Bird of the Night

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Allie's family is traveling from their home in England to the colonies for a "vacation" of sorts- right in the middle of the Revolutionary War. When they get there, a series of events leads to Chandler, Allie's father, discovering her secret. The patriot Nightingale? It's his daughter. Updated every Sunday, most chapters are about 1,000 words but there are variations in length.

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Character List (in order of appearance)

This list is to simply assist you as you’re reading. The prologue starts in the next “chapter”, and Chapter 1 starts after that. Bird of the Night will be updated with another chapter every Sunday to slow the pace and give me time to write future chapters as I’m trying to balance classes at uni.

For a quick reference, whigs were the patriots and tories were the loyalists.

Chandler Hemsworth (Whig)- The father of Allie and husband of Felicity. He is supportive of his daughter in all things.

Wickaninnish (Whig)- A Native American and the main love interest.

Alexandra(Allie) Hemsworth (Whig)- The main character; an England born woman who has yet to agree to a husband after nineteen years of age.

Felicity Hemsworth (Tory)- The mother of Allie and wife of Chandler. She is sick of her daughter’s rebellious behavior and wants to have a normal family with lots of English grandchildren.

Elspet Houston (Prefers to not acknowledge that there is a war)- The best friend of Allie and fiance of Harry Houston, a character who is only mentioned. She sides with Felicity when it comes to opinions about Allie’s marriage, and she is the daughter Felicity always wished for.

Harry Houston (Tory)- Elspet’s fiance.

Mark (Tory)- Elspet and Allie’s childhood friend who is attracted to Elspet.

Njål (Uninvolved in the war)- A friendly, Norwegian sailor who befriends Allie while she’s on the voyage to the colonies.

Captain Vening (Whig)- A stuck-up, no-nonsense man who insists on making Njål’s life miserable.

Dean Knight (Whig)- A kindly wagon driver who quickly befriends Chandler, then Allie. He is helpful towards the Nightingale.

The Nightingale (Whig)- Allie’s alter ego. A night-time vigilante who steals from the Tories and gives to the oppressed Whigs.

Bernard Greene (Tory)- Wick’s father, who only recently met his son.

Citlali (Uninvolved in war)- Wick’s mother, who died when he was young.

Kent Loure (Whig)- An easily-aggravated shop keeper.

Jones (Uninvolved in war)- A slave of an unnamed owner, who helps Allie and Wick in a moment of need.

Quillaq (Tory)- Wick’s half-brother who tries to keep him from getting hurt.

Emilia Greene (Tory)- Bernard Greene’s wife who disapproves of Wick.

Asa Smith (Tory)- A man who wants to marry Allie and control her. His father has extreme solutions to the whigs acting up.

Verona Greene (Tory)- Emilia and Bernard’s eldest daughter, Wick’s half-sister.

Bennet (Ben) Greene (Tory)- Emilia and Bernard’s youngest son, Wick’s half-brother.

Nohhum (Uninvolved in war)- Wick’s grandmother and parental figure.

Dr. Camerin Lewis (Whig)- The doctor that healed Allie. He met Chandler on their voyage over to the colonies and lives in the capital.

Maira (Uninvolved in war)- Quillaq’s wife who was recently freed from Englishmen. She learned little English while she was captive.

Moacir (Uninvolved in war)- Maira’s son who was born a few months after she was freed.

Antinaco (Ant) Hemsworth (Uninvolved in war)- A young half-Native American, who must be kept secret.

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