to leave the car at the moment", I say

"Is your friend that obsessed with Zander?" Amalia asks

Judging on his looks, any girl can be obsessed with him.

"No, she just thinks that I am going to date Zander because I sat beside him", I say, "Like HIM and me? We can never be something"

"He doesn’t deserve you", Amalia says, "you are so innocent and beautiful"

"Come on, I am not beautiful", I say shyly

"Are you kidding me?" Amalia says,” Blue eyes, blonde hair, and curved body, what else do you want?"

I give her a small laugh

Maybe Amalia is right, I never notice these things about me because I am a humble person and always see bad things in myself and good things in others

"What is so important than my lecture, young ladies?" Mrs. William aka our teacher asks furiously

So we both become quiet


Next Morning

"Hey, Amalia", I say

"Hey, girl", Amalia says excitedly, "I have good news"

"Tell me then", I say with a smile

"This Saturday, there is a party at my house", Amalia says with the same excitement

"Okay?", I say

"You are also invited and you can also bring your friend", Amalia says

"I am invited?" I ask


"Of course", Amalia says with a frown

"But if I say I don't want to come", I say

"You have to come", Amalia says

"But, I have to go to the diner to help my parents", I say

"You do that every day, don't you? Try something different", Amalia says

"There are a lot of customers on Saturday", I say, "my parents cannot handle them alone"

"Don't you have another sibling?" Amalia asks

"Yes, I have a sister", I reply

"Then ask her a favor, maybe she owes you something", Amalia suggests

"Well, ........... she borrowed my top today because she wanted to impress a guy", I say with a smirk

That's it!

"That means you are coming to the party?" Amalia asks

"I have to ask her before agreeing to anything", I say

After two minutes

" Is Zander also coming?", I ask

Why in the hell did I ask that?

"Yup, there is a reason behind that jerk coming to MY party", Amalia says with a frown

"And what is that reason?" I ask with a chuckle

"A lot of girls will come because of Zander. And Zander does have a lot of so-called friends and they will be there too. This way, my party will be crowded and a crowded party is a successful party", Amalia says

And I made an 'O' look

"Why do you hate Zander so much?" I ask

"Because he is a jerk", Amalia says with an annoyed look

"That's not enough to hate someone", I say with a chuckle

"Okay, so the real reason is that since childhood, I have been living in his shadow", Amalia replies, "Let's take an example, on my first day of high school every girl wanted to be friends with me and every guy wanted to date me, not because of my beauty or status but because Zander talked to me in the parking lot."

"Do you know what I think?", I say

"What?" Amalia asks

"They wanted you because you are sexy, confident, and beautiful not because you know Zander", I reply with a smile

And the bell rings

"See you later", I say and starts gathering my books to go to class


I am sitting alone in one corner of the cafe but Velvet comes near me

"What are you doing?" Velvet asks

"Nothing, just scrolling Instagram", I reply

Velvet sits beside me

"So did you talk to that hottie again?" Velvet asks with a smirk

"No, but I am good friends with Amalia", I reply

"And she also invited us to her party", I add a second later

"We are going to Savannah Lockwood's mansion?" Velvet asks excitedly

"Maybe", I say with a ' whatever ' look

"Maybe? Are you crazy? I don't know about you but I don't want to ruin my chance to visit Savannah Lockwood's mansion", Velvet says

"Don't you forget that you are going because of me", I say with a frown

"Whatever", Velvet says, "So why maybe?"

"I have to ask Erika first", I say, "If she would agree to go to the diner on Saturday then I will agree to Amalia"

"Oh", Velvet says, "I hope she agrees, maybe I can talk to her if you want?"

"Don't worry, she will agree to it", I say with a smirk

"Don't think like I am obsessed with rich people, My family is also well settled, but Savannah Lockwood's mansion would be full of jewelry and stylish clothes", Velvet says with her hands in the air drawing something

"I know", I say knowing that Velvet is completely obsessed with rich people


😘😘 Hey buddies, how are you all, what is your opinion about Love or hate? Should I write more? Don't forget to tell me in the comments

Note: English is not my first language so please don't mind any grammar or spelling mistakes


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