The Bartender

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Chapter Six

I was still thinking about what happened during the night; my sex dream. I couldn’t understand why I was having these strange, okay not strange, but awkward feelings towards someone I just met, let alone, a guy. Besides, I was not gay. That’s for sure.

But hell, I still was confused. I had noticed a few things about Kyle earlier which I would have never noticed, and Brian. I sighed. Why did Kyle even have to take me to a bar. A gay bar to be specific. I did ask for it but that’s not what I thought would happen. Everything that was happening now was all a blur to me. Surely, I must have caught it from Niall. ‘Ugh. He’s contagious’ I thought. These weird feelings that I was having towards Brian was probably because I was always touching Niall. I got infected. Oh God. I needed Holy Water.

I went to the bathroom after Kyle was done; he wouldn’t stop smirking at me, which pissed me off. I splashed some water on his face. I took off my bracelets and I didn’t like what I saw. My scars had opened up again. I cleaned them up with toilet paper and then stepped into the shower.

I winced as the water was cold at first, but it came down to a lukewarm temperature which was soothing. For a while, I felt good standing under the shower, letting the water wash me but it got into my scars again. The bleeding had stopped but the pain was still there.

I was still worried though. I didn’t like what I was going through at all. Not one little bit.

Finishing up quickly, I went back to Kyle’s room. Kyle was already dressed and reading through his homework. I glared at him before taking a sweatshirt from his closet which only made him chuckle.

“What’s the matter with you?” He asked looking at me.

“You, that’s what” I stated.

Kyle looked confused. “Me? What did I do?”

“Seriously?” I hissed. “You’re asking me what you did? I’ll tell you. You sent me to a gay bar. You sent me to a motherfucking gay bar. A place full of devils and demons and misfits and outcasts, and I can go on but you know what I mean. Those homosexuals infected me with their disease. That’s what you fucking did to me”.

“Aiden, calm down” He tried, walking up to me but I wasn’t having it. It was his fault that I was experiencing all these weird feelings. If not for him, none of this would have happened.

“No, you calm down. You did this to me. You and that fag of a friend”.

I noticed how hurt he was by my words but his facial expression quickly changed to that of indifference. Maybe I had crossed some sort of line, I didn’t know, but I was too angry and out of it to care.

“Aiden, please calm down and let’s talk about this”.

I shook my head. All I wanted to do was go home. I felt so lost now.

“I’ll see you at school”.

“Are you sure?”

I only nodded. I picked up his bag and jacket and went on to leave the room. But Kyle stopped me.

“You need to promise me”

I didn’t answer.

“Promise me Aiden. I don’t want to come running to a hospital again. Please Aiden”

I only stared into my best friend’s eyes. I knew Kyle would never mean to harm me. Kyle was a good person. So I nodded. “I promise”.

I wasn’t planning on going to school, but just to stop him from worrying, I did what he wanted.

Kyle let go off me and I went downstairs. My stomach rumbled making me realize that I hadn’t had a proper meal in like four days so I decided to get a bottle of orange juice before leaving.

I walked over to the fridge but stopped quickly in my tracks. There was the guy I dreaded seeing, naked, and standing behind a bowl of salad. My eyes run up Brian’s torso and I couldn’t help but notice the sexy hairline that drew from his navel towards his shaft. His packs were well built and that gorgeous v line. I blinked. My pants grew tighter by the minute and I didn’t even notice.

“Ahem” Brian cleared his throat.

I came out from out from my weird thoughts and hung my head in guilt. “Good morning” I murmured. I walked over to the fridge, stealing a quick glance at Brian’s body before taking my drink.

“I didn’t know you slept over” Brian said, trying to make a conversation.

I didn’t respond. I had just noticed the growing bulge in my pants and was blushing fiercely. The cons of having pale skin. I hid my face in the fridge hoping Brian would go away.

“So Kyle, is he your boyfriend?”

I gasped at the word boyfriend. What the hell did he mean by that? My mind went to all sorts of conclusions and I couldn’t help but wonder if that’s what he meant. So I asked, “Kyle’s gay?”

Brian went wide eyed before responding. “No. I just thought you were, since he brought you to my work place”.

“No. No. I am not gay”. I retorted. “Why would you even think that?”

“Nothing. Never mind”. He took his bowl of salad and walked over to the living room, still naked.

I looked at his behind, my eyes falling on Brian’s beautiful bum. Did I say beautiful? Yes. It was beautiful. I gulped. Why was this happening to me? I asked myself, in his mind of course. At least, I hoped so.

I quickly grabbed the bottle of orange juice and headed on out before I died of embarrassment.

“No good bye?” Brian asked.

“Uh-” I gulped. My eyes fell to Brian’s exposed shaft. Was this guy not shy at all? I mean, if course not. Why would he be? Even as soft as his beautiful cock was, it was still a good four inches... Dear lord... I couldn’t help but wonder how big it’ll be when he was hard. Okay stop!!!!

“Uhm, bye” I stated sharply, my face burning with embarrassment. What was wrong with me?

“You might want to change your pants though” he smirked.


“They’re moist”.

I gasped and looked down at his pants. Fuck no. I came in my pants. Just by looking at Brian? My face was flushed red now and I literally run to my car dreading this disgraceful moment I just had with Brian.

I drove as fast as I could to my house. I so didn’t want to go to school today. Not after what just happened. Besides, what if someone saw me at the club last night? They’ll just start rumours of me being gay. Which I was not. No. Not at all.

Okay, maybe I was just being paranoid. Why would someone spread rumours about me being gay just because I was in a gay bar? Oh wait. It’s a gay bar. But me, being who I was, have always known that homosexuality was a sin. It was bad. It was in no way natural. No one really talked about it in my family, so I learned this from church. Well, that was before I stopped going to church anyway.

I knew that a man and another man were not to do anything sexual. After all, it was Adam and Eve wasn’t it? I sighed. But recent events got me thinking deep. I had not been sexually active for a while since I started dating Gabrielle. What happened last night was nothing but a shock. I had not felt that way before. Ever. For another dude. From the time at the bar, when Brian held my hands, to the time I saw him having sex with the other guy. Who was that? I thought that gay sex was always nasty and disgusting and ridiculous. But the moans that emerged from Brian and his partner got me feeling some other type of way.

And then I had a wet dream about him. This was bad. I knew I wasn’t gay. The fact that I hated gays made me even more aware that I was as straight as a ruler. And then again, just this morning, I came without even knowing just by looking at Brian. Okay, this was really bad.

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