The Bartender

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Chapter Seven

When Kyle mentioned his friend to me once we got settled here, I knew I wanted to have him. Excuse me but homophobic pricks are my specialty. I love to see them cower before the great gayness that is me. I was quite excited about Kyle’s friend. When I saw him walking into the club last night with Kyle, I wanted him so bad. And not just because he was homophobic He looked so naive and out of his element. Small enough to be manhandled. I stared at the boy for a long time and when he asked for a beer, I knew, he was the one.

I paid for his drinks and that had Kyle laughing at me. I didn’t mind. I knew I had to teach him a lesson for how he treated Niall. Niall had told us everything. I was very angry when I heard all the nasty things he said and did to the boy. I was ready to march up to the school and demand that he was punished but Kyle refused and told me he would deal with it. I trust Kyle to be able to handle it perfectly but not without me having fun on the side.

The brown eyed boy looked like a bottom, which was good. I couldn’t help the big grin that showed on my face as I remembered the look in his eyes when Kyle mentioned that he was in a gay bar. That was priceless. My grin soon faded when he called us faggots. I hated that word with every inch of my being. It angered me to no end. But I managed to stay calm. At least.

It reminded me of the time I came out. My own father who helped in my creation called me a faggot. It hurt, a lot. I didn’t get into college since my parents stopped taking care of me because of my sexuality. So I took a job as a waiter at a restaurant in Vancouver and moved out. That was when I met Kyle.

We became good friends and I felt like a brother to him. When Kyle got sacked from home for being gay, I took him in my care. I protected him from anyone who made fun of him. I was ready to beat up anyone who tried to hurt Kyle because of his sexuality. It was a tough time for both of us. But now, I was immune to all the hate. Being openly gay helped, in a way I guess.

I knew that being gay in an unaccepting society was difficult. Especially if your parents were homophobic. My parents were homophobes so I was quite aware of what Kyle was going through. When Kyle told me he wanted to move back to St. Lawrence in California, I didn’t hesitate. I saw it as a fresh start for both of us.

But I wasn’t expecting Kyle’s best friend to be anything like Aiden. Well built, young, a little bit naive and hot. After Kyle had left the club, all I could think about was the things I could do to the brown eyed boy. So I took the first guy that came on my way home.

I didn’t really mind who I slept with. As long as the person wasn’t drunk and was ready for it. I didn’t mind. I liked to get laid every now and again. Last night however, I pretended I was fucking Kyle’s best friend. That was my first time pretending I was with a different person, and I didn’t mind at all. I actually felt proud of myself in a weird way.

This morning was quite unexpected. The younger boy was really flushed when he saw me naked in the kitchen. I know I’m hot and all but Aiden was practically drooling. A good sign though because it meant my plan was ready to be set in motion. I smirked at the thought of taking the boy there and then in the kitchen.

I wanted to laugh at how the boy seemed shy, it was normal for people to be shy around me. Even girls wanted me. I’m that hot. I didn’t laugh though, because he was kinda cute.

While eating my salad, I looked over at him and my eyes roamed over to the boy’s crotch. My smirk grew wider when I realized the boy had cum because of me. Well, it definitely was because of me, because I was hot. I totally loved it.

When he left, I knew I wanted to get to know him. Even if it was just for a lay. Honestly, I didn’t really care if I had sex with him or not. I just wanted to teach him to not mess with my family. But having sex with him would be a bonus.

I sat on the couch still eating my salad as I heard Kyle came downstairs.

“Ugh, get some clothes, will you?”

I chuckled. “It’s not like you haven’t seen it before”.

“Don’t remind me”. Kyle walked to kitchen and made himself a bowl of cereal.

“He’s cute” I said.

“Who? Aiden?”

I smirked. “Aiden. Is he…?”

Kyle looked at me with raised brows. His expression changed to realization when he saw my cocky grin.

“No. And he’s off limits”.

“Oh really?” I inquired, the grin never leaving my face. “Why’s that?”

Kyle shrugged. “He has a girlfriend”.

I nodded. This wasn’t good.

“Besides, he’s homophobic”

I chuckled. I loved homophobes. “Hot”.

“You don’t wanna mess with him”.

I shrugged. Whatever the case, I was going to get Aiden. I didn’t mind Aiden being homophobic or straight. He needed to taught a lesson. But after what I saw before Aiden left, I knew the boy was not straight. He should at least be bisexual or in denial. You can’t be straight and come at the sight of a naked guy. Aiden had to be bisexual, or gay. I hoped.

“That reminds me, where were you last night?”

“Here. Sleeping” Kyle shot me a glare.

“I mean at the club. You left him in a sudden”.


I grinned. “I see” I laughed. “You got laid bro”.

“No I didn’t” Kyle face palmed.

“Does Niall know?”

“Um...” he scratched the back of his neck.

Hmm. “Tell me all about it” I said, and sat on a stool opposite Kyle.

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