The Bartender

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Chapter Eleven

What do you do when you catch someone cheating? What do you do when you catch someone cheating on their partner? What do you do when said partner happened to be your mother? What do you do when you find your mom cheating on your dad?

Trust is something that I don’t take lightly. When you place your trust in someone, you are giving them a part of yourself even though you know that they can betray you at a point. As humans, we all had weaknesses, we made mistakes, I knew that. When it came to the woman who birthed me, took care of me my whole life, the trust that I had placed in her was on a whole other level.

How could she do this to me?

I knocked frantically on the door of Kyle’s house when I got there. I was getting antsy. The more I stood here alone with no one around, the more I felt the need to cut.

I rubbed at my wrists, savouring the burning feeling of the cuts made earlier. It was what was keeping me stable but it wasn’t enough.

Where was Kyle?

I needed him to be here before I decided that bleeding arms were not enough.

Fuck! I was really crazy, wasn’t I?

I knocked again, banging on the door when no one answered.

“What?!” Brian shouted whiles opening the door.

I opened my mouth to reply but no words would come out. I was cut short, frozen and amazed at the body in front of me. It seemed that this man’s body got more and more sexier every time I saw him.

No! What am I thinking?

I shook my head to get rid of those thoughts.

“Well?” Brian asked, standing in the doorway, his hands on his waist, basking in his all naked glory.

“Don’t you have clothes?” I asked instead. His body was distracting. Didn’t he have any sense of decency?

“I do, but why restrict myself in my house?”

I rolled my eyes. “Just because this is your home doesn’t mean you should be totally naked. We’re outside for crying out loud”, I stated angrily. “And this is Kyle’s house”.

“It’s mine too, considering I paid for half of it” he rolled his eyes at me.

What an insolent man.

And he was still naked. I cleared my throat, looking anywhere but at his crotch. Yeah, like that’d work.

When I looked back at his face, he was smirking at me.

“Um, is Kyle around?”

“No, he left a few minutes ago actually”.

“Can I wait for him?” I asked.

“What part of... ” he began and then cleared his throat. “Yeah sure, why not?” he said and moved aside to allow me entry to the house.

He wouldn’t leave the doorway so I tried my very best to walk past him without coming into contact with his crotch.

I swear, I felt it hit my ass.

Did I mention how big it looked? And he was flaccid. I know, I’m shocked too.

“Please get some clothes on” I said as I entered the living room.

“Yes, tell me what to do in my home, why don’t you?” Brian retorted as I scanned the room.

Well, surprisingly, it was fairly neat. With the exception of some clothes lying haphazardly.

I picked up a boxer shorts that laid on the armrest of the couch.

“Ew!” I exclaimed at how moist it was. “For fucks sake!”

“Dude, calm down!” he said. I only glared at him. How could I calm down? It was moist.

“It’s just boxers, and jizz, but mostly boxers” he laughed and I groaned. I needed to wash my hands.

“When is Kyle getting back?” I asked. I didn’t even want to sit down. Who knew what he had done on the couch. Probably masturbated. I briefly wondered how he looked when he came. He seemed like he’d be loud during sex, and he was, considering I’d heard him having sex that one time.

“I don’t know, probably in an hour’s time” he shrugged.

Did I mention he was still naked? But fuck, an hour? I couldn’t wait that long.

“You can sit here and wait for him” he suggested but seeing the frown on my face, he cleared his throat and tried again.

“Or you could wait in his room, or mine, if you want some company” he smirked at me.

I couldn’t believe I was actually considering that offer. Well, it was better than nothing and there was no way I was sitting here in this semen infested living room.

After a few seconds, with me trying to reconsider my whole life and why I even bothered with anything at all, I nodded to him.

“Your room, if you don’t mind”.

Brian’s face lit up and a very beautiful smile graced his face. It was much better than that cocky smirk of his.

He went up with the stairs and I followed, looking at his backside. His ass looked firm, and there was no sway in his hips like you’d think. He was quite manly. I brought my hand up to my nose. Okay, did he smell good or was I just being crazy again? Semen didn’t smell good. Or did it? I’d never smelt mine before. Oh my god! Had I come right when he was done jerking off?

Holy shit!

“What?” Brian asked, turning to face me.

“Nothing” I squeaked, trying to hide the blush on my face.

How embarrassing.

“Welcome to my humble abode” he stated proudly as he opened the door to his bedroom, gesturing me in.

“I don’t know about humble” I muttered as I walked in.

Wow! His room was beautiful. Everything was well organized. It was like walking into those feng shui bedrooms in magazines. There were dark brown curtains blocking the sun which was a very nice touch because I liked dark places. Three monitors were on the other side of the room, probably his working area. I briefly wondered what he needed three monitors for. I looked towards the bed. It was perfectly laid. Even I couldn’t do that. The carpet on the ground was woollen and I removed my shoes hurriedly.

“What are you doing?” Brian asked, closing the door.

“I want to feel the carpet” I said, sighing when my feet touched it. It was so soft. “Nice place” I said after a while.

Brian snorted. “Right, just don’t ejaculate on my carpet”.

I rolled my eyes at that.

“How can this place be so neat while the living room is such a mess?” I asked while getting comfortable on the floor. I placed my bag and laid with my back flat on the grey woollen carpet. “This is so relaxing”.

“I don’t sleep here” he shrugged as he looked into his closet for something to wear.

“What? Why? This is like a haven for good sleep. Even my room isn’t this nice”.

“I don’t know” he said, as he put on some boxers.

“Seriously? You’re just gonna wear that?”

“Back off okay? I feel comfortable in these”.

They were making me uncomfortable, I wanted to say but couldn’t because I knew that was a lie. I wanted him to remain naked. Hell, I wanted to be naked as well.

But that was so gay.

“Come on,” I said instead. “There’s got to be a reason for it”.

“No, there’s not”.

“There’s a reason for everything”. He laughed. “I don’t know. It doesn’t feel right”.

“It doesn’t feel right to sleep in your own room?” I asked.

“Not necessarily. I feel different when I’m in here. Maybe I’m just lonely. The living room is cozier and noisier”. Brian came to lie down beside me. “But why the hell are you so curious?”

I shrugged. “No reason, just want to know you”, I replied. Wow. Just want to know him?

“I could’ve sworn you hated me.

I smirked. “Maybe a bit, but you’re alright”.

“What’s your reason?” Brian asked.


“You looked distraught when you got here. Is there a reason for that?”

I sighed. “So many”.

“Tell me”.

“Why would I do that?”

“You clearly need someone to talk to and since Kyle’s not here, I’m the next best thing kiddo!”

“I’m not a kid!”

“Sorry, man” he snorted and I laughed. I tried gathering my thoughts. How do you tell a total stranger that the woman you trusted with your life betrayed you? It wasn’t some easy feet.

“I don’t even know how to start” I said.

“You can begin from the end, or the middle. Whatever you want. At the end of the day, you just need to get it off your chest”.

That was true.

“Have you ever trusted anyone?” I asked him.

“Hmm, yeah I guess” he shrugged. “I turned onto my side so I was facing him.

“I don’t need you to guess. I need you to be sure”, I stated.

Brian thought for a moment before he too, turned and faced me.

“Yeah”, he whispered. “I’ve only ever trusted one person my entire life. And I still do”.

“Great” I nodded.

“How would you feel if they betrayed you? How would you feel if they did something so bad, you never even thought they were capable of doing?

“Depends on what it is” he shrugged, making me roll my eyes.

“You’re not understanding” I sighed and turned to lay on my back once again.

“Then make me understand” he said and took my hand in his. I didn’t even mind when he started caressing it with his. For some reason, I felt extremely comfortable with him.

“My mom. She uh...When I got home, I found her with someone else. Another woman for that matter”.

“What’s so wrong about that?” Brian asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Considering she’s still married to my dad and has been for 20 years, I’d say that’s very wrong”.

“She’s a cunt” he deadpanned.

I sighed. “I wouldn’t use that specific word but yeah. I caught her cheating on my dad, with not just anyone, another woman. I mean, how could she? And the worst part of it all was, she didn’t even fucking apologize”, I seethed.

I saw Brian staring at me from the corner of my eye. “Well?” I asked. I was kinda waiting for feedback.

“I understand that what she did was wrong, but I need you to answer this”, he said. “Are you angry that she cheated on your father, or are you angry because it was with a woman?”

“Because she cheated on my dad” I answered sharply, glaring at him.

He actually smirked. “You sure ’bout that?”

“Of course” I stated. “Look, I don’t like gay stuff, and sure, I’ve said hurtful things but I’m still trying to get past all that, so back off okay? This is serious. I hate her for cheating on my dad. I hate her for betraying every ounce of trust that I had in her. She’s not even the woman I thought I knew. And... And when I tried calling dad, she just snatched the phone from me. Her voice was so cold. It sounded nothing like her. It was as if she was an entirely new person. And worse still, there was no remorse in her eyes, no guilt. She just didn’t care” I wanted, pausing to catch my breath.

“I’m sorry” Brian said and when I went to tell him to not say that, he cut me off. “I know it’s not my fault but I’m not apologizing for her. I’m sorry you had to go through that. It sounds like she’s trying to sabotage her marriage”.

“So you think she’d do that?” I whispered.

He shrugged. “Probably. Maybe this isn’t the first time. Maybe this was just the time you caught her”.

I gasped, suddenly feeling the need to throw up.

“You think she could have been doing it for longer than this?”

“Maybe. I’m just saying, what she did was wrong, she’s scarred you. However, there might be a reason for it”.

“So you’re saying it’s okay to cheat as long as there’s a reason for it?” I sat up.

“No” he shook his head. “Cheating on your partner is wrong, especially when you’re both in love. I’m just saying that maybe there’s no love in the marriage. Or maybe she just doesn’t care. It’s like you said, there’s a reason for everything. Except that reasons don’t excuse us when we’re in the wrong”.

I sighed. “Why did it have to be my family? We were happy. I mean, dad isn’t always around but at least, we were happy. Why did she have to go and ruin it?” I felt the need to cut. I rubbed at my scars as hard as I could, but it wasn’t enough.

“Aiden, calm down”.

“I ... I can’t”.

“Aiden, look at me. Look. At. Me!”

I stopped scratching at my arms instantly and looked into his eyes.

“You’re okay” he whispered, brushing my hair from my face. “You’re alright. She’s not here okay. You’re not seeing it happen. You’re good” he kept brushing my hair with his hand and I felt myself sagging in relief.

“I don’t want to come from a broken home” I cried against his chest. “I’m already broken enough”.

“We’re all broken someway, somehow. But that doesn’t mean we should give in to the pain” he told me.

“How can you be so positive?”

“I’m not. But it takes too much energy to be negative sometimes. I’m feeling good today” he said and I chuckled.

I sighed against him, rubbing my hand on his bicep. “You’re so manly” I whispered.

“You like that I’m manly, don’t you?”

“Yeah”, I nodded and then choked on my breath at what I said. “Wait what?”

“Chill. I’m just teasing you” he laughed.

“Jerk!” I pushed him to the ground and reached up to pick a pillow from his bed to hit him with. He caught me between his arms and we wrestled so I could get away. I laughed so hard my sides hurt. Who knew Brian had a playful side?

He managed to pin me down on my back, holding my hands above my head. He was lying on top of me, his face so close to mine.

My breath hitched. He looked at me in the eyes. I just then realized his eyes were hazel, so beautiful. His eyes went to my lips and back to my eyes, as if waiting for an approval. I searched his face for any sign of...I didn’t even know what I was looking for.

My eyes went to his lips. They looked so soft. I bit my bottom lip. I wanted to touch him, I wanted to feel his lips against mine. Why won’t he kiss me?

Brian started to lean in, and I responded, hoping so much to get a feel of him.

“Hey guys, what’s going on?”

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