The Bartender

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Chapter Thirty-Five

“I’m ready”

He gasped.

I blushed, flushing all the way to tips of my ears. My first instinct was to look away from him, given how embarrassed I felt, but his eyes kept mine captivated. They sent out so many emotions, it was quite difficult to pinpoint how he was feeling.

“You - You are?” he questioned, his voice octaves lower than normal and it sounded extremely sexy.

I nodded. “Yeah” I whispered, biting my lip.

“Fuck!” Brian said as he looked from my eyes to my mouth and then back again. That’s when I noticed his eyes darkening and the dominant look there was one of lust. I squirmed underneath his gaze. All of a sudden, I felt my body get hot and my pants tightened. Yeah, mini me was ready to play.

Before I could say anything else, Brian cupped my face with his hands and captured my bottom lip in his teeth. I let out a whimper when he bit me. It didn’t hurt, it just shot many tingles down to my dick. He then sucked my lip, kissing me. I responded immediately. Kissing him always did wonders to my body and I was so sure that what was going to happen later would do even more. I honestly couldn’t wait.

“Step on it” Brian said impatiently to the driver when he pulled, only to take my mouth again in a much heated kiss. He pulled me towards himself such that I was almost lying on his torso. As we kissed, his firm hands found their way to my ass, squeezing and rubbing my ass cheeks.

“Uuhhn” I moaned and bucked my hips. This felt so good. I needed more. I began to dry hump him right there in the car. I needed to feel his skin against mine, to feel the heat and pain when on my skin when he slapped my ass like he did just now. Fuck! This man was heaven sent.

I pulled back for air but Brian didn’t let that stop him as he traced his lips towards my neck. He used his free hand to pull my collar down and then sucked on my sensitive spot, biting it and licking as well. He was definitely going to leave a mark there, not that I was complaining. Hell, I couldn’t even think to complain because all I could think of was the pleasure that kept forcing blood into my dick, allowing it to harden. I needed his hands on me, his lips, just whatever to help me achieve the orgasm I so craved.

I was a moaning and whining mess as I dry humped my boyfriend. His hands squeezing my ass and his lips on my neck didn’t make it feel any better.

“We’re here” I heard the driver say and I quickly sat back down.

“Uhh” it sounded more like a squeal and I was so embarrassed that it came from me. Looking down, I saw my dick straining in my pants, threatening to make its way out. It really didn’t feel good, how it was rubbing my pants. Yeah, the head was already out of my boxer briefs.

I bit my bottom lip as I turned to look at Brian, he didn’t look so comfortable either. His monster cock was already making an appearance and the sweat forming on his forehead told me he needed to get out of the car just as much as I did. I grabbed his hand and opened the door, leading us both out of the car and into the bed and breakfast.

With the way we were in a hurry, one would think there was something dangerous following us. Even the receptionist looked at us weirdly when we entered, almost running towards the stairs.

I started taking it two steps at a time but Brian stopped when we were almost to our floor.

“Hey babe, relax” he said and I rolled my eyes.

“Seriously? We’re almost there” I stated.

Brian chuckled as he rubbed his neck. “I know that. I just want to make sure that you know what you’re doing”.

I nodded again. “Of course I do. Now let’s go” I said, pulling him along with me to our room.

I stopped in my tracks once we entered the room, now nervous and unsure what to do. See, I’ve never had sex with a man before, as in, actual willing sex so I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. I turned to look at Brian, flushing when I realized he was already staring at me. I licked my lips before saying, “so...” I crossed my arms behind me. “What are you doing?”

“Just wondering how you’re so beautiful”

Oh Brian!!! His words made my heart skip a beat. I don’t know if you know this, but there’s always that thing that shoots through your whole body when the person you love says something like that. Damn, I think I got butterflies. I watched as he locked the door and walked towards me in that predatory kind of way.

When he got close to me, he took my hands in his, holding them between us. “I love you so much, Aiden. I don’t want to do anything that would hurt you” he said.

“I know” I whispered in return. “And I love you so much too”. Leaning on my toes, I placed a chaste kiss on his lips.

Brian nodded then and carried me over his shoulder. I shouted at that, since it was so unexpected. I thought he would throw me on the bed then and have his way with me but he took me into the bathroom. He set me down gently on my feet and helped me take off my first article of clothing. I raised my hands us and allowed him to take my shirt off. He then unbuckled my belt, throwing it to the floor seconds later and when his hands found the flat of my jeans, rubbing on my dick in the process, I gasped.

I saw him smirk at that, but didn’t say anything. I’m not sure I would have been able to handle myself if he did though. Soon, I was finally free off all my garments, standing in front of Brian with my penis pointing straight towards him.

Still squatting in front of me, Brian looked up at me. His lips so close to my dick looked extremely arousing to the point where I almost shoved it in his mouth. He breathed in my direction and the simple act made me shudder. “Hurry up” I groaned.

He only laughed and shook his head as he took off his clothes too, painfully slow and while pleading to my eyes, my dick was certainly not feeling my sexy boyfriend taking his sweet time to touch us. If I didn’t mention this before, Brian was exceptionally hot. His entire body was breath-taking and arousing, not to talk of the big guy who was pointing towards mine.

He held onto my waist and lifted me to the shower. I turned on the tap, allowing the hot water to cascade down our backs. Before I could touch him though, Brian turned me around and started to kiss me all over.

“Stay still” he ordered and just then, I felt his fingers parting my ass cheeks and his index finger probing at my hole. I bit onto my lip in anticipation for what was to come next but it didn’t. He just held it open a little for water to get in. It felt weird at first but I became more focused on Brian kissing just below my jaw.

After we were done showering, Brian carried me again, this time with my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck as we kissed passionately. Every step he took made his dick touch my ass which made me jump a little, in turn, making mini me brush on his abs. He laid me down gently on the bed, settling between my legs. As we made out, our dicks kept rubbing each other and I couldn’t help but keep bucking upwards to get the needed orgasm.

Brian pulled back for a second and stared into my eyes. I licked my swollen lips. Why did he keep looking at me like that?

“I didn’t bring any lube or condoms with me” he said. Oh, that’s why.

“I ... I have some” I mumbled and pointing towards my bag. I closed my eyes to avoid the look that he was probably giving me. I felt him leave the bed only to come back seconds later. He pushed my legs apart, settling himself between them again. He didn’t say anything which I was grateful for because this was too damn embarrassing.

“Uunhh” I moaned at the feel of something cold on the bridge between my balls and asshole.

“Sorry” he mumbled.

“It tingles” I groaned.

“Yeah, peppermint lube tends to do that” he chuckled.

His index finger probed my entrance, seeking entry. I prepared myself for the pain but it never came as he pushed into me. All I felt was the tingly sensation of the lube and his finger in my ass. It felt weird at first when he started pushing in and pulling out. I couldn’t believe I was actually being fingered right now. “Is this okay?” he asked me and I nodded. Of course it was okay.

That was when he added another finger, making me jerk. A squeak of surprise left me then. This didn’t hurt too bad. In fact, the feel of his fingers sliding in out of my ass made me start rolling my hips, I wanted more. Was I really horny or was I being stupid? I opened my eyes to meet Brian’s gaze. It was as if he was determining if I was actually enjoying this.

If he couldn’t tell by how my hands had gripped his, pushing his fingers inside me further, then he was blind. My hips bucked at every push of his hand until they hit something within me which made my eyes roll back.

“Aanh” what was that? I wondered. Brian hit it again. It was wonderful. It was like a secret g-spot inside me had finally made its appearance. As he kept fingering me, I desperately wanted him to keep touching me there but it seemed he was avoiding it on purpose. “Stop teasing me please” I pleaded. He removed his fingers completely then, making me whine at the loss of him inside me.

I watched on as he tore the wrapper of the condom open with his teeth, this was surprisingly hot. Before he rolled it on, I reached out and took it from his hands. “Let me” I said as I sat up, and then knelt on the bed. I pushed him onto his back and got in between his opened legs. With one last look at him, I wrapped my hand around the base of his gorgeous cock and sucked him, blowing him to fruition. Sucking and licking a man’s cock hadn’t come so easy to me than in this moment. I hollowed my cheeks, making sure to drink in every bit of his precum, licking the tip of his dick in between sucking. I tried to take all 7 inches of him in even deeper but my gag reflex wouldn’t let me. When I noticed how close he was to cumming, I stopped. I gave it one last long lick and then rolled the condom onto his dick.

I crawled my way up then and straddled him, my knees on either side of his waist. “Do you want this?” he asked me.

“Yes, please”

He poured more lube on his fingers and coated his dick and then lined it up to my entrance. I held onto his shoulders as he pushed the tip inside me.

“AAAAH” I screamed. The first ring of muscle entering me was so painful. Brian stopped then, almost pulling out. “No, don’t. Just let me relax” I told him. It didn’t hurt much now that he was in for a while. I waited a bit before pushing down, allowing the rest of him inside. The generous amount of lube helped it slide into me. However, he felt so big that I needed to adjust to the feel of him in me. Not just physically, but also mentally, because here I was, someone who didn’t understand why a man would want this, was here enjoying having a man’s cock in me.

I felt so full but I knew he hadn’t entered me to the fullest.

“Are you okay?” he asked me.

I nodded, “just a moment” I said, groaning before I pushed back down further. “Uungh” yes! Brian placed kisses on my chest as I rested my head on top of his. “I think you can move now”.

He did, the slightest jerk of his hips making me let out devilish sounds. It was slow at first, and I enjoyed every bit of it. He was intentionally moving at a slow pace to make me accustomed to the size of him in me. Then he hit me, hard!


There it was. That spot that made me scream. Brian increased his pace then, hitting me at that same spot over and over again. My thrusts met his in the same fervency.

“Fuck, you’re so hot” he moaned and the flipped us over, his dick slipping out of me. I was now on my stomach with my ass perched up in the air. Brian bent down and gave my hole sweet licks that left me a whiny mess. How he could use his tongue like that, I didn’t know.

“I ... I need you”

Answering my prayer, Brian pushed his dick back into me and started thrusting at a pace that felt almost animalistic. I closed my eyes and took him in, every thrust, every slap on my ass. Fuck! I needed this. I needed more.

“Harder” I moaned. Yet again, my man answered me and increased his pace, hitting my spot each time. His hand found my neglected cock and jerked me off in tune with his thrusts until I was writhing on the floor. My eyes rolled back as I felt my orgasm shoot out of my dick. “Uuuhhnnjgamh”.

“Yes!” I heard him growl right beneath my ear as he kept fucking me. His mouth gave my neck very hot kisses and love bites. The feel of his mouth on my neck, his hand jerking me off and his dick hitting my happy spot had me reaching orgasm yes again. It was like I was receiving further blessings! “Yes baby, cum again with me” he moaned.

I screamed out my release as I felt Brian shoot his load.


My eyes rolled back to the underworld and I felt myself slipping into a dark abyss. I felt elated. It was like he had fucked the sadness out of me or something. I could only go to sleep in the arms of my sexy boyfriend with a smile on my face.

“I love you”.

The End.

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