The Bartender

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Chapter Thirty-Two

Aiden’s POV

“Aiden” Kyle called me as we stood outside Zander’s ward, his voice soft and hurt. I couldn’t look at him because I couldn’t bear the disappointment in his eyes. Yeah, I was disappointing everyone today, wasn’t I?

“What?” I asked, more harshly than I had intended.

“I just wanted to talk to you” he stated.

“I know but I’ll be glad if you didn’t mention it now” I said, turning away from him.

“Come on Aiden, I’m your best friend. You know how much I care about you and seeing you do this, over and over again ... I just ...” he sighed.

“Kyle, I get it, okay? I know how you’re feeling because I promised and all but trust me, I’m working on it. Sometimes I just can’t help it but I’d rather not talk about it right now” I stated and I saw him nod in my peripheral vision.

“Okay, but I love you, okay?”

“Love you too” I said, turning to hug him. When I pulled back, I watched as Brian talked with Zander, the smile on his face growing wider. I wondered what they were talking about it and somehow, my mind decided that Zander was probably saying some vulgar things to him.

That reminded of something I had been thinking about.

“Hey can you help me with something?” I asked Kyle.

“What do you need?”

I bit my lip and looked sideways to see if anyone was listening and then whispered it to him in his ear. Kyle’s eyes shot wide and his jaw dropped.

“Are you kidding?” he whisper-shouted at me.

“I’m serious. Don’t make this more awkward than it already is” I said, blushing.

Kyle just smirked wickedly at me. “Oh this is so good to be true” he laughed.

“What are you laughing about?” Niall asked.

“Nothing” I stated at the same time Kyle said, “I’ll tell you later”.

“Ugh, please don’t”.

Kyle just laughed at my predicament. “Do you have what you need?”

“Like what?” I wondered.

“Um...” he leaned up and whispered it to me.

“No” I said. I hadn’t really thought about it.

“Okay, I’ll go get it for you” he said just as Brian walked out of the ward with a smile on his face.

I sighed in relief and Kyle with Niall and that whole awkward mess and hurried to him.

After saying our goodbyes to Zander, we left the hospital and Brian drove me home. He held my hand the entire drive there, only leaving me when he had to make a turn.

I stayed in the car a few minutes after he parked in front of the house, kissing him. I knew it would be a while until I saw him again so I wanted to relish in the time that I had with him. I loved how he took control whenever we kissed. The aura he exerted did things to my body that I couldn’t explain. When he pulled back, he kissed my forehead softly and then rested his head against mine, looking into my eyes.

“So I’ve thought about it and I’ve decided to go see my family” he said after a few minutes.

“Really?” I asked, my eyes wide with excitement.

“Yes. I guess I wasn’t thinking straight earlier but I now know that you’re only trying to help. And honestly, I think it’s best that I get it over with” he explained as he pulled away.

“Okay, well, does that mean you’ve forgiven me?”

“Oh baby, I forgave you the moment you told me” he said and kissed me again.


I should have been surprised to see a new carpet in my room when I got there, but, I had been through this a lot to know that Maria had cleaned up after me. The mess in the bathroom was gone, there were no pieces of broken glass on the floor as I had left it earlier this afternoon. I should probably thank her but then, it would lead to a series of awkward stares and a very awkward conversation that I didn’t want to have with anyone, much less, Maria.

With a sigh, I walked to my closet and took out a few clothes, hoping to pack our little trip. It would only take three days, making up the whole weekend. Thankfully, Brian’s sister’s program happened to be on a Saturday.

There were so many things I had planned for this trip. First, Brian would meet his family at the program, and if all goes well, we might have dinner with them. So I called for a reservation at a restaurant close to the school. They said I could cancel anytime so I wouldn’t feel guilty should our plans change. However, if it doesn’t go as planned, I thought that maybe we could go sightseeing, as I had never been to Vancouver before. So yeah, that would do.

And of course, there was the other thing I had planned. Heat pooled in my face just from thinking about it. I can believe I actually thought about this. Well, I hadn’t really thought about it for that long. It only came to mind when Brian and I were going to the hospital.

I still wasn’t sure how to go about with it, or even how to bring it up with him but I asked Kyle and he suggested that I showed him, instead of telling him. After all, actions did speak much better than words.

Before I actually picked the clothes I wanted to take on the trip, I shot a text to Kyle telling him to bring the stuff I asked him to buy. He replied saying he was yet to buy them and that he needed to find the right size, making me roll my eyes.

Now that he mentioned it, I wondered how he knew what size to get? Had they... Nah, I shouldn’t over think it. Maybe I can ask him when he comes over?

Oh god! Picturing it alone made me cringe. Kyle was my best friend, almost like a brother to me and I couldn’t really imagine him in that way. Not to talk of the fact that he and my brother were actually hooking up.

But enough of that. I’m really excited to go meet Brian’s family. I know it’s a big deal, not only for him but for me as well. Because, he’s finally getting to see after so many years, and he’s taking me along, his boyfriend. How great is that?

The only sad part of it all that annoys me to no end is what would come out of meeting his father. I wouldn’t admit it to him but honestly, I just wished the man would drop dead. From what Brian and Kyle have said about him, I wouldn’t want to encounter him ever. Apparently, he’s me three months ago, perhaps, worse than me. The man is as homophobic as they come and even though I once was like that, I don’t understand how someone could tell their own son to kill themselves. What kind of sick joke was that?

I hated him without even knowing him and thinking about it further, it made me hate myself as well.

Few moments later, I received a text from Kyle saying he had arrived with the stuff and was in our living room. I hurried to meet him and took the bag from him.

“Peppermint?” I asked as I read the writing on the bottle.

“Yeah, you’ll love it” he smirked, wiggling his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes.

“Are you sure it’ll work?” I asked after looking at them for almost two minutes.

“Yeah, for sure. All you have to do is show him and I’m sure he’ll yield” he stated.

“Okay, but what makes you think he’ll do so now when he hasn’t, not even when I was blunt about it?” I asked, a blush coating my cheeks. I didn’t fail to notice how Kyle blushed as well. We really shouldn’t be talking about this.

“I’m assuming he doesn’t want to hurt you Aiden, and that’s a good thing you know. But if you want it, just let him know” he said. “Anyway, say hi to Sandra for me when you get there, alright?”

“You know her?”

“No. I’ve never met her. I only had an unfortunate encounter with his dad” he said, wincing at the thought. “I wish I could come with you guys”.

“Dude, all you have to do is ask” I responded, already making plans to get him a ticket. And while I was at it, why don’t I add Niall to the mix. I guess it’ll be fun if all of us went.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah” I nodded. “I think I could get a refund on these tickets” I said. The First Class tickets I got for both Brian and I were expensive as it is, and I don’t think I could afford two other First Class tickets without it making a dent in my months’ allowance. Besides, I’d prefer if we all sat together but I wasn’t ready to sit in coach or business class.


“I think I could ask Dad if the jet is not too busy. Let me call him” I said and immediately went to call my dad. “Why though?” I asked.

Kyle shrugged. “I want to see my dad” he said making me raise a brow in confusion. By the look on his face, I could tell that he really missed him which made me even more confused than ever.

“Didn’t he abandon you just for being gay?” I asked because I remember Kyle saying his parents were not quite okay with him being gay and that it was even one of the reasons for their divorce. I couldn’t help but be blunt about it.

“My mom’s not okay with it. Dad could care less actually. It was him who asked Brian to come here with me” he explained and I nodded. I wanted to ask more but my dad had answered the call.

“Hey, dad, how are you?” I asked as sweetly as I could. It took a few seconds for him to answer, probably wondering why I was calling.

“What do you want?”

I rolled my eyes at that. “Can we take your jet on Friday? Something came up”.

“Who’s we? And what came up?”

“Um ... You know how I planned to go to Vancouver with Brian this weekend?” I asked but didn’t wait for him to reply. “Well, Kyle wants to go too and I thought we should take Niall along, otherwise he’ll be bored and lonely this whole weekend, and besides, it’ll be much cheaper” I tried to reason with him.

I heard him sigh. “Who will be taking care of you whiles you’re there? Should I send one of the guys with you?”

“Noooo! It’s not necessary. Besides, we will be with Brian. Come on dad, please!”

“Ah fine, whatever. But I’ll send one of them anyway. Have you asked Chance? You know he’d your dad too, not just Niall”.

“Yeah” I said, nodding. I guess it was only right that I asked Chance as well since he was Niall’s biological father. God, my family was messed up.

“Okay. What time do you want to leave?”

“By 6pm on Friday”.

“Alright. I’ll let the pilot know and get back to you. Be good, love you”.

“Yeah sure” I said and turned to Kyle. “He’s fine with it” I smiled. “I guess I should go pack this then”.


“What are you wearing?” was the first thing Brian said to me. I looked down at myself and then back at me, wondering what was wrong with a T-shirt, a jacket, jeans and boots. Brian was wearing a dark blue jacket, which was buttoned up so I couldn’t see what was beneath it.

“Go back and get into warm clothes” he insisted.

“I’m not cold” I said.

“You will be” he stated and took my bag from my hands. He opened and sighed in relief when he saw that I hadn’t just packed T-shirts. As if I don’t watch the weather.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine” I said as I took my bag away from him. “Let’s go before we’re late” I said and walked ahead of him to the car.

“Are you excited?” I asked Brian once we were seated on the plane. We were at the back whiles Kyle and Niall were two seats ahead of us. It was a big plane, but big enough to accommodate at least 8 people. Dad had sent two of his bodyguards with us, I didn’t care enough to know their names and as long as they didn’t bother me, we were cool. They were also sitting behind us but not close enough to hear what we were saying, I hoped.

“Not really. I’m more nervous” he said and took my hands in his. I smiled at that because that little gesture proved that he trusted me enough to comfort him when he needed it, and I really wanted to comfort him as best as I could.

“Is it because you haven’t seen them for five years?”

“Yeah, but mostly because I don’t know if they want to see me. We didn’t exactly split in good terms, you know?”

I sighed. Of course he’ll be nervous about that. Who wouldn’t? “Yeah, but I’m sure they might have had time to think things over to realize how wrong they were”.

Brian just shrugged at that and turned to look out the window. “Besides, being on this death trap is scaring the shit out of me!” he groaned.

“oh my god” I gasped. “Are you scared of planes?” I had no idea.

“No, I’m not” he responded but the blush on his cheeks said otherwise. This was so cute. I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around his shoulders and coo “aww, my baby”.

“I’m not a baby” he growled but rested his face in the crook of my neck anyway and somehow, he seemed to breath sighs of relief. I had no idea that Brian was scared of planes, he never mentioned it. Who would’ve thought that someone as strong and fearless like Brian who have this fear? I guess that’s why he decided not to tell me. It didn’t make me think less of him though and I was more than happy to show him that I cared and that I was here to comfort him.

“You only have to endure for about three hours” I said as I rubbed his back.

“Mmh” he hummed against my neck and the vibrations that came with it sent tingles down my spine. I licked my lips. Brian could do the very least thing and I’d still get aroused by it. No matter how hard I thought about it, I didn’t understand how he could do that or why my body reacted in that way.

“I love you” I whispered into his ears with a smile only to realize that he had fallen asleep. I chuckled. Yeah, I really loved this man.

The airport was bustling with activities when we got there. Dad’s bodyguards helped us get past security without much hassle and soon, we rented a car to the bed and breakfast I had made reservations for.

I booked two rooms at a bed and breakfast in Shaughnessy, which was were Brian’s family lived as well as Kyle’s dad. It was around 9pm when we arrived so we were all kind of tired and just wanted to rest.

I wished that Brian and I could have done more but he looked so exhausted so I just willed myself to allow him some sleep. Besides, what I had planned was good for whatever may come out of the meeting with his family.

But first, I needed to take a warm shower, and pee because my bladder was close to bursting. Once we got into our rooms, with Kyle and Niall’s a storey above us since it was reserved later, I threw my duffle bag on the queen-sized bed and rushed to the bathroom. Fuck, I didn’t know I needed to pee this much.

“Hey baby” I heard Brian whisper behind me as I was relieving myself. His arms came around my torso, hugging me from behind.

“I’m peeing” I groaned.

“I can see that” he chuckled and brought his fingers to my member, making me get semi hard instantly. “Wanna take a shower with me?” he asked, his hot breath against my cheeks and I swore my knees wobbled.

“Y-yeah” I stuttered.

“Come on then” he said, kissed me on the cheek and proceeded to help me get rid of the clothes. I then helped him with his, running my fingers along his perfectly sculpted body. I couldn’t help but spare a look at his dick... I must admit, it was beautiful. And I wanted a taste of it, again. Before I could do anything though, Brian picked me up and carried me to shower.

“Hey, don’t do that!” I shouted at him. I hated it when he picked me up like I weighed nothing.

“Oh come on babe, you love it” he smirked at me.

Yeah, I did. Unfortunately, nothing extremely naughty happened whiles we were showering. We only fooled around for a bit and when the water got cold, we dried off. Brian helped me with the bandages for arms even though they were almost healed, after all, it had been two days. I knew he was disappointed in me for doing it but he didn’t want to say it. I could see it in his eyes.

“Are you okay?” I asked once we got settled in bed.

“Yeah, why do you ask?”

“You said you were nervous about meeting your sister” I reminded him.

“Yeah, I am but I’m not going to over think it” he said curtly.

“Okay, but if you wanna talk about it, I’m here” I stated, hoping he understood that I’d always be there for him.

“I know” he whispered. “Thank you baby” he said and leaned up to kiss me.

“I love you” I whispered against his lips.

“I love you more” he said and kissed me softly. “Now let’s get some sleep. Tomorrow’s a big day”.

Yeah, it was. I just hoped it will go well.

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