The Bartender

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Brian’s P.O.V

I may have glanced at my phone screen every minute for the past hour since I began my shift at the bar. It got to a point I was ignoring patrons and making them angry when I was a bit late with their drinks. Who could blame me though? I may have glared at one guy with salt and pepper hair and would have punched him too when he questioned if I was even right for this job had I not remembered that I was at work and he was paying for my services.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less if he went to hell but I sucked it up, only grunting and placed three shots of tequila in front of him. I hoped he got drunk off his ass and got kicked out. I’d be happy to drag his ass out myself too but I could only sulk and watch as he went back to his group with the drinks.

Turning my frustration to whoever deserved it, I glared at my phone. Damn it! It hadn’t even blinked. The time was 9:30pm and there was still no word. Had I assumed wrong?

I remembered him saying he wanted to be with me so was it wrong or me to assumed he’d call as soon as he closed from school? Or did I have my expectations too high? I didn’t want to believe that though, there was no way I could. Ah, fuck! I hated this feeling.

It bothered me to no end.

“What’s got your panties in a twist?” a preppy voice asked.

I looked up to see Zander gazing at me worriedly. I sighed.

“Nothing” I grumbled as I wiped off the counter.

“Oh honey, funny how you still think you can lie to me” he stated with a smirk.

“Don’t you have a job to do?” I questioned haughtily, wanting to get rid of him. Zander was one of the dancers at the club, and the best one if I might add. He had the talent, really, the way the boy swayed those hips got the patrons kneeling at his feet every night. And with mid length wavy brown hair, a skinny body that screamed twink and a bubble butt, it was no wonder he was the most sought after stripper over here.

He preferred being in the cages though, that way, when a patron got too handsy, he could just hit a button and go upstairs in a flash.

However, on this night, I deeply wondered who had let him out of the cage as he was quite worrisome. Example being now since he was bothering me to no end.

“Are you going to tell me what’s making you sulk like a girl on her period?”

“Ew, why would you say that?”

“Your face made me say that” he laughed. “You look my cousin on the first of every month. You’ve not got a man-gina hiding there right?”

I sighed as he went on and on about how weird it would be if I had two genitals but he thought it would be sexy. I tuned him out after sexy because I didn’t want to know what kind of imagery run through that head of his. I just wished he’ll go back to his cage soon. Hell, I’d be fucking glad if he goes to the private part of the club, since he’ll learn to shut up.

“Or is it that cute twink that came here a month ago?” he asked making my eyes widen.


“It’s him, isn’t it? The one that came here with your brother?” he asked and he climbed over the counter --that I had just wiped much to my dismay--, shaking his butt to the patrons in the process and coming over to stand beside me.

“How do you even remember that?” I asked, remembering that time so perfectly. It was the first time I had seen Aiden and my first thought had been, damn, he’s hot. I remembered wanting to pound his tight ass so bad until I realized he was the biggest homophobic since my old man.

But of course, that didn’t sway me though, because such a person just seemed like a challenge waiting to be solved, a game waiting to be played.

I just didn’t know he’d have me going out of my mind just because I hadn’t heard from him in a few hours. I briefly wondered if something had happened to him but immediately brushed it aside. What could have possibly happened?

I sighed as I checked my phone again.





“Hey easy!” Zander chuckled next to me taking the glass from my hand. I hadn’t even noticed I was shaking. That was how anxious I was. I missed him and I wanted to hear his voice.

“What did he do to get you so worked up? Did he hit on your brother?”

I glared at him and sighed, shaking my head. “No.”

“Okay, then... Did he hit on you?”

I rolled my eyes at that.

“Ah, I knew it. Of course he did. No one can resist a sexy ass like yours” he said slyly, rubbing my bicep.

“But I know that alone couldn’t have been it. Did you guys have sex? And did he not call you back? Because I know how much a bitch that is!”

“That’s not it!” I argued angrily, hating the thought of it all. He had not just assumed that Aiden was just a plaything. Of course he wasn’t.

I would never do that to him.

That may have been my plan in the beginning but Aiden is more than just sex to me. He isn’t someone that I would sleep with and not call back. What kind of jerk would that make me?

And then it occurred to me.

“Are you expecting an apology?” I asked, turning to face him. He was standing there with his hand on his waist as if he was waiting for something.

Zander was known to keep grudges, that much was established. We had hooked up more than once since I moved here but it was his choice to make it no strings attached. Not that I would have wanted something more but he was the one who brought it up in the first place, telling me not to call him whatsoever because he hated clingy people. See who was being clingy now.

“Of course not. I wouldn’t expect one from a peasant like you” he groaned. “I was just thinking if you wanted to catch up after work, just for old times sake” he stated.

Wait, what?


“Or not. I get it. You’ve got a boo now. I saw you kissing like two days ago when he came here high off his ass. Hope he’s a keeper” he said and jumped off the counter again, making me groan.

I just wiped that off.

And I hadn’t even thought to correct him on his mistake. I glanced at my phone again.


Still no word.

Fuck it! I thought and just made the call.

No one answered on the first ring, nor the second, nor the third until some bitchy woman was telling me the person I was trying to reach had not answered and that I should try again. Of course I’d try again, not because she said so!

I slammed the phone on the counter after three more failed attempts. Why hadn’t he come to see me? I thought it was a silent agreement. If he was a good boy, he’d come and we’d spend all day together. I was ready to skip work today, just for him but he hasn’t even texted me. And now he wasn’t answering my calls.

Had he gone back to hating me?

I know he didn’t really hate me but knowing that he could have gone back to when we were just acquaintances who just bickered and not someone he shared his secrets with bugged me to no end. I hated it.

I preferred who he was now. The fun and loving Aiden. The soft Aiden that I had gotten to know and enjoyed being with it. The beautiful boy that I loved kissing and holding close to my heart’s content.

I groaned out loud, glaring at the phone that refused to turn black. I just wanted to hear his voice, was that too much to ask for?

I couldn’t believe this was me now. I had turned into a love sick puppy just because of this boy who didn’t care enough to tell me that he couldn’t come see me. The least he could have done was make up some excuse about something coming up. Did he not like me anymore, I wondered.

The time we spent at that diner in Angel Falls was the best night of my life. What a time. It was amazing, being with him, just talking. I hadn’t done that in a long time and I forgot how it felt to do that with someone you actually liked. When he kissed me afterwards, I didn’t know what to think. I was too damn elated to even move. He had practically made me the happiest man on earth and all I wanted was to ravish him and keep him all to myself, and show him just how hot he made me feel.

And to think I had this whole night planned out only to have it backfire in my face and now I was stuck here bartending. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my job, but I guess I loved Aiden more.

Holy shit! I choked on my spit, and coughed. Damn. I needed to calm down. What the hell was I thinking? This was way too fast and I didn’t even do the whole love thing. That was just not for me. I shouldn’t even be having such thoughts.

I needed to distract myself so I went back to my job. If only there were a few more patrons. It wasn’t surprising though. It was a weekday and only few people tended to get drunk on weeknights.

I looked up from my counter with a bored expression. I let my eyes wander the room, scanning all the drunken patrons, and of course, the dancers.

My eyes landed on Zander who smirked at me. He had been looking my way all along, I realized. He bent down and slowly worked his way up showing me his perky butt in that red lace thong he was wearing. Those heels he wore made him even more sexy as he kept working that ass of his. I felt my pants get tighter as I watched him.

That was his plan all along, I realized as I fixed my pants to free my dick a little bit. No wonder he had agreed so easily. He was going to seduce me till I gave in to his demands. That’s damned twink.

And I was going to be stuck here with him for six more hours.

Please call me Aiden!

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