The Bartender

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Chapter Twenty-Six

It had been a few days since Niall came over to the house, and a few days since I last saw Brian. I was anxious, I wanted to know how he was doing and I really wanted to see him. Face time with him via Kyle’s phone wasn’t enough.

Maybe I was just horny and craving attention, I chuckled to myself. It was a Wednesday evening, after school and therapy, and I was thinking of ways and means to sneak out like I did last time. That was so easy, but today, not so much.

My parents were home, and I mean, all four of them. It was annoying me to no end. Usually they’re away from home, and the time that I needed them to be gone, here they were ruining my life.

You know, it got me thinking, if they were here, who was with Niall? Who was taking care of him? Was he alone in that big house?

I wondered worriedly, because even I got a bit scared when left alone, so, how much more Niall? With a sigh, I rolled over and sat up on my bed, wore my slides and headed down to my dad’s study.

I knocked twice, not even sure what I was going to do, but decided to give it a try anyway.

“Come in” I heard dad’s voice.

I opened the door and walked in. “Hey” I greeted, putting my hands in the pocket of my jeans.

“Hello Aiden, how was school today?” he asked.

“Great” I replied, shifting from foot to foot.

“And therapy?”

I shrugged. “it was okay, I guess”.

“Alright, what can I do for you?”

I bit my bottom lip as I allowed my eyes to gaze over his desk. It was nowhere to be found. “Um, dad, I was wondering, more like hoping...if... if I could get my phone back?” I asked.

His eyes shot to mine in an instant making me take a step back. “You’re still grounded”.

Oh for god’s sake! “But dad, please, I need it for a lot of things” I explained but he just looked at me with a raised brow. “You know, for homework and stuff. I’ve gotta call Kyle for tutoring, Dad, please”.

He stood up abruptly from his seat, staring at me with wide eyes. “Did you say tutoring?”

“Yeah” I answered with a sigh.

“When did this happen? Why do you need a tutor? Who is it? Do we know him? Or her? You know we can’t let this happen” he ranted off.

I sighed. I knew this would happen. I didn’t even think about it before saying it, but somehow, I knew. “Dad calm down. It’s just Kyle who’s doing it, not anyone bad. And it happened a couple of months ago, just when the school year started”.

“That’s okay then, but how come I didn’t hear about this? Why weren’t we talked to about your grades?” he asked, pacing in his study and rubbing his chin. I must have struck a nerve.

“Dad, it’s really not a big deal, I’m working on it”, I insisted.

“It is a big deal. If my son is having trouble with his academics, I wanna know” he said making me roll my eyes, inwardly of course.

Why was he getting worked up even? It’s not like he’s around anyway.

“Dad, please”.

“You kept this from me Aiden. And then with the drugs, and the cutting, I don’t know if I can trust you”.

I took in a deep breath at his words. “Dad, will you be here next month? I’m only asking because you’re usually here once in a while but I wanna know, will you be here next month? Or the one after? Or will you be with your other family?”

“Aiden, you know we’re working on that”.

“No, no. You’re talking about trust here and I don’t know if I can trust you too. I mean, you’re the one who has a son but doesn’t care enough to live with him” I said, shrugging. If he was going to use the trust card, two could play that game. He only stared at me with wide eyes.

“Look, I don’t know why they didn’t contact you,” I shrugged. “Probably because you’re not always around? Anyway, can I please have it back?”

“Yeah, yeah, sure” Dad said absentmindedly as he rummaged through the drawer under his desk and handed me my phone.

“Great. Thanks”. I said, faked a smile and started to walk out of his study.

“Aiden wait” he called, and I turned back to face him. With a sigh, he nodded to himself and said, “Aiden, I know I’ve been a bad parent, for so long and no amount of apologizing can redeem me from that” he paused and looked at me for a reaction, I suppose but I just continued to stare. ” hoping that I can make it up to you in some way. What do you think about a family dinner? With all of us? Chance and I, your mom and Klara, you and Niall?”

I shrugged. “It’ll be okay; I guess”. I honestly did not know what to think. All of us in the same room? It’d either be very good, or I’ll probably get angry and storm out, who knew?

“Okay, good. I’ll call and let them know”.

“Okay” I said and started backing out of the room.

“Aiden!” Dad shouted after me.


“Thank you” he said as he stared right into my eyes.

Okay, that was weird, I rolled my eyes. Now that I had my phone back, I quickly turned it on and texted Andrew and Kyle to let them know. Andrew responded almost instantly making me smile as I walked back to my room.

I laid on my bed, propping myself against the headboard, and began to look through instagram. God, I missed looking at people’s lives. I checked if I had any new followers and I did but they weren’t ones that mattered anyway. I searched Brian’s page and saw that he had uploaded a picture, just recently, like, 20 minutes ago. I bit my bottom lip as I gazed at his glorious body. My man could definitely be a model if he wanted to be.

I licked my lips as an image of him beneath me crossed my mind. I’d love to kiss him all over as I impaled myself on his beautiful dick. God, thinking about it alone made me hot and hard. Without much thought, - and really, what was there to think about anyway, except for the fact that I wanted him this instant, - I got up quickly, picked up my car keys and went downstairs.

“I’m going out for a bit!” I shouted to whoever was concerned.

“Be back by seven!” I heard dad’s voice just as I walked out of the house.

The moment I got to their house, I saw Brian heading to his car. He was dressed casually, with a black hoodie, black sweatpants and slides. I blushed when I saw a smile grace his face when he saw me. It was nice to know that he was as happy to see me as I was to see him. I parked and walked up to him, hugging him tightly.

“Hey baby” he greeted as he buried his face in my neck, sniffing. It made me shiver. “I missed you” he whispered against my ear.

“I missed you too” I replied and leaned up to kiss him. “Where are you going?”

“Just grocery shopping, want to come with?”

“Yeah sure” I said.

Within a few minutes, Brian had parked in front of a wine and liquor store making him look at him questioningly.

“Zander drank all my whiskey” he simply said and got out of the car.

“Zander? When did that happen?” I asked, following him into the store.

“A few days ago. He came over looking so angry one night. Apparently, the guy he took home that night thought BDSM meant abuse so he had to call Master Jeremy, a friend of ours to get rid of the guy”.

I opened my mouth to respond but nothing came out. “Wow, that was more information than I could take” I stated. “BDSM?” I whispered as I looked around to see if anyone heard us, luckily, there was no one in the store except the cashier.

“Yeah, bondage, dominance... ” he started to explain.

“I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS!” I screamed making him laugh. I sighed, rolling my eyes. “So Zander is into that?”

Brian immediately paid the guy and we went back to his car.

“Not really. I mean, he said he wanted to try it one day but I don’t know if he meant now or later in the future but it takes more than just wanting to try it.” he answered seriously as he drove us to the grocery store. “Anyway, enough about all that, how have you been?”

I rolled my eyes. I had so many questions about this BDSM. The only idea I have that’s close to it is what I’ve read in books. Yeah, I know, I read, sue me. But yeah, it didn’t interest me one bit until I heard the word bondage come out of Brian’s mouth. And somehow, an image of him tying me up and fucking me didn’t leave my mind since.

“Aiden, you alright?”

“Oh yeah, yeah” I whispered, hoping he didn’t hear the moan in my voice. I’m so embarrassing. “What did you say?”

“I asked how you’ve been”.

“Oh, um, alright I guess. Nothing much” I shrugged.

I heard Brian sigh. “Aiden, what happened?”

I shook my head. “It’s nothing really”.

Brian didn’t respond and I thought he’d let it go but I soon realized it was only because we had reached our destination and he was just looking for a place to park the car. When we both got out, Brian took my hand in his and squeezed gently, leading me to the store.

“Baby, you know I’m here for you right? No matter what”.

“yeah, I know that. It’s just that I feel like an asshole” I said truthfully.

“Why’s that?” Brian asked as he picked a basket.

Without thinking, I took it from him. “I’ll hold it” I said simply when he raised a brow. “I was rude to my dad earlier today. I mean, I think I did nothing wrong by being rude, but, at the end of the day, he is still my dad”.

“Why were you rude to him?” he asked as he picked up some tomatoes.

“Well, you know how I said Niall is my brother?” I asked and he nodded. “Turns out that, anytime dad isn’t at home with me, which is most of the fucking year, he’s with his other family, Niall’s family and it sucks, you know? Maybe I deserve it for all the bad things I’ve done but I felt kind of jealous when Niall talked to me about my dad. I mean, he’s my dad. He should be taking me to carnivals and shit. I’ve tried to get over it too but I really can’t. I don’t think I can forgive him”.

“It’s okay to feel that way baby, really. He’s your father and I understand that you want to spend as much time with him as you want. Nothing should ever get in the way of that, so you’re not wrong here” Brian answered.

“So, you don’t think I’m being unreasonable?”

“No,” he shook his head. “It’s okay if you don’t want to forgive him, at least not now. But I think you shouldn’t hold a grudge too. He’s here now and it seems he’s trying to make things better. What you guys need is to talk to each other, as one family”.

I nodded at that. “I guess” I sighed. “Anyway, dad said the whole family is going out for dinner so...I guess it’s because I called him out for never being around. I don’t know, maybe he wants us to be one family or something, ” I explained and he nodded.

“That’s a start. But to be honest, your family is really weird” he says with a chuckle.

“Tell me about it” I respond. Yeah, we are weird. “Speaking of families, how’s yours like?” I asked. As I asked, it occurred to me that I had never heard of his family, and Brian never brought them up.

I noticed the way he tensed when I asked so I rubbed my arm on his bicep making him relax. Brian let out a sigh. “They’re.... great, I guess”.

That’s weird. “Great? Huh” I nodded. “Where are they?”

“I don’t know, haven’t heard from them in years” he said with a shrug and picked up a bottle of whiskey from the aisle. He placed it in the basket and walked towards the cereal aisle.

“Wait really?” I asked, following him. I was shocked at the news. “How long? I don’t mean to pry, but...”

“It’s okay” he said as we walked up to the cashier.

“Just about five years, after I went to college” Brian said when we got into the car and he started driving.

“Why didn’t you talk to them again?”

“They didn’t want anything to do with me” he said with a sad smile. It made my heart hurt to see him like that, as though he was fighting back tears. “I came out to them after I got my acceptance letter and they just stopped... you know” his voice cracked.

I placed my hand on his thigh immediately and rubbed, hoping he understood that as my being there for him. What was it with families and hating their kids for being gay? Who thought them that? How could they be so cruel to a beautiful person like Brian.

As if you’re any different.

I shook my head to rid myself of that thought. I had changed, I wasn’t the hateful person I once was.

“But on the bright side, my sister still likes my pictures on instagram” he chuckled.

“Oh, what’s her name?”

“Sandra” he smiled. “She’s thirteen and just started high school, I think. We don’t really talk much but at least, I know she remembers me”.

When we got back home, I stood by the kitchen counter, watching as Brian packed the groceries.

“I’m making lasagne; will you stay for dinner?” he asked as he took a few things from the paper bag.

“Nah, I need to get home anyway” I responded, but I’d really love to taste his food though. I never knew until now, but something about Brian knowing how to cook made him sexier, just saying. “Do you mind if I watch though?”

“You wanna watch me cook?” he asked, raising a brow.

I shrugged in response as I bit my lip and looked down, hiding the blush that crept up my face. God, this was so embarrassing. Before I could change my mind though, Brian was immediately in front of me, cupping my cheeks and kissing me deeply.

“No need to feel shy baby” he smiled.

I nodded at that and wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him in for a much deeper kiss. His arms instantly went around my waist as he carried me, making me wrap my legs around his waist. Brian pushed me against the wall as he ravished my mouth, all the while pressing his hard member against mine. I felt so hot and needy and I knew he felt it too. My moan went up the roof when he sucked behind my earlobe.

“God!” I moaned.

He continued sucking and traced the kisses down to my neck making me shudder. I pressed my nails into his shoulder making him hiss.

“More, please” I begged. I could think of nothing more than to his hot wet lips around my member.

“Sure?” he asked, his voice muffled by my neck as he continued necking me. I nodded greedily at that. Brian set me down immediately and worked on my sweatpants, undoing the tie immediately.

“You went commando?” he asked with a chuckle, rubbing his hand on my erect cock.

“I was in a hurry” I groaned, bucking against his hand. I didn’t think I could take all that teasing. He gave me a sweet and quick kiss before kneeling down in front of me. The sight of him there, the sight of his red lips, so close to my red and aching cock, had me leaking.

“You look so pretty like this” he whispered against me and I moaned.


“In a minute baby” he smiled and I closed my eyes just as his tongue licked the tip of my cock. Then he took me into his mouth, so full and right to the base making me scream in pleasure. I opened my eyes, wondering how he could get all of my me into his mouth but Brian started to fuck me with his mouth and I lost it.

With my eyes closed, I enjoyed every bit of him as I thrust forward, again and again into his mouth, hitting his throat and receiving no gagging from him. My eyes rolled to the underworld and back and I could feel heat building up in my abdomen. He felt so good. I’m not sure if I made coherent sounds.

“Oh my god!” I moaned as I felt myself losing it. “I’m gonna cum” I shouted, and almost pulled away but Brian held me there and I released my cream into his mouth.

I opened my eyes slowly to see some dripping from the corner of his lips.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry” I apologized but he just smiled at me.

“you taste really good baby” he said as he got up, licking his lips. Hearing those words from him made my heart soar.


“Yeah, I loved every second of it” he said with a satisfied smile. I kissed him deeply at that, tasting myself on his tongue. When we came down from our high, I looked around the kitchen.

“Oh god! We’re in the kitchen!” I shouted. Brian just chuckled at that.

“I guess I’ve got some cleaning to do. I’m gonna go take a shower, wanna join me?” he asked, wiggling his brows and I blushed.

I almost nodded but I knew things would escalate far quickly if I saw him naked at that moment. And if I was being honest, it didn’t bother me. I would have said yes too, but my phone vibrated in my pocket.

“I would, but I’ve got to get home” I said when I saw that it was a text from my dad.

“Alright. I’ll miss you though” he said as he kissed my neck. Oh, how I really wanted to stay. I mean, I’d take this over that dinner anytime.

“Brian” I moaned.

“Yes babe?” he sucked on my shoulder blade.

“Stop, you’ll leave a mark” I stated.

“Oh, I already left marks, with an s” he laughed.

I shook my head at that. “See you tomorrow?” I asked as I leaned up to kiss him. He nodded and I left the house, with a smile on my face.

It was almost six in the evening when I left Brian’s place. Not wanting to get home just yet, I drove around for a while, and for some reason, my car took me to where Brian worked. Till date, I didn’t know the name of the club, and it wasn’t my fault really, it just didn’t have a sign or anything. But I guess everyone knew it was a club.

I had no intention of entering so I just sat in my parked car looking at the surroundings. It didn’t look opened yet, but I guess that was normal. I must have been there for only two minutes but I was getting bored already. Maybe going home right now was what fate had planned for me but trust me when I say that dealing with my family issues was not something I was looking forward to.

I mean, what would we even talk about? Well, aside from the fact that my dad abandoned me and my mom to live with Chance, and that mom abandoned Niall to live with me, oh, and the elephant in the room, I had bullied Niall for a good part of his high school years. Yeah, that conversation will go on so great.

Just when I got ready to drive off, I noticed something weird. There was a skinny guy walking towards the back of the club, and from the way he was dressed, I assumed he worked there. He wore really short black leather shorts, a crop top and black combat boots. His hair was a messy blonde held into a bun. I would have thought nothing of it, except that that guy looked so much like Brian’s friend, Zander. I could only tell from the way he walked, not trying to stereotype but...

I would have thought nothing of it, really, except that, Zander was being followed by three other guys whom I didn’t recognize and they were far bigger than him. And what bothered me mostly was, whiles two of the guys followed him, one kept watch.

What were they up to?

Without thinking, I got out of the car and followed the third guy to the back of club. I had to be discreet though so as not to get caught. What if they were in a gang or something? Given how they looked, with the tattoos on the bald one’s head and how big they were, I didn’t want to take any chances.

I slowly walked towards the corner they had turned, stopping in my tracks when I heard a very deep and angry voice.

“Not too tough now, are you fag?”

It didn’t take a genius to know that Zander was in trouble. I gripped my phone in my hand, hoping desperately that nothing bad was going on. The moment I turned the corner, I heard a punch, and another one, accompanied by hateful slurs from all three men.

I gasped at the sight of Zander lying on the floor, naked to the bone with the three men kicking him mercilessly. With shaky hands, I dialled 911 but I couldn’t speak.

“What’s your emergency?” I heard a voice say but I was too shaken up to do anything. What do I do? What do I say?

“Someone’s here” one of the men said and they turned to look at me. “Let’s get out of here” they shouted in fright and took off. For a moment, I thought they would gang up on me too but a hand took the phone away from my hand.

I turned to see a burly man, with dark chocolate hair and hazel eyes staring at me. I couldn’t decipher the look in his eyes but it became clear to me what was happening when he started speaking with the woman on the phone.

I immediately rushed to Zander, and took him in my arms, kneeling at the spot so as not to injure him any further. “You’ll be okay” I whispered to him but even I wasn’t sure. Zander only coughed.

What did he do to deserve this?

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