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She lost her home planet and landed on the immortal inhabited planet, Felonius at age two. She lost her parents due to the immortal rebels then take to live with them by their leader, Jared, at age seven. By sixteen she has grown up too fast and trained to fight very well by her now father figure. How much can a young woman bare? Her breaking point is reached at sixteen, her only father figure left is killed brutally in another uprising. At twenty Katrina Hale decides enough is enough and makes a bargain with the new leader, Jace. She has to try to get her people that are now left away from Felonius and the torment or change how things are done. But how? He's put in charge of keeping her safe, when she first comes to live with them he can't help but want to protect the little girl. He helps her become stronger so she doesn't become a victim. After their leader is gravely injured and dies he is entrusted with everything with Katrina. When she wants to leave he disagrees but lets her go anyways. But the minute Katrina leaves, Dimitri is filled with hurt, confusion, and some loneliness. He has to do right by his fallen leader but how? And he finally admits to himself he fell in love with the girl whose now turned into a strong, capable, and independent woman.

Romance / Fantasy
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Everything would change from this day forward, they weren’t able to return to their life on their planet as they knew it. This planet though, it seemed, nice. It was beautiful, very bright green grass, bright blue skies, and seemed to have very clean air. They just had to settle somewhere for a limited time until they could find something new. Their home was now destroyed by the asteroid that hurled into their world and very few had escaped the tragedy. Twelve hundred out of ten thousand was all that was left.

As soon as the ship had landed it was surrounded by the original inhabitants. The leader of the invaders stepped out of the ship slowly. He cautioned everyone to stay inside until he hopefully came to an agreement with the people who were now surrounding their ship.

One of the people surrounding the ship stepped forward, he seemed to be the leader and called out to them, “You weren’t invited here, what do you want?” he was breathtakingly handsome, as was everyone else who surrounded the ship.

The leader of the group scanned the faces of the inhabitants, like chiseled gods. These people were nothing like him and his ordinary people. He stepped forward a little more, actually very terrified, “I k-know we weren’t invited, and I-I’m very sorry for the intrusion, we didn’t have a choice, our home was in grave danger and it is now gone, we having nothing to go back to, the planet was demolished, I am asking for temporary refuge for us, only until we can find somewhere else for us to permanently go.”

The leader of the planet contemplated the pros and cons. His red lips pursed together standing out against his paler complexion as he thought when one of the little girls came from the ship and wandered up to him. He looked down at the little creature, she melted the heart he didn’t have right then and there. He slowly bent down and scooped her up, those blue-green eyes of hers seemed to search to the depth of his benign. She would be something very special one day. He smiled down at the little girl in his arms and because of that little girl he figured how much harm could be done by letting them stay. It wasn’t fair they no longer had a place to call their own anymore. He cleared his throat then spoke to the man, “Okay, we will see how things go if you cause us any problems, you will be asked to leave.”

Julius Hale walked up to the man and held out his hand, “Thank you, we will not cause any problems if you allow us to stay long term, we will not be a burden to you, I am sure we can all get along, we can discuss everything and come to agreements. But if you wouldn’t mind letting me have my daughter back.” Julius held out his arms for the little girl, his outstretched hand being ignored.

“I shouldn’t be surprised she is yours, brave little thing she is.” He handed the girl back. “I am Jared and you are?”

Before Julius could answer the tiny girl shouted, “Kat.”

Jared was taken aback, his misty blue eyes round.

“I am Julius and as you now know, this is Kat, short for Katrina.”

“One brave little thing.” He said again a smile tugging at his lips as he held his hand out this time and shook Julius’s hand, he thought nothing bad could happen, his people were kind and friendly, they’d never act in violence… or so he thought.

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