The Possession of a Flower

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Claira Watson is a school teacher. She lives a simple life. As a plus size woman she never expects to fall in love and live happily ever after and honestly she is okay with that. She loves her garden, her students, and her tea. She’s okay with how her life is now. Wesley Thomas is a self made millionaire. He’s bored. He’s bored of one night stands, he’s bored of meeting the same people, and he’s ready for change. When he meets Claira he thinks she can be that change he desperately needs. But will Claira be able to keep her insecurities from ruining their relationship? Will Wesley be able to choose Claira over work? Will love win?

Romance / Erotica
Faith Crutchfield
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Chapter 1

I could hear my alarm screaming at me to get out of bed, but I couldn't find the strength to do so. It was Monday and the very last thing I wanted to do was get out of my soft bed and face the day. The problem is, I’m an adult now and that’s what adults do. They get up, even when they don’t want to. So, with a sigh of defeat I rolled off my bed and walked slowly to the bathroom, already regretting my decision to get out of bed. Standing in front of the mirror I hated what I saw, but that was nothing new. I was fat, not curvy in all the right places or with a big chest that made men stare. No, I was just fat. I had hair that was too think and neither curly nor straight, but simply a giant ball of hair that could not be contained no matter how much I begged it. While I was a pale woman that could never in a million years tan even if I wanted to, my face seemed to always be a bright red as if I was always embarrassed. Though, most of the time I was simply warm as I naturally ran at a much hotter temperature than everyone else around me.

I shrugged as I undressed and opened the shower doors. There was nothing I could do about how I looked right now. Right now, I needed to get to work and I could not do that if I was too busy standing in front of the mirror and crying about how ugly I was. The hot water felt nice against my sore muscles and I was suddenly glad that I left my bed for the heaven that was my shower. I washed my hair twice and scrubbed my body clean before I left the shower. Unfortunately, I could not spend forever in the shower no matter how much I wanted to. I rolled my eyes at my own thoughts. First, I didn’t want to get out of bed, and now I didn’t want to get out of the shower. Clearly it was time for a cup of coffee to turn this frown upside down. So, I left the shower and quickly got dressed in what I hoped was an outfit that didn’t make me look even fatter. Though I knew once I got a passing glimpse of myself in a window or mirror, I would hate myself even more.

Eagerly making my way to my coffee machine, I made a cup to go before rushing off to work. The roads were fairly empty because of how early in the morning it was and the fact that I didn’t live too far away was an added bonus. So, in no time I was at work and parking. Sucking in a deep breath I got out of the car. There were very few cars here but that was normal this time in the morning. I took my time getting in and getting settled. Once seated behind my desk I opened the top drawer and pulled out some paper that I knew needed to be taken care of by the end of the day and I knew I would have no time to do so later.

Before I knew it, I could hear my students walk into the classroom talking to each other about what ever was new and exciting at their age. I was only twenty-five, but these third graders already teased me for not knowing the latest and coolest thing. I was already weird to everyone else my age anyway. I spent most of my time in my garden or reading. I had one friend and even then, we didn’t talk much. If I was lucky, I would hear from her maybe once a month. I couldn’t blame her though. She was off doing exciting and new things all the time. She is and has always been the more outgoing one and I was okay with that. Despite never hearing from her I loved her very much. I loved to listen to what she was doing next and who she had met through her travels.

As I began to teach my class and get started with my day, I couldn’t help the smile that appeared on my lips. Despite everything I really was happy with my life. I didn’t go out much with friends and I might be fat, but I was happy. My students made my happy. Teaching made me happy. I didn’t always know what I wanted to do with my life but once I figured it out, I was able to finally understand what it was like to be happy. I loved how eager my students were to learn and I was just as eager to teach them. They were young but they were smart. I was happy that, despite my family’s protest, I had decided to become a teacher.

Before I knew it, my day was over, and I was packing up homework and quizzes that needed to be graded. Throwing them into my bag and heading to my car once again I smiled at how far my students had come in such a little amount of time. I didn’t always think that I was a good teacher but sometime my students would do so well that my confidence would boost, and I get excited like I am now.

Filled with excitement and not willing to go home, despite being overwhelmingly tired, I went to Starbucks to grab a tea. As I went inside, I noticed a little line forming but wanting my tea I just shrugged and stood in line. I didn’t mind waiting anyway. People get busy and I understood so I simply waited patiently. As I stood there, I heard the door jingle as someone opened it. I wasn’t sure what compelled me to look up from my phone to see who entered but I was glad I did.

The man who had entered was gorgeous and wearing a suit I was sure cost more than home was worth. Why he was in a Starbucks and not getting a much more expensive coffee somewhere else I would never understand. None the less I was happy he chose to come in even if he was too busy texting and almost ran into me. I was too starstruck by how handsome he was to even care. He was strong, that much you could tell. He had muscles on top of muscles that made his suit even more sexy on him. He had thick dark black hair and brown eyes that reminded me of a good cup of coffee. From how close he was standing I could smell his cologne that smelled like heaven but also extremely expensive.

With a sigh I tried to ignore my raging hormones that screamed at me to talk to the man. He was not only too rich for my taste, but I was most definitely too ugly for him. Men that handsome did not even glance at woman as ugly as me or as fat as me. Any fantast I had of the man behind me would have to remain just that, a fantasy. Luckily for me I was next in line to order so I would not have to stand next to this man and his intoxicating sent for much longer.

As I finally reached the counter, I left out a breath I didn’t even realize I was holding. I could safely tuck myself into a corner soon and hide away from this beautiful man. A good book would help me relax and with that I smiled at the lady and ordered my drink.

“Hi,” I smiled shyly “can I please get a Venti iced Chai tea latte please”

“Of Course!” The barista smiled back at me. “And a name?”

“Claira” I said as I grabbed my card.

She gave me my total and after I paid the nice girl I went and waited patiently for my drink. As I stood there watching them make my drink, I heard the man that had been standing behind me order his drink and I almost fell to my knees at the sound of his voice. I had not expected his voice to be so thick and husky. His voice held a power and authority that I knew made people jump when he told them to. Though as I listened to the brief exchange, I could tell that there was a softness to his voice as well. For a moment I was remind of my father. He was a big man but was also the kindest man I had ever met until the day he died. I could only imagine what ever model this man was dating was treated as a queen.

As I collected my drink I did just as I had wanted and curled up in a corner to read but I found myself unable to do so. Instead I stared at the handsome man waiting for his drink as I had just done. I had seen plenty of handsome men before but never had I met a man as handsome as he was. He was truly perfect, and I could only imagine that every girl wanted just as bad as I did.

Shaking my head, I decided that I was being rude staring at him like every hormone crazed woman in here. I would leave him alone and read my book like I had planned to do. I was sure the man knew how handsome he was and adored the attention he got. I would just have to keep myself in check. So finally, I opened my book and started to read. I barely even noticed the man sit down across from me and clear his throat. Looking up, my breath caught in my throat as the most handsome man I ever met smiled at me.

“Hi” he chuckled “I don’t mean to bother you, but I wanted to apologize for almost running you over when I came in. I should have paid more attention to where I was going.”

“Its fine.” I blushed “No big deal”

He looked at me as though he wanted to say something but simply didn’t. Instead he smiled at me again and stretched his hand out for me to take.

“I’m Wesley” he said still smiling. I took his hand and almost let go when I felt tingles in my hand where he touched.

“I’m Claira” I breathed, still shocked from his touch.

“Well Claira” he said as he stood up leaving me feel cold with his body so far away “It was nice to meet you. I have to get back to my office, but I hope to see you again.”

My head titled to the side in confusion. He wanted to see me again. Why? He was so sexy and perfect, and I was the opposite. I was fat and ugly. But a hope bloomed in my chest as he left. Would I see him again? Would he be excited to see me, or did he forget me as soon as he left the store? I knew I would never be able to forget him, and his intoxicating sent that made me dream for the first time in forever about falling in love.

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