Roses and Fangs

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Valdus stepped into a dark alley. He brought Rosebud closer to himself.

Looking around, he did a quick scan, making sure everything was safe. His Mate was already petrified of all the new things taking place around her. His soldiers appeared right after him. Beta Valerio took his place right behind Rosebud.

“Are you alright?” Valdus inquired.

“Y-Yes, my King,” Rosebud whispered and inched closer to Valdus. Her eyes were flitting around here and there. Valdus’ heart broke at seeing her in this state. Rosebud had been sheltered way too much. His heart ached at seeing her in this dilemma.

“My sweet, it gets better. Do not worry,” Valdus assured her, “this is just a secret place where the portal opens. We cannot have humans suspecting, can we?”

Rosebud looked at him with her imploring and beautiful moss green eyes, they made his heart stop. He placed a soft kiss on her nose and took her hand in his.

“We came to enjoy, didn’t we?”

Rosebud nodded.

“Then why do I see you worried and scared? Give me a smile,”

Rosebud gave a soft smile and squeezed his hand.

“That’s my girl.”

Valdus and the soldiers walked towards the entrance of the alleyway where a motorcade waited for them. Valdus helped Rosebud in the car and then sat beside her. Valerio took a seat in the front. The seven cars, all black and tinted rolled out on the road and into the spectacular New York City. Valdus gently pulled Rosebud onto his lap, and to his surprise, his soulmate didn’t say anything. She was busy staring at the glitzy city. Her jaw ajar and eyes were wide. She looked at the tall building with apprehension.

“My Lord,” Rosebud whimpered.

“What is it, my sweet?”

“This i-is nothing like our realm,”

“It isn’t, my sweet. This is one of the many cities on planet Earth. I have a few apartments here, it is one of my favourite places in the world.”

“Will we be staying in one of your apartments?”

“Not this time. I have a lot of work back at the Royal Pack, but I promise we will stay here for a couple of days whenever I find the time.”

Rosebud turned her attention back to the city, Valdus helped her explain the workings of the city, any famous landmark they crossed and even his favourite spots. His motorcade stopped in front of a trendy restaurant in the Upper East Side. Valdus helped his beautiful mate out. Rosebud was immediately taken aback by all the tall building around her. She inched closer to Valdus, who had placed his hand around her shoulders in a protective manner.

Despite the large security entourage, a few pesky human males gaped at Rosebud. This bothered Valdus who pulled her inside. Rosebud stumbled slightly but didn’t mind, she wasn’t even aware of the attention.

The restaurant was an exclusive one with reservations full for months in advance. Valdus had used his human networks to land a table for himself and his mate. There was soft lighting in the restaurant, and soft music played in the background. The atmosphere was romantic. The hostess took their coats, and Valdus ran his eyes down Rosebud’s outfit. She looked so beautiful and ethereal. Many men who were with their significant others stared at her curvaceous yet petite body and her long hair. Valdus noticed how unaware Rosebud was, he glared at the men and led her to the table.

Valdus wanted complete privacy and had personally asked for a table that was slightly towards the corner and away from prying eyes. He helped his sweet mate sit and took a seat directly in front of her, effectively blocking her view of other tables. Rosebud’s attention was on him. He took her hands in his and looked at her with a tenderness he carried in his heart.

Valerio had been informing Valdus of Rosebud’s busy schedule. The poor girl had been thrown in a very different scenario, one which she hadn’t envisioned for herself. But Rosebud was very brave with the way she took charge of herself. She proved her commitment to the state and to him. It was only a matter of time before Rosebud would reveal Evanora’s location.

Valdus had always wanted to spoil his mate and tonight he finally got the opportunity.

“You have me now, Princess. Have your fill,” Valdus whispered and placed a kiss on her knuckles.

Princess Rosebud blushed and looked around. She was absolutely shocked at Valdus’ public display of affection, but it was nothing compared to what others were doing. A few couples kissed each other on the lips and Rosebud’s own throbbed with need. She didn’t understand this sudden desperation in her body, it wanted to be around Valdus at all times. Rosebud had started to find the lethal-looking lycanthrope king very attractive. She was drawn to his scars and deep-set eyes and the fire blazing in them. She loved how they contrasted each other. Rosebud was softness, and he was all hardness and menace.

Rosebud shyly brought his hand to her cheek and nuzzled her nose against it and let his hand cup her cheek. She wanted to snuggle against him and nuzzle her nose on his neck. Valdus seemed to read her because he brought her to him. Letting her take place on his lap, her rightful throne.

“You are getting so comfortable around me, Princess. I like that,” Valdus whispered.

“My Lord, I don’t u-understand. I have these feelings inside of me and I a-am so confused. I want to be with you and around you at all times. I feel a gaping hole in my chest whenever you are away from me. My Lord, I should be … hating you but I feel just the opposite. I feel at home with you. I feel like I belong with you.”

Valdus gulped, it must have taken his little princess immense courage to be so raw and open. But he had an answer to her confusions. He had a response to why she felt a certain way, he knew why she was opening up so swiftly.

“My innocent princess, it is all the working of the mate bond. My wolf has recognised you as its soulmate, and somewhere your soul too recognises mine as its other half. The beauty of the bond are these wonderful feelings, it is nature’s way of making us fall for one another. I have come to terms with the affection, love, adoration and tenderness I have for you. I haven’t remotely felt like this for anyone. This mate bond is a blessing by the Moon Goddess upon us, and you must not fight it,”

“How should I not fight it? How should I accept it?”

“Let go of any hesitation or doubt floating in your mind. Let your heart take the reins for once, my Princess.”

“I am shy,” Rosebud whispered and lowered her eyes. She bit her lips, and Valdus’ eyes zeroed on them.

“Trust me, Princess. I want you to do just about anything that you desire.”

Rosebud brought her nose to his neck and gently nuzzled. Valdus groaned, his mate was so soft and wholesome. She was the sweetest being, a cute little nuzzler. He ran his hands through her hair and let her carry with her ministrations. She placed a soft kiss on his neck and then buried her face, suddenly all shy and cute.

“My little kitten,” Valdus whispered in her ear.

They sat in each other’s embrace, enjoying the new and blossoming feelings.

“May I have your orders, Sir?”

The moment came to an abrupt halt, Valdus growled and turned to the pesky server. Rosebud too looked up. Valdus observed the server’s eyes dilate, his mouth almost fell as he took in Rosebud’s ethereal beauty. Gulping visibly, the server took his pad out with trembling hands. A small smile appeared on his lips, which dropped when his gaze went to Valdus.

“A gin and tonic for me,” Valdus rumbled, “and a virgin daiquiri with blueberries for my fiancée.”

The server’s eyes widened. Valdus knew what was going on in his brain. What was this beautiful girl doing with a brute of a man? And then the server’s eyes went to her vacant fingers, where was the ring? Valdus growled, and the server all but ran away.

“I think we should look at the menus, we’ve got to fill your little tummy,” Valdus said.

“I want to try the f-fish,” Rosebud said, pointing to a dish in the menu.

“We will have that and let me see what I should get for myself,” Valdus perused through the menu before deciding upon the restaurant’s classic pan-seared ribeye steak. He wasn’t very fussy with his orders and stuck to his favourites.

The drinks arrived along with some appetizers.

“How are you handling the transition, Princess?” Valdus sipped on his gin and tonic.

“It is t-tough,” Rosebud mumbled, “I have to study a lot of statistics and reports. It is a lot and needs to be done in heels and exquisite gowns which makes it all the more tiring.”

Valdus grinned and caressed his fingers against her cheeks.

“You are not used to the dressing up,” Valdus stated.

“No, not at all. I have never worn such finery in my life, my Lord. Sometimes I think I’ll fall while walking and at the end of the day my back hurts.”

“Poor Princess, it is all a part and parcel of your life now,” Valdus empathised, “trust me, I hate dressing up too but there is an image we must hold up. We head the entire realm; Princess and we must put her best foot forward when we are representing the realm.”

Rosebud sipped on her daiquiri and nodded, hanging on every word leaving Valdus’ lips. She loved how insightful his advice was, it gave her so much knowledge about the world.

“How are your appointments with the seamstresses? Have you decided upon a gown for our wedding and coronation?”

Rosebud giggled and buried her face in his neck.

“What happened?” Valdus asked.

Rosebud shook her head.


Rosebud looked up at him, her cheeks holding precious little circles of her blush. Her gaze was imploring, and understanding dawned upon Valdus. His mate was just shy and sweet. A blushing bride. Valdus’ heart soared at her happiness. Before, he wasn’t sure, but now looking at her, there wasn’t a doubt in his mind.

“You look beautiful with that blush,” Valdus complimented her.

The server arrived with their food and Rosebud, and Valdus ate in silence. It was comfortable, Valdus fed some of his steak to Rosebud, she moaned as the flavour of the butter and herbs hit her taste buds.

“I will take you to an amazing place, they have my favourite ice-cream.”

Valdus took Rosebud’s hands as they walked down the fifth avenue. Valdus had planned for them to shop around a little before leaving for the realm.

“Do you like ice-cream?”

“I do,” Rosebud admitted.

Valdus saw that she was slightly distracted, her eyes were on a store and specifically the fluffy muffler donned by a mannequin. Valdus smiled and took her inside. The store was by an up and coming designer who had created an empire out of online sales. This was his first and judging by the crowd he was doing well with the brick and mortar structures too.

Rosebud was immediately dawned to a significant and fluffy beanie with a pom-pom hanging at the pointy end. She turned and looked at Valdus with her big eyes, the salesman seemed especially enamoured to the point where it bothered Valdus. He bought Rosebud the beanie and a few other things and dragged her out. If things were his way, Valdus would have pulled out the salesman’s eyes.

Valdus saw Rosebud pulling the beanie on her head, not even bothering to take the price tag off. She was so sweet. He helped her with it. The passing crowd all looked at the adorable princess. The attention was bothering Valdus, even Rosebud had started to notice the eyes. It was odd, Valdus knew his mate was the most beautiful in the entire universe, but he didn’t like it still. The attention was bothering his own mate, people were trying to infiltrate her personal space. He quickly took her hand and pushed her inside the car.

“The ice-cream?” Rosebud mumbled.

“Every fucking person was staring at her,” Valdus roared.

“I noticed, your highness,” Valerio said.

Rosebud whimpered, but Valdus didn’t listen.

“It’s like they wanted to touch her and steal her away,” Valdus snarled, “take us back home.”

Rosebud didn’t utter a word, she wanted to have that ice-cream, but her mate looked so furious. She didn’t want to end her day by becoming a victim of his wrath.

“If there wasn’t a treaty between humans and supernaturals, then I would’ve killed each person who dared to look at Rosebud. And that one pedestrian? He tried to even approach her!” Valdus roared.

Rosebud’s eyes went to Valerio, he looked nervous too. What could she do in this situation?”

“Alpha, you are scaring the Princess,” Valerio managed to whisper.

But Valdus was entirely out of it.

“What will happen at the coronation, Valerio?” Valdus asked, “will I have to fight with leaders of the realms?”

“Leaders of the realms will understand that our Princess is mated to you, you don’t have to worry about them, your highness,” Valerio tried to pacify Valdus.

“I will kill each and every one of them,” Valdus warned, “I don’t care for the consequence.”

Rosebud didn’t understand Valdus’ anger, it was so abrupt and frightening, was this the ugly side of her mate? She didn’t like it; on instinct, she placed her hand on his shoulder.

Valdus stopped and turned to her.

There were tales, from centuries ago. Once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl, the stories of her beauty floated through the realms. Everyone wanted a peek at her. Her soulmate was a volatile Alpha werewolf with anger that touched the skies. One day, he was in the middle of his anger fits. He had already killed a few and was on a rampage to ravage an entire village.

Hoping to calm him down, the beautiful girl placed a hand on his shoulder. But such was his anger that he mauled his own soulmate’s body, killing her with his bare hands.

Many moments later, the wolf calmed down, but it was too late. Upon realising his mistake, he howled and cried for days, sitting beside her body and cursing himself. Unable to carry the weight of his mistake, he ripped apart his own chest, pulling his heart out and crushing it between his claws.

Queen Yael would tell this story to Valdus every day, ingraining in his mind the need to control his fabled anger. Valdus was known to have a temper that was beyond his own control. But today, that story appeared in his mind the moment Princess Rosebud had placed a hand on his shoulder.

Valdus ran his eyes across her frightened features and pulled her closer to him. He placed a soft kiss on Rosebud’s forehead and mentally thanked his mother. Queen Yael’s mate, his father, would lock himself in the basement of the castle to save her from his lethal anger. But Yael had trained Valdus since his birth, she weaved many such stories in his mind to make him better at handling his anger. Finding a mate had been Valdus’ lifelong wish. He craved for the moments, and now he finally did.

Valdus gently cupped Rosebud’s cheeks, his anger dissipating the moment he touched her.

Valdus and Rosebud walked into the castle hand in hand. Rosebud was happy again, Valdus was his gentlemanly self, and there was nothing to be worried about. She smiled when Tiger came running towards her, she scooped him in her arms and placed loving kisses on his body.

“My sweet, why don’t you go change, I will be with you in a moment,” Valdus said.

“Okay,” Rosebud mumbled, already distracted by Tiger’s cuteness.

Valdus walked towards the solarium, there wasn’t any sun, but Carmichael still chose to work there. The tall windows gave the view of stars necessary for Carmichael’s planetary calculations. Valdus had questions, and the dark witch was to provide the required answers.


The dark witch looked up from the charts, removing his spectacles and placing them on the messy desk. Valdus walked inside the solarium, it had been transformed into a witch’s lair. Bottles and bottles of herbs and magical substances lay askew on tables. Witches were known to be messy, but it was a mess they needed.

“Your Highness,” Carmichael bowed, “what can I do for you?”

“I have questions, Carmichael, and I need answers for it,”

“What are the questions?”

“My Mate, I understand that she is one of the most beautiful creatures in this universe, but I do not understand the magnetic pull she has upon people. It angers me, they try to infiltrate her personal space!” Valdus roared, “what can I do to stop this? We have the coronation soon, what if members of other species try getting close to her?”

“Alpha, I have to tell you this, people aren’t getting attracted to the Princess on purpose. It is a natural reaction to who she is. She is a pure witch, Your Highness. And an enchantress on top of that. Enchantresses are beautiful and enthralling witches who enchant and allure people just by their mere presence.”

“So, people get enchanted to her because of who she is?”

“Only enchantresses and a few other species possess beauty as strong and potent as our Princess. It is easier for us to control because we realise the bond between the two of you, and we have immense respect for the Princess. But others might not. There will be a few who will try to take her away.”

“And what do I do with them?”

“You kill them, Your Highness. You kill anyone who tries to take your beloved mate away from you.”

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