The Bartender

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

“And that’s the last one” I say, wiping the sweat off my forehead as I helped Niall put the last suitcase in the trunk of mom’s truck. Chance wasn’t coming with us since he had some business to take care of so it was just Dad, Niall and I who were seeing them off.

When my mom said she was travelling to every country for sightseeing, she didn’t just mean for sightseeing. She literally packed about four suitcases of clothes. I mean, sure, she’d need clothes to wear but she could buy them at any store in any country.

Why did she need all of this stuff? It seemed to me like she was planning on finding a place to stay. It didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would, surprisingly. My mom had dealt with me for the past eighteen years and I guessed it was finally time for her to have some freedom and time for herself.

It was Dad’s turn to suffer!

“Okay, Aiden, wanna ride with me?” Mom asked when we all got ready. I shrugged in response. It didn’t really matter who was going to ride with who, we were all going to the airport to see mom and Karla off. I didn’t care enough to listen to their flight details. All I knew was, they had a lot of time to get there.

“I really want to speak with you dear” she said, resting her hand on my shoulder.

“Okay,” I nodded and went for the front seat, leaving Karla to sit in the back.

It was silent when mom started driving. I expected it to awkward since mom had made it known that she wanted to talk to me but it felt normal. It reminded me of the days when she had to drive me around. Except that now, I was only seeing her off as she started a new chapter of her life.

I spared a glance at her, seeing that she had her eyes glued to the road in front of her. Signing, I turned my attention to my phone. As if it was a reflex action, my thumbs guided me to my conversation with Brian earlier today. He had sent two new texts, both about the well-being of Zander.

Apparently, he had fractured two ribs, had a broken arm and lost a lot of blood. The good news was that he was going to be fine. He lost consciousness when he got to the hospital so they were just waiting for him to wake up.

I wanted to ask Brian who that man was, the one who had helped Zander but he wasn’t online so I just closed the phone with a sigh.

“Is that your boyfriend?” mom asked.

“Yeah” I nodded, a blush coating my cheeks. Who would have thought I’d have a boyfriend and actually admit to having a boyfriend, ever?

“Oh, how is he?” I could hear the smile in her voice. She was happy for me, I knew that.

“He’s okay, just stressed lately” I said, leaving it at that. I really didn’t want to think or talk about Zander right now. Only dad knew about what happened, and soon, Niall would too, I was sure.

I couldn’t let mom hear about it. She was about to start a happy chapter and this might just ruin it.

“Well, I’m sure everything will turn out okay in the end” she said and I nodded.

“Yeah” I whispered. “I hope so”.

“I love you sweetheart, you know that don’t you?”

“I do mom” I said, nodding. “I love you too”.

“I haven’t had the chance to apologize for what I did. I know it must have hurt you a lot, seeing what happened and how I reacted. It wasn’t my intention to hurt you sweetheart. I wish things could have gone a bit differently” she explained.

“It’s okay. We can’t turn back the hands of time. I guess I can understand why you reacted that way, you didn’t want to out dad before he had the chance to tell me himself, and that’s perfectly reasonable. But, I’m still taking it all in, you know... just ... day by day, minute by minute”.

“Thank you so much for understanding. If I were you, I’d probably be still angry” she chuckled.

“Oh trust me, I am angry but I’m not going to dwell on it” I answered with a smirk. “It all makes sense though, now that I think about it”.

“What does?”

“Remember the day I asked you what you thought of homosexuality? You yelled at me”.

“Oh my! I did?”


“I guess it must have overwhelmed me. I really never ever thought my son could be homophobic, but I guess I thought wrong” she smiled. I swear, I could hear the pride in her voice. If only she knew how hateful I was then.

“Yeah, I guess”.

We got to the airport in no time after that. Mom’s flight was to take off in about thirty minutes. I was prepared to wait until then but mom insisted that we leave. Maybe she was scared that we’d see her cry or something.

Before we left though, I gave her a tight hug, realizing that this could actually be the last time I saw her. The past few weeks, we had been estranged due to misunderstandings. I wished that things could have gone differently. Maybe, that way, mom wouldn’t have to leave. But things did happen for a reason and I could only hope that in some years to come, we would meet again.


“Hey dad, can you drop me off Kyle’s?” I asked as we were on our way home. “I have to go study”.

“Me too” Niall said making me look at him with a smirk. He blushed deeply and turned away from me. I had an idea what he was going to do and studying wasn’t one of it.

Dad nodded and said “be home by seven. Same goes for you Aiden”. I rolled my eyes. Of course I wasn’t going to be home by seven.

We got there in no time and waved goodbye to dad. I finally had the chance to talk with Niall about the picture I saw last night.

“Did you guys talk about it?” I asked him.

“We’re going to today” he said with a blush and started fidgeting with his sleeve again. Why was he always so nervous?

“I’m sure it’s gonna be fine. And a little naughty but you already knew that”.

“Stop teasing me” he whined and I shook my head with a laugh before knocking.

Kyle opened the door. “Speaking of the devil in a red thong” I greeted and he gasped. He looked past me to glare at Niall who had found his shoes to be very interesting.

“Speak of this again, and I’ll murder you!”

“My lips are sealed” I said, laughing because we all knew I wasn’t going to let this go. “I have to go see my own man. Later boyssss!” I said and rushed upstairs to Brian’s room.

His door was opened so I didn’t have to knock and just entered the room. He was seated on his desk chair, focused on his computer. I sneaked up behind him and covered his eyes with my hands.

“Hey baby” he grinned making me groan.


“I smelled you” he smiled at me. Shaking my head, I bent down and kissed him deeply, sighing when my lips touched his. He returned my kiss with just as much need but I pulled back when his hands threatened to touch my neck.

“Later” I whispered and he nodded. “How was Zander today?” I asked when I made myself comfortable.

“He looked better today, but still unconscious. Will you come with me to visit later today?” Brian asked.

“Yeah, sure, no problem”. I wanted to see him too, and really see how he was doing and not just find out by word of mouth.

“Who was that guy though? The man that helped me with him?” Brian turned to look at me as I asked.

“Which man?”

“Um... He’s like really tall, has a beard, looks like he never smiles” I described.

Brian chuckled. “That’s Master Jeremy” he said.

“Master?” I asked.

“Yeah, he’s a dominant. He owns the club I work at”.

“Oh” I nodded. I wondered if he was the reason why Zander wanted to go into BDSM. But if that guy was a dominant, was Brian one too? I mean, they look the same, except the beard of course. And Brian smiles.

“Are you... a ... are you a dominant?”

“Oh baby, I don’t think you can handle that” he laughed.

“Who said?”

“It’s not something you just get into on impulse” he said with all seriousness. “Being a dominant or submissive comes with training. I’ve not had that kind of training”.

“Have you thought of going through that training?”

“Only if you’d do it with me” he answered and I shivered.

Maybe, someday. I must admit, it was interesting but as Brian said, I wasn’t sure I’d be able handle it.

“How was the dinner last night?” Brian asked as he went to desk.

“It was okay, good actually. Niall is living with me now”. I said with a smile. “I didn’t think I’ll be happy with this whole big brother thing but it’s kind of awesome. And it’s only been a day but it’s great so far” I explained.

“That’s nice. He has been smiling more lately” Brian stated.

“Yeah” I whispered. At least, he didn’t hate me anymore.


I was lying on my stomach, looking at my instagram feed whiles Brian worked on his computer. He had been at it for some time and I was getting bored so I got up to see what he was doing.

“What are you doing?” I asked. I always wondered why he had three monitors on his desk. He had all of them on at the moment. I could see some 3D art type of buildings on them. “Are you drawing?”

“Just working on a video for someone” be responded, his eyes still glued on the screen.

“I didn’t know you could draw” I said.

“I can’t really, it’s just a software that allows architect to design buildings” he said. “I’ll be done in a minute”.

“Are you an architect?” I was confused. I thought Brian was a bartender, well, he was a bartender and had never mentioned anything about architecture.

“No, not yet at least” he said and turned in his chair to look at me. Finally, he beckoned me over and without hesitation, I sat in his lap, resting against his chest in relief. “I never got to finish college so I couldn’t complete my course. I’ve been studying online on the techniques of AutoCAD and other design software. Next year, I’ll apply to college again” he explained.

“Wow. That’s really exciting” I said. I was happy that he wanted to go back to school again and not just want to be a bartender for the rest of his life. Not that it was a bad job, because had he not been a bartender, I might have never met him. It was nice to know that he wanted to do something better with his life.

The same couldn’t be said for me though, I couldn’t even get through simple high school stuff.

“I’m done now” he said, raising my hand to his lips. A tingle run through me at that. He always did these kind of little things that made me feel giddy inside and always want more. “What do you want to do?”

“Not much” I said with a sigh. “Let’s just look at people on instagram lie about how their lives are better than everyone else’s” I stated, making him chuckle. I opened the app again and went to Brian’s profile.

“Will you do me favour?”

“What do you need baby?”

“Tag me in all your pictures. There are so many thirsty hoes in your comments section and they need to know you belong to someone” I said.

“Look at you being all possessive” he chuckled, the deep sound of his laugh and the hotness of his breath on my neck made me shiver. I bit my lip to keep from moaning out loud.

“I’m serious, look at this” I showed him a comment of one girl saying can you like choke me into oblivion whiles I park my face on your abs? “Like come on, how can anyone be that thirsty?”

Brian just laughed at that. “You know they don’t mean anything” he said.

“Of course, otherwise, I’ll stalk them and burn them in their sleep” I stated.

“I love it when you get possessive” he kissed the back of my neck, bit the spot and sucked. I arched my back and stretched my neck to give him more access to my skin. I could really never have enough of him when he did this. It felt so good.

Brian held my waist with his hands and carried me up. I thought we were going to his bed but he laid me down on the carpet and started kissing me again. I couldn’t hide my disappointment.

Why didn’t he sleep in his bed? It always bothered me but not as much as it did now.

I took my phone again, ignoring him. “Hey, is this your sister?” I asked, hoping it’d ruin the mood for him the way not sleeping in his bed with him ruined it for me. I knew I was being petty but who cares?

“Yeah” he replied and laid down beside me to get a better look. She looked really cute. It was a picture of she and her friends at school. I wondered if Brian had ever gone back home to see her.

He took the phone from me as he looked at her other pictures. “She’s all grown up now” he said, his voice much lower now. He sounded vulnerable and as I looked at him, I couldn’t help but feel sad. I could tell how much he missed her just by the look on his face.

He looked like he wanted to be there to reclaim all the years he had lost with her, all the birthdays and just to see her grow up.

“Do you miss her?” I asked even though I already knew the answer.


“Do you ever think of going back?”

“Sometimes, just to see her and my mom. But I can’t” he said as he sat up, leaving the phone on the floor.

“Why not?”

“My dad isn’t the most accepting person, and I really don’t think he wants to see my face anywhere near the house” he stated.

I couldn’t think of anything to say. I wanted to argue that Brian was grown now and he could go see his family whenever he wanted, that he shouldn’t have to care about what his father thinks of him. But I couldn’t because no matter how hard I tried to put myself in his shoes, I couldn’t feel what he must have been feeling at that moment.

He sounded so hurt that all I wanted to do was take all his pain away. And not just take his pain away, but make him feel good while I did it. And would he let me? Someone as inexperienced as me?

“Sit on your bed” I stated.

“What?” he turned to look at me, confused at my request.

“Just do it, no questions”.

“I told you I don’t...” he started saying but I cut him off.

“I’m not asking you to sleep in it. Just sit. You’ve done it before”.

With a sigh, Brian got up and sat on his bed, looking at me cautiously. I stared back at him with a small smile. So many images run through my mind at that moment. Seeing him shirtless, sitting on that perfectly laid bed. I mean, imagine all the things we could do to ruin those sheets. I didn’t care why he didn’t want to use the bed, no matter how bad I wanted to know, that wasn’t important right now. What was important right now was making Brian happy.

I got up on my knees and crawled over to him, my eyes never leaving his. His mouth opened in surprise at that but that didn’t stop me, it only made me want to work harder.

I knelt between his legs and placed a kiss on his right thigh.

“What are you doing?” he whispered.

“Shh. Just let me”. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, I was just doing whatever felt right.

I moved my lips to his left thigh and kissed him there too, whiles rubbing my hands on the neglected thigh. I loved how hairy he was. It made him more masculine, and hot. I traced my lips up and up until I reached the place I had been anticipating very anxiously. He was almost there, almost hard for me and every move I made sent him further.

“Aiden” he whispered making me look up at him. “You don’t have to do this”.

“I do” I whispered, remembering the day he did the same for me. “I want to make you happy”.

“You already make me happy baby; you really don’t have to do this if it’s just for me” he said as he carried me up so I was straddling him.

“I really want to” I whispered as I looked into his eyes. “Really. I ... I’ve never done this for anyone, you’re... You’re my first boyfriend” I said, hoping he got the message. “I don’t know what I’m doing but... It’s also for me too. I want to make you feel good, I want to learn how to make you feel good” Please teach me.

“Are you sure about this?”

“More than I’ve ever been about anything in my whole life”.

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